What Is The Fivestars Loyalty Program?

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What is FiveStars?

FiveStars is a rewards and marketing platform for local businesses and the communities they serve. Over 14,000 businesses across the US and Canada use FiveStars’ easy, all-in-one marketing program, and over 40 million consumers participate in the FiveStars rewards network to support local businesses.

They help your business get in front of FiveStars members in your area and then automatically get them to promote your business through word of mouth. After customers visit, we keep them coming back faster by automatically sending them enticing offers at the right time. It’s proven marketing to help you make more money while saving time.

The biggest draws for FiveStars are its POS integration, marketing tools, and the sign up process. FiveStars has ramped up their marketing tools with the Autopilot feature and a new promotion feature to bring back customers. They’ve also added some new features to their mobile app. Read more for more information on how the FiveStars program works.

FiveStars Highlights

Create a rewards program as unique as your business

Upgrade your punch card to a digital, flexible rewards program that delights your customers.

Build your own customer database

We work directly with your point of sale (POS) system to collect payments and sign up every customer to your database.

Connect with customers, automatically

Send the right offer to the right customer at the right time and watch your revenue skyrocket.

Customer Acquisition

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Get discovered by 50 million shoppers in our network.

Payment Processing

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Collect payments and build a customer database automatically.

Loyalty and Retention

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Delight customers with rewards that keep your business top of mind.

Powerful Promotions

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Send targeted one-off offers to increase your store’s foot traffic.

Marketing Automation

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Deliver the right messages at the right time to boost sales

How does FiveStars work?

Set up your rewards and watch customers come in automatically.

FiveStars brings more customers into your store with one powerful marketing program. They help you craft a digital rewards program that gives customers points and gifts for their purchases. Then they build a set of automatically sent campaigns to welcome new customers, celebrate their birthdays, and bring back those who haven’t visited recently.

Customers can sign up in-store or with our mobile app so you’ll collect accurate customer information over time without slowing down your line

Our AutoPilot feature automatically sends your customers an app notification, text message, or email with special offers that bring them back 10x more effectively than other marketing tools.

With our promotions tool, you can create custom promotions that target all customers, new customers, or other specific groups. One-time promotions are a great way to highlight a special event or sale.

It’s easy for your staff to not only redeem customers’ rewards but to also personalize every customer interaction. Our software helps you learn your customers’ names and preferences.

Every time a customer signs up, checks in, or redeems a reward, your FiveStars Dashboard will track that activity. Watch your AutoPilot and Promotions work together to bring your customers back faster.

Did you know?

60% of customers don’t return after their first visit.

Increase retention 5%. Increase profit 95%.

A Harvard Business School study found that by keeping your customers coming back 5% more often, you can increase your profits by 95%

Fortune 500 companies use rewards programs to keep customers

Starbucks, Walgreens and many other successful companies keep customers coming back by investing in a powerful rewards program.

FiveStars offers Fortune 500 technology to local businesses

Set up a digital rewards program, automatically send messages, and customize offers for new and returning customers. On average, returning customers will visit two more times per year.

Are you a Business Owner? This is how it works!

You can view a demo of how the program works here. FiveStars uses a few simple steps to interact with customers using the loyalty program. Signup only requires a phone number, and if it’s too busy to gather additional information from your customer, the program provides options to acquire that information later via text or email campaigns, or through the customer’s interaction with the FiveStars web or mobile app. Recently FiveStars made tablets a standard hardware feature in their pricing model, so the customer facing tablet can be used to gather data without tying up the cashier line.


FiveStars will send you an installation kit with a USB key to be plugged into your main POS terminal or computer. Once your device recognizes the software, you’ll follow the prompts to install it. The Installation articles on FiveStars gives you step by step instructions, and FiveStars offers installation support if you need any assistance.

Sign Up

When signing up new customers, you’ll scan their FiveStars card first. New customers are registered by entering a phone number. Optional information such as name, email, birthday, and notes, can be collected at that time, or via the options listed above.

User Interface

The FiveStars program is pretty square, which isn’t a bad thing. Large buttons and letters make selecting options on the screen fairly easy. The design makes sense and the colors are unobtrusive.

POS Integration

So far, FiveStars has been pretty successful with POS integration. They operate in all fifty states, as well as Canada.


I found the Dashboard Demo pretty helpful. Your dashboard can be accessed on the FiveStars website. The dashboard comes with three levels of access.

Read Only Information can be viewed, but not edited.
CRM – Send campaigns or edit customer and business profiles
All Access – Edit billing, reward structure, business name and thresholds

Dashboard headings help you navigate through various program options.

Overview – this page shows a summary of stats on your loyalty program including total visits, referrals and members. It also shows your progress on your monthly sign up goal.

Campaigns – this page allows you to manage your email, text message, or AutoPilot campaigns.
Members – You can view, sort and tag members here, as well as edit member information.

Reports – You can generate member and usage reports here, and additional reports depending on your program features.

Settings – This is where you’ll be able to edit your thresholds, business profile, etc.

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