What is DreamTrips International? – Compensation Plan (NEW)


Lorenz here and I am excited to announce, DreamTrips International is officially launching on July 18, 2022!

The newest and most anticipated Affiliate / Travel Ambassadorship program is finally here.

What if you you could take advantage of this incredible opportunity to get into a company at the very beginning… before everyone else?

>> CLICK HERE to get started! (Quick Survey)

After months & months of planning and bringing this travel concept to fruition, the brand new Compensation Plan is also out and introduces one of the most lucrative commission structures this industry has ever seen.

There will be 5 ways members can earn through the affiliate program… 5 different income streams through this program! (Scroll down to learn more)

It’s insane!!! I promise, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

What is DreamTrips International?

DreamTrips International is the largest, best, and most prestigious group vacation lifestyle membership offering curated vacations all around the world! Adventurers, luxury travelers, and everyone in between will enjoy DreamTrips International’s vacation club and travel community.

Their mission statement states, “At DreamTrips International, our mission is to inspire the world to create memorable experiences with family and friends, through travel!

DreamTrips International Official Trailer

Do You Love Traveling?

For those who don’t know me or are brand-new to my site, my wife and I have been traveling often since around 2016. I started working remotely from my laptop full-time as a digital nomad in 2017. We visited several other countries, including, but not limited to, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Canada, France, and the Dominican Republic. Additionally, we just wed in Switzerland, our most desired location!

As you can see, we are sincerely enjoying ourselves, and we will keep doing so in order to encourage others to do the same, because, as the saying goes, “IF YOU ARE NOT TRAVELING, YOU ARE NOT LIVING!”

A HUGE Opportunity FOR YOU!

We’re still in Pre-Launch, so this time is incredibly wonderful. We were here first, ahead of everyone else, and everybody who has worked in this field for a time is aware that the most prosperous individuals enter at the VERY FIRST! Everyone who starts RIGHT NOW will rise to the top of the business.

In 2022, posting about products, most people don’t like it and don’t connect with it. If you look at other companies in the industry…

  • What % of people wanna spend money on supplements?
  • What % of people would spend money on skincare?
  • But what % of people LOVE TRAVEL?

Everyone, yes? You see, at DreamTrips, we don’t sell products—we make memories instead!

It’s travel! Who wouldn’t want to travel, encourage tourism, and receive compensation while doing so?

Everyone who signs up with me TODAY will become a part of my $10,000 per month business. I was invited as a Top Leader with a Top Position working closely with the CEO, other Top Earners, and the Head of Marketing for DreamTrips, so this is a pretty cool opportunity and position to be in. This was made possible by my experience ranking as a Top 10 Income Earner for multiple marketing companies in the past and previous connections from meeting people at various events around the world.

I will personally sponsor and help a lot of people… So, ALL OF THOSE PEOPLE WILL BE PLACE UNDER YOU IF YOU START TODAY! Register as soon as possible. Once you’re in, get in touch with me directly, and I’ll get you admitted to our exclusive business Facebook group. All the assistance and tools you require for success will be given to you!

>> CLICK HERE & fill out this quick Typeform to get in contact with me directly!

And yes, I am aware that one of the main reasons why so few people travel is because it is so expensive!

But let me ask you this: would you do it if you could reduce your travel costs by up to 50%, 60%, or even 80%?

Well, that’s why we joined DreamTrips. This concept allows members to:

  • save money on travel
  • find the best deals on hotels, cars, events, excursions, etc…
  • join the most exclusive vacation lifestyle club and be part of an amazing community
  • earn commissions just by sharing this idea to others

Think about this…

Out of everyone you know, how many do you think would love to be on a vacation right now? Everyone, right?

So why do you think most people don’t take more vacations? In most cases, it’s TIME or MONEY!

What if there was a way where people could save money on vacations, do you think a few would want to know how? YES!

Now, if there was a way to where people could travel for NO MONEY out of pocket, do you think a few would want to know how? ABSOLUTELY!

Lastly, if there was a way where people could make money while on vacation – do you think a few would want to know how? And the answer to this is, OF COURSE!

Especially in today’s world of side hustles, making money online, working for yourself… to me, if anyone could make money and travel, that would be the DREAM LIFE!


With family, friends, and other travelers from across the world, DreamTrips enables you to make priceless experiences.

The bulk of buying concept, which has thousands of international members, helps you save time and money on distinctive DreamTrip vacation experiences.

>> Become a Travel Ambassador TODAY! <<

** You DO NOT have to live in the United States to join. We have members from ALL OVER THE WORLD and would love to invite you to be part of this amazing travel community, meet us at future dream destinations / events, etc…

How To Become A DreamTrips Member?

DreamTrips actually offers 2 different memberships: Gold and Platinum

Simply CLICK HERE, on the next page go to the “OPPORTUNITY” tab at the top, then click on “JOIN NOW!

My suggestion for you if you are looking to join our club, is to get started with the DreamTrips Gold membership which offers the biggest bang for your buck!

  • Covers 2 adults + your kids
  • Gives you access to every DreamTrip available
  • For every $1 you spend, you get 1 point back (could be used for future vouchers)
  • Receive 143 Enrollment points

Now probably my favorite part of this membership is that they offer something called, “REFER 4, PAY NO MORE!” I always like to say that the best customer came from a happy customer… or a REFERRAL.

There is no obligation to do this, but if you are happy with being a DreamTrips member or someone who likes to refer people / products or services (like an affiliate), your monthly fees will be waived forever as long as you have 4 active members.

Personally, I know a lot of people who love to travel just like myself and so it only took me about 2 hours after signing up to find my 1st 4 members.

So I never had to pay a monthly fee…ever!

For more information and to see what our members are up to, please visit our Private DreamTrips Facebook Group <<

Use code “808” to enter!

How To Get Paid To Share With Others?

You can sign up as an independent rep and start earning BONUSES + RESIDUALS on members who enlist using your and your team’s enrollment links in addition to travel deals.

And guys, if you’ve never done something like this before, it’s really simple. You can share a ton of our videos, articles, and resources with others to pique their interest.

If you’re an affiliate marketer like me, you can actually model and construct the exact blog review you’re reading right now while also promoting your affiliate link. It’s that simple!

You won’t have to sell anything to anyone in this line of work, nor will it be difficult. Simply spread the word to anyone who enjoy traveling or could use a holiday!

How Much Can You Earn?

The most lucrative compensation plan has been put up by DreamTrips International, where members who refer others genuinely feel appreciated for their work!

The complete comp plan will start next month, but pre-launch participants will have early access to a ton of extras.

And that’s only the start! Additionally, this business offers the potential for residual revenue.

(The NEW Compensation Plan is currently being finalized…)

Imagine receiving residual payments of $3000, 7667, or even $15,334 each month!

What would that mean for your family and you?

There is no other membership or affiliate network that delivers these types of commissions for someone like myself who has been doing online marketing since 2016, especially after you start earning those residual payouts!

** All Commissions are paid via PayPal, Globalewallet, or Direct Depost!

I have to say, there are no guarantees of income. The success or failure of each individual rep depends on the competence and personal work of each rep, just like in any other business. However, when you partner with me and my team, we make sure to look out for you and assist you rank as quickly as possible.

So don’t hesitate—take the TOP place right now and arrive before everybody else!

Why Join NOW?

The T in timing is more significant than the T in talent, as my one of my mentors frequently states. Being able to participate in anything at its PRE-LAUNCH stage, before it becomes widely popular on social media, is huge!

There are so many people who would adore to be a part of a business like this (the beginning, pre-launch…), where nothing is truly clear yet. It’s amazing that you came here first, and you’ll get to work with me and the other top executives here!

Do you want to Learn More?

Every Thursdays and Sundays, we are hosting a DTI Business Overview call for all new members to attend LIVE and get the newest updates, information, and more!

If you are serious about joining the business, please join us EVERY DAY on our Pre-Launch Blitz Call: dtizoom.com/overview and get all your questions answered!

See you on our next call.


As you can see, there’s a ton of benefits of being a DreamTrips member! If saving money on travel, earning FREE trips, or getting paid on vacation intrigues you go ahead CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED TODAY!

I look forward to meeting you at one of our future DreamTrips Vacations and if you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to me anytime at: lorenz@thehawaiimentor.com or text me: [808-649-0611].

Get exclusive access to incredible vacations at incredible prices (See below).

You are one DreamTrip away from living your best life and we have an entire team here to help you along the way.

See you on the inside!

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