Why I Came Back To Network Marketing? | DreamTrips International 2022

I was first introduced to Network Marketing back in 2012, and at the time, I didn’t even know what Network Marketing was. I just knew it was a business opportunity and I could make a lot of money from it! Fast forward a few years, the most money I ever made in a single day and in a single month was with Network Marketing.

I got away from it for a couple of years… and now I’m back!

Aloha everyone!

For those who are new to my blog, I started working online in 2016 as a blogger and affiliate marketer. Just like any newbie online at the time, I had no experience in business or marketing and really had no idea or direction on how to start. I didn’t make my first $1 online till about 2 months after.

My problem wasn’t that I was lazy or couldn’t do the work, I just didn’t have any knowledge on what it really takes to make money online. I’m sure many of you can relate!

It wasn’t until I found my first mentor, someone who was already successful in this space and was living the dreams I wanted to live. His name is Paulo and I remember coming across one of his YouTube Videos where he was giving his testimonial on this New Company at the time




The Key To MLM Success Is:
#1. Pick a firm that you want to work for.
#2. Have a leveraged marketing strategy in place.

These are the MLM Rebels’ golden rules.
After all, it took me 6 years to figure out how to develop MLM the hard way. And if you’ve been having trouble, this is most likely the reason.

The hard way to build MLM is:

  • Selling the company’s tiny products at a tiny profit. If you make a $30 commission on the bottle of vitamins, that’s great, but how many times are you going to make that sale? I know my answer: Not enough to make a significant impact on my income.
  • No control of company’s rules or reputation.
  • Recruiting friends and family. I don’t need to beat this horse anymore. But the bottom line is there is NO leverage here and it’s 100% dependent on your network. Not good. (Leverage means the ability to scale with no additional effort.)
  • Cold approaches of any kind. This includes buying lists, stalking people at gas stations, adding people to an ATM group or DM-ing people on ANY platform.
  • Leading with your business opportunity OR the company’s products. These again are at the mercy of the world’s opinion, which you do not control.
  • Receiving no front-end money for doing the very hard work of recruiting.
  • Coercing your team members to attend online or physical trainings. Thus bottlenecking your business AND worst of all – promoting a mindset amongst your team that you are the almighty upline. (Contrary to belief – If your team thinks that they cannot succeed without you, you haven’t made yourself indispensable, you’ve simply created a job and blockaded your downline’s mind from ever growing without your direct involvement.)

But what can you do now? Once you learn the secrets…

  • You can make $1000+ per new recruit…
  • You can recruit online exclusively, with no cold messaging of any kind or any form of “active” based recruiting. (Active means that you have to physically do something to get the desired result.)
  • You can use PRE-PROVEN recruiting processes, so you don’t have to “test with your own money.”
  • You never, ever have to talk with friends and family about your business. (Unless you really want to for some reason.)
  • You can lead with a NEW system and an opportunity that YOU CREATED that people actually want.
  • You can automate the vast majority of your downline’s training and only focus on creating relationships and raising up leaders. Have you noticed that top earners don’t spend their time with every person that comes through their team? They employ the 80/20 principle and spend their time where they’re celebrated, not tolerated. Do this with scientific precision and you never have to worry about how big your team gets, and you can focus on what matters.








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