What is Eagle FX? – Top Affiliate Program For Forex And Crypto

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to earn some extra cash? Then we believe it’s time for you to learn more about being an Elite Master Affiliate!

EagleFX’s multi-tier affiliate program is designed to make it simple for affiliates to promote traders and sub affiliates to EagleFX. As a result, the Master Affiliate’s earnings grow dramatically, earning them up to $5.00 each lot transacted!

Eagle FX strives to create the ultimate trading experience for our users. As such, they selected and added to our platform a variety of promising assets that span from traditional stocks to cryptocurrencies.

Traders can now choose among 200 different instruments to trade smoothly and with up to 1:500 leverages according to the asset types.: stocks, indices, cryptocurrencies, commodities, and much more. Ex:

  • Stocks – 1:20
  • Cryptocurrencies – 1:100
  • Indices – 1:200
  • Energies – 1:200
  • Forex – 1:500
  • Metals – 1:500

How it Works?

Customers can promote our brand utilizing a unique affiliate link through a multi-tiered system with five levels. The link owner pays $4.00 per traded lot every time a new user clicks on the link, registers up, and begins trading.

Our customer will continue to earn up to TIER 5 as a result of the multi-layer structure. Reaching TIER 5 earns you a $1.00 additional fee, potentially increasing your earning power to $5.00 per traded lot.

What do you get out of it?

Aside from having complete control over your finances, EagleFX also provides fast and simple automated monthly earnings pay-outs, as well as the ability to track your earnings at any time in your affiliate back-office account. Here is where you may sign up for the Affiliate Portal.

Getting the Word Out!

We provide an all-in-one Affiliate Media Pack that can be utilized to promote your affiliate link and increase your referral base. The standard media pack comprises the following items:

Keeping track of your achievements

It’s a no-brainer to keep track of your progress. Every step of the way, your performance must be closely checked and evaluated. In Affiliate Marketing, there is no magic formula; rather, it is a series of trials and errors to see what works best with your target demographic. During your Affiliate Marketer journey, an accurate tracking system is essential.

The top-of-the-line Affiliate Tracking system from EagleFX will not only precisely measure your trader’s success, but will also present the most recent campaigns and marketing materials in real time.

EagleFX has you covered whether you want to track your performance with pure facts or an aesthetically attractive graph.

Developing Long-Term Partnerships

Relationship development is an essential aspect of any business’s success, regardless of industry. As a result of higher client acquisitions, gaining that fundamental trust can lead to enhanced profit potential and business growth.

EagleFX recognizes the value of retaining loyal customers and cultivating great connections. As a result, our Affiliate Program is set up to accomplish just that! Each Affiliate is linked with a member of our professional team of affiliate managers and marketing experts who will assist you in fostering those critical connections and effectively managing your customers.

Lifetime Coverage

The promise of a lifelong commission is generally enough to entice new affiliates, but does it actually work?

The answer is contingent on the Affiliate Program you select. You can increase your revenue by receiving a commission of up to $5 per lot traded by your suggested clients AND their referred clients with Eagle FX’s com’s 5-tier commission structure. The total number of recommendations you can have is unlimited, so you can continue to earn money for the rest of your life with little effort.

Why Join Eagle FX Affiliate Program?

Not every Forex Affiliate Program is the same. Some programs require a sign-up fee, while others give you with all of the tools you need to succeed as an affiliate for free.

It’s time to avoid money-sucking schemes and concentrate your efforts on a program that is worth your time and work.

Embark on your affiliate journey today by registering for free HERE!

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