What is the BEST Sauna Suit for Working Out? – Fighthaus Sauna Suit (Review)

Howzit going my friend?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried sauna suits in the past, but after just a few times of wearing them, they rip and tear… or they just simply aren’t the best quality!

As a trainer and coach for over 7 years, I along with my clients have gone through 10’s and 100’s of suits and we never really found one that was worth the price or could withstand 2 weeks of training… UNTIL NOW!

I came across an ad on instagram and it was a photo of this gentlemen wearing a pretty cool, aesthetic looking sauna suit… one that didn’t look like a trash bag, and I clicked on the site. Although it was a little pricier than ones I’ve bought in the past, I decided to get one and test it out!

That same sauna suit I bought a few months back, is the same one I’m still using today!

If you are looking to cut weight and look good for this summer, I recommend working out in a Fighthaus sauna suit for the next 2 months and watch your body transform!


The Contender Sauna Suit for MMA, boxing, and weight loss can help you dominate your workouts. This high-quality, tear-resistant sauna suit is designed to raise your core body temperature and get your sweat dripping, forcing you to burn more calories while training and use stored body fat as a fuel source for ultimate weight loss. When working out, hitting the bag, lifting weights, or doing cardio, wear it.


By limiting your body’s natural cooling method – sweating – the Contender Sauna Suit aids weight reduction. Exercise raises your core temperature, which causes your body to sweat. When the sweat on your skin’s surface comes into touch with the air, it evaporates, cooling you down.

The best sauna suits for weight reduction, boxing, and MMA are designed to prevent the interaction between the outside air and the perspiration on your skin by becoming non-breathable. When you begin to sweat and your skin is unable to come into contact with outside air, the cooling process is disrupted, and your body responds by sweating even more. During a full-fledged training session, this can equate to a lot of perspiration being created, which helps MMA fighters, boxers, and other athletes lose excess water weight.

A sauna suit can also be utilized to lose fat rather than just water weight. Blocking the cooling process raises your body temperature, which causes you to burn more calories when exercising, resulting in faster weight reduction. With a sauna suit, you should expect to burn a few hundred calories more during a workout than you would without one. This could result in significant weight loss over time.

The Contender Sauna Suit will undoubtedly help you enhance your workout, boost calorie burn for ultimate weight reduction, and improve your recovery whether you use it for weight loss, boxing, MMA, or simply regular training. Choose from a variety of colors and sizes (S-XXL) to match the Contender Sauna Suit with one of our luxury men’s tees, shorts, or joggers for the greatest training experience. This men’s sauna suit is a terrific supplement to your workout and is recommended by professional sportsmen and boxers alike. These Men’s Sauna Suits are ideal for taking your workout to the next level.


Fighthaus produces the greatest sauna suits, MMA clothes, and training equipment for fighters & anyone looking to shred some weight. Fighthaus apparel and training gear is designed with high-quality materials and tested by professional fighters to meet the specialized needs of combat athletes, whether that means giving a complete range of motion, moisture-wicking technology, or performance-enhancing design patterns.

The quality of their products will exceed your expectations, whether you’re looking for the best sauna suits for weight loss or the best compression layers!

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