What Is High Frequency Forex Trading?

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Lorenz here, & I want to talk about something I’ve learned that has totally changed my perspective on FOREX & how there is actually a simple form of trading FOREX called (HFX) High Frequency Forex, trading Binary Options.

Yea it may seem foreign to you right now, but it’s really not that complicated once you learn the basics.

I struggle with ADD, so if I am not interested or not comprehending the content, my mind would just wander off.

But as I studied HFX, it really blew my mind how simple the concept is!

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What if I told you that you could make 75% Per Trade, without “take profit/stop loss” orders?

You’d never think that one of the most veteran FOREX and STOCK traders would ever trade the financial markets without:

  • Putting in a stop loss order
  • Putting in a take profit order
  • Downloading MT4 or MT5
  • Having to calculate pips
  • And so many more…

But that’s exactly what’s happening right now, and I’m starting to know why: They’re transferring to this revolutionary new way of trading known as HFX or HIGH FREQUENCY TRADING. (I’ll explain more in a bit)

The Most Controversial Trading Style

Here’s even more good news coming from this controversial trading instrument:

  • It’s PERFECT for beginners
  • It’s PERFECT for people with small accounts

If you’re reading this right now, chances are you’ve already heard of FOREX trading, Stock Trading, and whatnot…

But I’m not sure yet if you’ve ever heard of the term HIGH-FREQUENCY TRADING before.

And no, I’m not talking about a trading style where you use algorithmic trading softwares and all the complicated things that come with it.

The first time I heard of how it works, I got a little bit bummed as to why I didn’t discover it sooner.

One of the biggest problems most people who start getting into the world of trading is that there’s so many things to learn.

They need to:

  • know how to use the Metatrader4 App…
  • start formulas to compute the PIPS…
  • Figuring out where to put the take profit and the stop loss…
  • Figure out how much to risk on a trade
  • Calculating how much they will potentially earn per trade…
  • And so many things…

For that reason, it’s not a surprise why so many people feel like they’re drinking water through a firehose when they get into trading.

But that isn’t the case when it comes to HFX since you can literally make money without the need of all the above.

The best part? – Just like FOREX and STOCK trading in the modern world of 2021 and beyond…

You can make money from anywhere in the world with nothing but just your smartphone or a laptop and the internet.

So what is HFX and how is it different from traditional trading?

The way you make money on High Frequency Trading is completely different than how you’d make money on Forex and Stocks trading…

It’s a type of trading wherein you place a contract with the broker that includes the trader’s predictions…

Predictions about the price of a market being above or below a certain price, by a certain time.


There are only two outcomes: you either win and or lose.

If your prediction is correct, you have winning trade…

If it’s false, then you pretty much lose the trade.


How HFX Works, and How You Can Make Money Trading it.

So let’s go a little deeper on how it really works…

Because the way HFX works is so controversial, I’m going to make an example and then do the explaining after.


Let’s start with the example:

Let’s pretend that I’m trading HFX.

The current price of bitcoin is $1000/bitcoin

The broker is offering an 80% return for every winning trade.

I’m planning to place $100 to open the contract with the broker, and

I’m expecting the price of bitcoin to rise in the next 15 minutes…


Since I think that the price will rise, I’ll open a contract with the broker with my prediction that the price will be above 15 minutes from now.

I put in let’s say $100 on that contract.

And to my surprise, the price of bitcoin was $1,003.00 15 minutes later.

So it turned out that my prediction was right: This means I got a winning trade.


Since the broker is offering an 80% return for every winning trade, I make $80.00 and I get back the $100 that I put into the contract.

In this case, I got $180 at the end.

However, if I lost I would lose that $100.00

So that’s how it works… Now that we got that out of the way, let me explain the three key features all HFX traders need to learn and understand.


1. Expiry time: This is the 15min period between the moment that I opened the contract until the time it finally closes is called the EXPIRY TIME.

Expiry times can go as quick as 15 seconds up to 24hrs or even more depending on the broker you work with.

The moment the expiry time is hit…

You’ll either lose or make more money depending on whether your prediction was correct or not.


2. Strike price: The Bitcoin price of $1000.00 by which I opened the contract at, is called the strike price.

The strike price is the certain price that the broker will use as basis to assess whether your prediction was right or wrong.


3. Payout offer: This is the amount of money that brokers are willing to give to the traders who open a contract.

For the example above, the payout offer is 80%.

In HFX Brokers, payout offers can go from 65% – 91% depending on the broker.

Just in case you didn’t realize, when it comes to HFX, I still have the ability to make a huge amount of money without relying for volatility.

Yes, you heard that right…

In HFX, you can make money without relying on market volatility…


Because you’re not really buying or selling anything.

All you need to do is to make a prediction, and get rewarded if the prediction you made was correct to make money.


No figuring out how to put in a Take Profit or Stop Loss

No having to calculate pips or risk per trade, which most don’t understand anyway

No wondering how much you will make per trade

No experiencing drawdown, which gives most an upset stomach

No getting margined out on trades for allowing to get too ugly.

No spreads where immediately you are in red causing people to panic

No downloading of any apps and having to figure out how to use them.

No having to modify trades, which most don’t understand how to do

Not worrying whether trades would hit the take profit or stop loss


This only means one thing: All you need to do to make money on HFX…

Is to predict if the price of a market will be above or below a certain price, by a certain time.

This is why HFX is perfect for BEGINNERS since all you have to do is click the option that supports your prediction.


There are so many strategies that you can use to make money on HFX trading…

And if you’re one of the few people who want to start making money on HFX…

Then one of the things that you should be thinking of right now is:

“Where do I get the training, and support that I need to start making money trading HFX?”

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