Why Should I Be On Big Brother 24?

Audition, Veto, & Nomination Ceremony Script


Howzit going Big Brother?

Who Am I?

My name is Lorenz Valdez, I’m 29 years old from Hawaii.

I am a full time Digital Entrepreneur & consider myself as a multipotentialite who is someone with many interests and creative pursuits…

I do marketing, content creation, blogging, even if I don’t have many subscribers I vlog occasionally, I also have a new podcast, & just pretty much anything.

I love to eat & workout so I can eat some more… And I also love traveling with my girlfriend all around the world.


Why do I want to be on Big Brother?

The opportunity to be on Big Brother & possibly win $500,000 would be a life changing experience…

I have a girlfriend of 8 years, & we’re both ready to take the next steps in our relationship.

She’s on her last year of nursing school, so you know, we’re ready to have kids, get married, buy a home… & alla that.

We have a pup named ODI Bear & he is the best! like a bear, big teddy bear!

You know, I had the best childhood growing up & it was all thanks to my parents… so this could be another chance to make them proud & continue to repay them for all their sacrifices.

My brother is also on his last year of College & this would allow me to help provide for his future.


I also want to be the first Big Brother winner from Hawaii… more so, I want to continue to inspire people from Hawaii to get out of their comfort zone & take risks in life, & really go after something you want even if you’re afraid…

And even if I don’t win the $500,000, I look forward to winning Americas Fan Favorite.


Why would I be a good candidate for the show?

I believe I can bring a character to the show that is relatable, fun & silly, like I make random faces a lot, I can bring out my filipino uncle alter ego, his name is manong… hello am i on da tb? or I can buss out da moke status bruh… Yea You. Ho rajah!

Throughout my life, as introverted as I was, I always embraced the spotlight… I always wanted to be on TV.

And being from a small island, or just living in Hawaii in general… it’s such a small community, where pretty much everyone knows everyone, & all people talk about is drama.

I’m so used to the he said she said, being in the middle, & my ability to keep a poker face & not be afraid to stir things up would be great for the show.

Drama is good for the show 😉


What is my strategy going into the game?

In real life, I’m considered to be one of the most genuine, kind, & loyal friend anyone could have… but I know that this game is the complete opposite.

Or maybe I could prove to others that you can play the cleanest game, just by my social skills.

I know not to take things personally. I’m going to play dumb, & win competitions, all of them

I’m gonna play a game my momma could be proud watching… hopefully!


I hope I get picked.

I already memorized both speeches… I am ready!


Howzit going guys, it’s time for the nomination ceremony.

This is the Nomination Ceremony.

It is my responsibility as Head of Household to nominate two houseguest for eviction.

In my nomination block, are the keys of the houseguest I’ve nominated for eviction.

I will turn two keys to lock in my nominations & their faces will appear on the memory wall.

The first houseguest I have nominated is…

The next houseguest I have nominated is…

I have nominated you Kevin & you David…



This nomination ceremony is adjourned.


Houseguests, it’s time for the veto meeting.

This is the veto meeting.

Kevin & David have been nominated for eviction.

But I have the power to veto one of the nominations.

I have decided… to use the power of veto on… Kevin

Enzo, since I have vetoed one of your nominations for eviction…

You’re going to have to name a new houseguest as a replacement nominee.

This veto meeting is adjourned.

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