What Is Open Alexa Protocol? (Review)

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By now, you’ve probably already heard of Cryptocurrency or “Bitcoin“, and you kinda sorta know what it is, but not really…

If there’s any time to start learning, start now! There’s so many opportunities for investors and newbies just like you to start diving in.

So the other day, my friends reached out to me about this NEW program that allows you to earn ETHEREUM with minimal work and a small investment of only 0.1 ETH (No other hidden fees or cost).

They said, the goal was to help our members earn 8 Ethereum in 30 days… If you know me, I’m all about passive income… and because I know the potential for ETH to take off in the next couple of years, I was ALL IN! 

Now the way the the business model works and how simple it was to grow and scale to the moon, it was a no brainer.

Within 24 hours,  I made my first $300.00 dollars, and so far (IN A WEEK) I sit at $5,517.36 in my account & growing (As of 09/01/2021)

The best thing I love about this platform is you only ever need to refer just 2 people under your IDEVER!

Now let’s say you referred a third member. You would have to place all new members under your other members ID, so that means you are basically forced to help everyone and really work collectively together as a team!

Scroll down for comp plan… but I’ll tell you this. At level 5 you are earning 32 Ethereum and at level 6, it jumps to an outstanding 192 Ethereum earned! CRAZY!


Let me ask you a question:

Would you risk $400 to make $600K in the next 30 days?

Or how about $1 million in the next 60 days?

If you answered YES, keep reading.

10x – 10000x your $400 in the next 60 days:

• Work collectively as a community to grow & build your ETH portfolio

• Stay in the know & connected inside of our exclusive Telegram chat

• Have questions about anything Crypto?… ASK!

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Current Results:

    •    Within 24 hours, made investment back

    •    Within 48 hours, doubled the investment

If you want to learn more, please send me a DM on Instagram >>@thehawaiimentor Or CLICK HERE<< to fill out this Google Form.

Intro to OAP (Presentation)

WATCH the video presentation below to learn everything you need to know about the Open Alexa platform.

My team and I are hosts calls everyday to ensure that everyone is taken cared of & knows exactly what they’re getting themselves into.

After watching this video, please go and join our Discord channel to learn more & get started!

So, what is Open Alexa?

OpenAlexa is a simple and effective way to increase an individual’s investment capital through a first of its kind decentralized network marketing platform that works on the Smart Contract protocol powered by Ethereum Blockchain technology.

The Ethereum blockchain is built as a decentralized system which means it has no centralized authority. That means as long as the Ethereum blockchain is present, the Open Alexa smart contract will work effectively. The Smart Contract consists of a 2 x 6 lines of matrix.

If you’re unfamiliar with Network marketing, it’s basically work by creating a structure where people are recruited and then incentivized to recruit new members. Ever since the rise Cryptocurrencies, the use of Networking can be seen as of the significant lucrative and most sought business models for investors as well. One such startup, OpenAlexa, which has gained quite a steam in a short period has successfully integrated networking with cryptocurrency in a pure decentralized way.

The company’s operations are very transparent and have managed to gain the trust of a lot of people. More than 8000+ users have already joined the platform, and it is coming up with a bunch of exciting early-bird offers to make their mark on the market in 2021.

What you get & what to expect!

1. Buy a LEVEL 1 ( 0.1 ETH smart Contract on OpenAlexa.io )

  • initial buy-in you will receive 5 OAP TOKENS (open Alexa alternative coins) this is the platforms initial benefit
  • you receive the opportunity to start to level up to earn direct payments of ETHEREUM right into your personal MetaMask account. This is your protected personal account that you can transfer your earned profits to any crypto wallet!
  • you receive TEAM LFG support, Kelii, Darren, Lorenz, and Micah’s network! We want to help create opportunity and success for everyone!

2. Leveling up takes only 2 contracts:

to get your initial return of investment back and you now have a risk free opportunity to earn MORE ETHEREUM, also you receive more OAP coins (expected to appreciate )

3. The importance of the opportunity is the vision!

We want every person who Joins to reach Level 4 payouts of (8 ETHEREUM) minimum. This is having roughly 32 members underneath you initial contract with multi level upgrades!Estimated profit at this level today would be nearly $30,000

4. Our main objective:

is to have 2 family members, or friends who are able to invest into (0.1 ETHEREUM)

Level contracts just like you did! If they did not have the funds to invest, do not force or try to sell this opportunity! We are here to continue to invest until they have more than enough profits to start to see growth in both portfolio, crypto confidence and understanding, as well as the want to see other succeed as well!

This opportunity is truly one of a kind and many of you on here are already seeing big returns and benefits!

If you just got your contract or haven’t got anyone to join, it’s time to level up in life and help others level up with you! Help your family and friends by showing them the way to really change their life!

LFG! Don’t stop until we all hit level 12… or atleast level 4!

That’s a 20x on your investment. Let’s go!

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How to Download MetaMask on Chrome:

If you’re looking to get started, you’re gonna have to create a MetaMask account on Chrome to get ETH.

Please refer to the video above on the simple steps to setting up your MetaMask & connecting your Open Alexa account.

Join today and get early bird access and the best position to benefit within this program.

Offer 1 – Level 1 Cash-back

Users join the platform with a starting amount of 0.03 ETH and get 2 members to join OpenAlexa. This encourages users to make Level 2 upgrade pertaining to which they can redeem their 0.03 ETH back. To keep it exciting, users have to do this in 48 hours of joining the platform. That’s all.

Offer 2 – Go to Level 6 Offer

After joining, have to start adding members in their downline in multiple of 2. And must reach line 6 and add 64 members in their downline. Once all those 64 people are done with their Offer 1 claim, users can redeem a handsome reward of 3 ETH. But due note, users will have 12 days to complete this task to win the amount.

Offer 3 – Leaders-pool Offer

OpenAlexa has created a pool of 102 ETH for its best-performing users. First, 21 members who take the best advantage of the platform and earn 102 ETH in profits will be awarded an equal amount from this pool of 102 ETH as a reward for their exemplary performance. This offer is a first-come-first-serve basis. This reward can either be cashed out or put again in the platform as wished by the user.

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Still Confused?

I’m a Smart Contract, deployed on the Ethereum blockchain! I can’t be deleted or changed. And it’s impossible to hack me.

Even if somehow this site is closed, I will continue to work as long as the blockchain exists. I do not keep the funds of my participants on the balance. The code is open-source, anyone can read and audited how I work.

My Job is to just redirect users transactions from one to another as per the terms defined in Contract. I am powered by simplest, fastest and friendliest marketing plan!

I am also a precursor to the OpenAlexa Protocol. A futuristic technical platform to integrate several aspects of IOT, AI & Blockchain. I am also enabled to make use of “Network Mining” to provide for Free Token Airdrop for the users, who engage to make the network larger.

My main goal is to make you rich, kind and happy

A smart contract is the best that mankind could come up with in recent years, with the exception of scalp scratchers, this is also a very cool thing.

Benefits of Using OpenAlexa Smart Contract

Absolutely No Risk

The whole system is built on Ethereum Smart Contract. So it’s Decentralized & 100% RISK FREE!

Quick & Simple Marketing

2×6 Lines Matrix – 64 partners in the last line are enough to go through two cycles and earn up to 4000+ ETH

Stable & Long Term Advanced Technology

This Smart Contract will continue until Ethereum blockchain exists, and even the creators of a smart contract will not be able to delete or change its terms

Instant Payment

Ethers are not stored in the system. All transactions are 100% from wallets to participant’s wallets & Wallets are anonymous

Passive Income

With a ready-made team, you can repeat earnings every 60 days, by simply pressing the “repeat” button, earn upto 4000+ ETH every two months

LIVE Tech Support

Active members & your up-lines will help you take steps to start earning regularly

System Can’t be Hacked

It is not possible to change the Smart Contract or delete the members. The system is able to work without a site. The site is needed only for convenient display of statistics

Accessible to Everyone

Entry Cost – 0.03 ETH Only

Easy Start

Starting with OpenAlexa is Easy as 1-2-3. You receive step by step training and a lot of cool promotional materials

Get Started Today!

We have just started on this project and looking for more people interested in  partnering up with us.

If you already have ETH and want to grow your investment multiple times, or you are interested in joining, please send me a DM on Instagram @thehawaiimentor and I will reach out to you directly! Or CLICK HERE << to fill out this Google Form.

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Follow OpenAlexa on Twitter for more info!

10 thoughts to “What Is Open Alexa Protocol? (Review)”

  1. I have seen BTC and ETH going up and I wish I had a faster way to buy more cryptos. Open Alexa seems to be a nice way to put them into our pocket. But I feel I still need to read more about this program. Thank you very much for your post. It always takes time for me to make up my mind about a product or platform.

  2. Hello. This is all so confusing to me. I actually bought some dodge coins through this website called “Gemini” but I don’t understand it at all. I also purchased some ethereum coins but I have no idea what anything on that website means.

    I see the bitcoins gaining momentum but my balance pretty much always stays the same. I’m not sure if I gotta keep adding money to the account but I thought the whole point was to buy some and see fit grows. 

    Great article just too complex for me to understand.

    1. Please do more research before investing into Cryptocurrency. Especially coins does not have a utility! When you are ready to learn more, we also offer a mentorship program around everything in this space. Feel free to send me a DM! Thank you.

  3. While I am familiar with the term Alexa, I am not familiar with this Open Alexa IO.  Your article helped educate me in this regard and now look into additional investment options I hadn’t otherwise considered.

    Cryptocurrency is huge!  And, it continues to gain ground!  With world economies so unstable, plus all the political madness revolving around them, more people need to look into options so that they’re less dependent on a currency system that is literally on death’s doorstep!

    At present, the stock markets, plus current banking systems, do not want the Everyday Joe/Jane to earn much of anything.  What you’re showing here is sound advice people really need to consider to make it known every person has an equal right to establish for themselves a financial portfolio that is solid.

    1. Yes Millie. There are so many investment opportunities out, especially now in 2021! Just gotta find the ones that makes sense and truly aligns. Crypto will be around for a long time so we might as well start now! Thank you.

  4. Hi Lorenz. Thank you for very interesting article. Im just starting my adventure with investing in cryptocurrencies and posts like this are extremely helpful. I was looking for safe platform to invest some money into cryptos and looking on your review Alexa IO is what I was looking for. Its super easy, safe and entry costs are really low. Looking forward to test it in practice.

    1. Hello Cogito!

      Thank you for dropping by and commenting on my post.

      Yes, the time to invest into cryptocurrency is right now!

      Please do your due diligence and research everything to learn about crypto.

      If you have any questions, please let me know!

      Thank you.

  5. I love how you broke this down “Barney Style” for people like me.  I learned a great deal and will consider joining now.  It is likely I will be emailing you to get a better idea on all the tech stuff as I am very new to crypto.  A friend of mine started me down this road as a side hobby to think about.  But with Elon Musk’s SNL skit leading to a drop in value I was skeptical..I mean it was a joke right?  Nevertheless I like the fact you only need to start with .03 ETH…As many people don’t have the means to start much higher.

    1. Hello Lawless.

      Thank you for your interest in Open Alexa IO.

      One thing everyone must realize is that Cryptocurrency is the future.

      If we’re going to need to learn it anyways, we might as well learn about it now, right?

      Anyways, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.

      Thank you.

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