Wisdom App Is Launching Tomorrow!

The day is at hand! Wisdom launches tomorrow on the App Store.

Sometime after 8am ET on Tuesday, the app will begin to be downloaded automatically to many thousands of people who pre-ordered Wisdom.

What was once some drawings in pencil on paper is about to launch to the world.

People have asked: “What is your goal for the launch?”

Sometimes, I say: “I’ll know it when I hear it,” but here’s the thing … I hear it everyday by listening to you. Wisdom already sounds like a different place.

This weekend, I was listening to Top Mentor Gary Thompson talk on gratitude, how it is the key ingredient to a life well-lived.

I couldn’t agree more. On behalf of our small Wisdom team, I am so grateful to you, our mentor community, for setting such a positive tone and for sharing your wisdom so generously with each other.

Wisdom, the app, is nothing more than a vessel, a vessel that each of you fill every time you talk.

Launch days, like all new beginnings, are scary. So many things can go wrong. But without such days, fewer things can go right.

The world needs to slow down a bit, to take stock, to reflect, to listen. It needs a little more wisdom.

Just one app and one community in a sea of social media giants may not be able to change the world. … but the world changes one person at a time. As a team, we’ve learned so much already by listening to you, our mentor community, and now it is time for the world to do the same.

Launch is not a single day. It’s a month-long event. We’re ready to activate more and more new members, as we get more and more confidence that our little-servers-that-could will scale. We ask for your patience and your forbearance as we work out the kinks.

We ask that you continue to help this community succeed by doing three things as consistently as your life allows during the next 30 days or so of the launch period:

Talk once a day — even if it’s just a small bit of wisdom or an observation
Join one person as a guest a day — there will be many more people to meet!
Share 1 talk, as I have, in this email with somebody else each day

Thank you so much. This is our last communication on this side of the launch. Tomorrow, Wisdom will be available to the world!

Update: November 15, 2021

A new version of Wisdom is available on the App Store. Here’s what’s new this week:
  • Custom profile links – Now you can share your Wisdom profile link, which looks like https://joinwisdom.audio/suebzimmerman (but with your username at the end!) To find it, go to any profile in the app and tap the share button. People who visit the profile can play the talks even on the web, without downloading the app.
  • New Push notification when someone you follow goes live as a guest! – Share the love! Joining as someone’s guest will now also alert your followers. Now people with more followers can bring in some of their listeners by joining as a guest!
  • Podcast quality recordings – Top Mentors now have a new setting to turn on podcast quality recordings. The mode supports high fidelity and is suitable for podcasters.
  • New sub-topics like Pregnancy and Weddings were added, as well as a new topic called Identity with many sub-topics.
  • Fwd and rewind controls added to the OS player when listening to recorded talks
  • Bios no longer cut off on profile for longer bios
  • Talks can now have 2 sub-topics not 3 to keep the hashtags higher quality for people looking for on-topic talks.
Not to mention various bug fixes! We have so much left to do!
The world needs your wisdom, now more than ever!

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