What is DreamTrips International? – Compensation Plan (NEW)


Lorenz here and I am excited to announce, DreamTrips International has officially launched on August 1st, 2022!

The newest and most anticipated Affiliate / Travel Ambassadorship program is finally here.

DreamTrips International Official Trailer

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What if you you could take advantage of this incredible opportunity to get into a company at the very beginning… before everyone else?

After months & months of planning and bringing this travel concept to fruition, the brand new Compensation Plan is finally out and introduces one of the most lucrative commission structures this industry has ever seen.

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Get Paid To Share With Others?

You can sign up as an independent rep and start earning BONUSES + RESIDUALS on members who sign up using your and your team’s enrollment links in addition to travel deals.

And guys, if you’ve never done something like this before, it’s really simple. You can share a ton of our videos, articles, and resources with others to pique their interest.

WATCH my official full overview video below! (UPDATED)

How Much Can You Earn?

The most lucrative compensation plan has been put up by DreamTrips International, where members who refer others genuinely feel appreciated for their work!

The complete comp plan will start this month, but pre-launch participants will have early access to a ton of extras.

And that’s only the start! Additionally, this business offers the potential for residual revenue.

There will be 5 ways members can earn through the affiliate program… 5 different income streams through this program!

It’s insane!!! I promise, you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

WATCH THIS VIDEO! – Compensation Plan

This was our recording from our most recent corporate call with our CEO Mark Smith explaining how much you can earn through our new DTI compensation plan.

This will blow your mind!

There is no other membership or affiliate network that delivers these types of commissions for someone like myself who has been doing online marketing since 2016, especially after you start earning those residual payouts!

Imagine receiving residual payments of $3000, 7667, or even $15,334 each month!

What would that mean for your family and you?

Now, if I told you, if you get in before before the masses, that you could earn upwards to $100K a month of the back-end matrix?

Depending on when you enroll as a member of DreamTrips International, you will be placed in our company’s back end matrix. You get to earn, simply by people in your matrix paying their monthly subscription every month! How cool is that?

Our company has 4 different memberships that people can join, and the matrix pays out 10 levels deep.

You can earn from $4, $6, $8, all the way up to $20 per person every time they pay their monthly subscription every month.

This is the GAME-CHANGER!!!

Depending on which rank you are in the company, that determines which level payout you can earn from.

In just a month, I became a Voyager 5000 & I qualify for Level 9 payouts which is the 9/10 in the matrix.

On the low end of level 10, you can possibly earn up to $350K not annually, but monthly residual income!

This happens when you have 88K members who fall in your matrix after you.

This could happen in a year or 2, but when it does happen, you’ll be sitting pretty and happy you signed up when you did!

I know it’s hard to believe, but that’s what getting in early into a company does for all of us.

We are at the top 0.001% of the company, before 99% even comes in so don’t sit on this one!

TEXT ME for more info: 1-808-649-0611

I have to say, there are no guarantees of income. The success or failure of each individual rep depends on the competence and personal work of each rep, just like in any other business. However, when you partner with me and my team, we make sure to look out for you and assist you rank as quickly as possible.

So don’t hesitate—take the TOP place right now and arrive before everybody else!

Why Join NOW?

The T in timing is more significant than the T in talent, as my one of my mentors frequently states. Being able to participate in anything at its PRE-LAUNCH stage, before it becomes widely popular on social media, is huge!

There are so many people who would adore to be a part of a business like this (the beginning, pre-launch…), where nothing is truly clear yet. It’s amazing that you came here first, and you’ll get to work with me and the other top executives here!


As you can see, there’s a ton of benefits of being a DreamTrips member! If saving money on travel, earning FREE trips, or getting paid on vacation intrigues you go ahead CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED TODAY!

I look forward to meeting you at one of our future DreamTrips Vacations and if you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to me anytime at: lorenz@thehawaiimentor.com or text me: [808-649-0611].

>> CLICK HERE to book a connect call with me for more info!

You are one DreamTrip away from living your best life and we have an entire team here to help you along the way.

See you on the inside!

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46 thoughts to “What is DreamTrips International? – Compensation Plan (NEW)”

  1. To be able to save money on travelling is the dream of all travel enthusiasts. With the world opening up again after all the pandemic restrictions, travellers will certainly be booking trips again. So it is interesting to see that with Dream Trips International, it is possible to save money, as well as earn an income with them. 

    You mention that the compensation plan is still being finalised. So how does someone that joins now know what they can expect to earn? What does binary mean? Can you explain this more? Thank you. 

  2. Wow!  This looks like an amazing program.  I am going to go back and look at the videos that I missed as I read through the article.  I am excited to see what type of trips are offered and exactly how the compensation works.  I have an extended family of traveler who would love to take advantage of something like this.  I guess my main question is does this involve specific trips that are preplanned or is their a way to plan out a trip using this program.  I guess I will find out as I explore further.  We are hoping to go to Canada this later this summer.  This may be the beginning of something great.  Thanks for sharing this information.

    1. Thank you Anastazja!

      Go ahead and fill out survey and I’ll get in contact with you directly.

      Thank you!

  3. I also love to travel. But I had never heard of this dream trip. But this seems like a very good thing. I must also try this dream trip membership. This will be a different experience for me as I can earn money while traveling. Is this worldwide? Thanks so much for posting like this. Keep posting like this.

    1. This is worldwide! If you’re interested in joining, please let me know. Let’s travel the world together!

  4. This is such a nice opportunity here! As a matter of fact, I have a fairly new website on traveling to Africa and I hope that they are able to give affiliate links for this continent as well? Is it free to sign up for affiliate marketing or do you need to pay a fee? thanks!

    1. Hey Lizzy!

      There is a initial fee to get started, but once you’re in, so much potential for growth.

      I’ll message you! Thanks

  5. Hello and thanks so much for sharing, is this business the seem as world ventures? where you cannot only get great deals on these wonderful trips around the world where you can also make money as people get signup under you. I believe that programs that offers this kind of opportunity is a real winner. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Hey Norman!

      This is similar to that, but on steroids! The compensation plan is bonkers. Let’s talk more!

  6. This actually sounds like a dream come true! I haven’t traveled anywhere since 2016 and that was only to go to Disney at Orlando, Florida (I’m from Puerto Rico). Traveling has always been on my bucket list, but as you mentioned, the costs of traveling can sometimes be overwhelmed. I’m a disabled 26 year old woman, does this also apply for people who have any type of disability? Are there accommodations? And most importantly – at least for me – are pets allowed to travel with their owner as well?

    1. Yes, there are some accommodations! Absolutely. If you’d like to learn more, I’ll message you directly about what else DreamTrips has to offer. Thanks Stephanie!

  7. Wow what a very great article you got here. I love to travel but it can be expensive that is for sure. So being able to save money is a great way to save on travel. And this is the first time coming across dream trip. And this seems like something I should get into it. As it can help someone save money when it comes to traveling. So thanks. 

    1. If you’d like to learn more about DreamTrips, Kiersti. Let’s get on a connect call and I can go over everything with you. Look forward to speaking. Thank you!

  8. Greetings, great idea and great job blended with pleasure. For now, I am prevented from achieving this goal but we stay in touch. I will accompany you with enjoyment and join when the time comes

  9. This does seem like it would be a fun business to get into. I am wondering what the startup costs would be? The way it was explained in your article makes it seem like it is an MLM business, that I would need to bring people in to be under me. Is that how it works or did I misunderstand? However, to be able to travel as much as you have would be a great opportunity.

    1. Hey!

      Yes, we do go off a binary comp plan so it’s exactly an MLM. But you’ll be under the largest and fastest growing team, so you’ll benefit from all the people placed under you! Let’s chat. I’ll message you directly! Thank you!

  10. I am excited to get started on this project. It seems like so much fun, and I just love the sound of being able to travel as much as you would if you owned this business. What are the startup costs? I think that it is an MLM business, so the way I understand it is that you need to bring people in under you so that they can grow the business too.

    1. Hey Peter!

      Yes, it is an MLM! Are you familiar with it?

      I would love to work with you. I’ll reach out directly!

      Looking forward to traveling together!

  11. In my mind i am already in Hawaii. I have never been in Hawaii but the first picture on this site will make you feel like you are already in Hawaii. 18 July is really going to be an exciting time for real. Yes being the first one to grab the opportunity will always have its advantages. 

    Hawaii is always a symbol of a stress free place.  All the images are well placed to my liking. The site makes me feel like i am already in Hawaii. I like the fact that there are no sudden irritating pop ups that we were accustomed to from other websites. The explanation was so straight forward that even my grandmother was able to understand what was being said.

    Thank you Lorenz, again you know the way to simplify things that could quickly get out of hand if not correctly explained. Yes it is time for me to be one of the lucky ones. Picture me rolling Mr Lorenz. Travelling like this is part of my bucket list.

    The first video Mr Lorenz is a 10 out of 10. I will say it again you know your staff. Simplicity is the best and you are good at it. Congratulations on your wedding. The countries you travelled to are so like mmmm i want to do the same.


    1. Thank you for this incredible feedback Dominic! I truly appreciate you for taking the time to go through everything. If you want to work together, let me know and let’s work together! Cheers!

  12. Saving money on travel, who doesn’t want to do that.
    I am glad that the restrictions on the pandemic have been lifted
    and that travel is again a great opportunity.
    Dream Trips International is clearly an opportunity and I want to travel and win at the same time.
    The compensation plan is at the beginning, so reserve the real benefits.
    We will benefit if we get involved, if we take risks, I totally agree with that.
    Being at the beginning there are many unknowns but the benefits are greater for the brave.

  13. Hello Lorenz Valdez,

    I never know about DreamTrips international before reading your article and I love traveling. By using this opportunity I can earn money by traveling and saving a lot of money. By becoming a DreamTrips member there are many benefits and offers which will be much helpful. Thank you for sharing this wonderful article.

  14. Can this automatically give people random ideas?

    Is there a limit to how much we sell and get paid?

    What a great way for a program for people who don’t know what to do when they travel on vacation. This would certainly help me because I don’t know what to do when I travel and getting a tour guide would be very helpful. 

    This program has what I asked for about planning trips and helping people figure out what fun stuff to do. What a great way for affiliate marketers to get the opportunity to be a part of your business. 

    I’m definitely going to check this out I am in the online business game and also I want to save the Dreaptrip international site so I don’t lose it or forget about it. 

    1. Hey Caleb!

      Yes, so DreamTrips are actually 4 & 5 night curated vacations meaning they include hotels, excursions, events, etc… I’ll reach out to you directly and let’s chat! Excited for you to learn more man!

  15. This looks like a wonderful opportunity and a whole lot more exciting than selling health or beauty products. I am planning a trip to he US next year and my main focus would be Disney. Does this company cater to that.  Also I see South Africa is not on the list if you want to become a representative so wonder if this opportunity excludes South Africans like many of these overseas companies do?

    1. Hey Michel!

      That’s awesome. We are just launching so we are rolling out all the countries over the next few months!

      Also, I just received your email. I will get back to you by the end of the day and hoping to partner up together!

      Thank you!

  16. Hi Lorenz,

    As the entire world trying to take off their mask, you are opening this trip international extravaganza. 

    I know my daughter loves to travel around the world. She has some cards where she gets points for future travel.

    I would she if she would benefit from a dream trip international membership. 

    How much does it cost to start with DTI? This program sounds exciting and hard to believe.

    1. Hey Anusuya!

      The cost of the memberships will change at our launch date, but it’s best to get in now to take advantage of all the benefits from pre launch.

      Your daughter would absolutely love the program.

      I’ll email you here shortly.


  17. Hello Lorenz, Your article on Dream Trips International is exciting and well written. It is likely that you will have many enrolments from those interested in travel. I must say, though, that I have been involved in MLMs in the past and it is hard to achieve success when Compensation Plans are based on getting enrolments as well as selling products. Nevertheless, this does sound like a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor. Best wishes, Jenni.

    1. Hey Jenni!

      If you want to benefit from all of our team’s enrollments, please reach out and secure a spot today! We’ll definitely help you out. Thank you!

  18. It’s wonderful to know that a company such as this in giving a compensation plan. Also it is wonderful to know that you can sign up has an independent representative and start earning bonuses which is really amazing plus residuals. Overall it is a very wonderful article on the company to know that there is a job out there to see a company giving these types of benefits to persons who are looking for a job to make a honest living.

    1. Thank you Cheston. The residual income is really where it’s at especially with our back end matrix!

  19. I always thought there are tons of possibilities to earn money while you are traveling, so I think it’s a good idea to check this one out. Plus, people really aren’t aware of travel points or airline miles that can give you huge discounts. If people would use this compensation plan and get huge discounts, I would say that traveling really can become revenue-generating practice. It’s certainly cheaper than buying a house in this current market!.

    1. Amen Alex! Thank you for that amazing feedback. You are so right. If you’re willing to check it out, hit me up. Let’s travel together! Cheers.

  20. What is DreamTrips International? – Compensation Plan (NEW)

    It would be nice to be able to take advantage of this incredible opportunity to get into the company from scratch… before anyone else, it’s a very challenging and interesting program. I think now everyone is looking for a program like this.

    1. Thank you Arisara! Everyone is definitely looking for a program like this. When you’re ready to take a DreamTrip, let me know! Thanks.

  21. Nice.. a travel ambassadorship program based on affiliate marketing is not a bad way to make money while helping others escape from their stress and worries and get some good fun time. For the fact that the program is going live on the 18th of this month and you have this article put up to educate the public about it, I am indeed grateful. This is firsthand information and I am happy to be among those getting it. I’ll go over this article again, carefully as see how this program can be suitable for me.

    1. Hey Danny! Thank you for the incredible feedback! Please read over it again and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! I look forward to welcoming you to our DreamTrips community!

  22. Some interesting destinations. Wow, this program looks incredible!  I love to travel but I at times can be very expensive. Let’s say you have a particular place that you would like to go at a specific time. Can you go anywhere that you wish? My main concern is whether or not this involves scheduled trips that have been planned. Can you plan a trip utilizing this platform? 

    1. The DreamTrips are curated! And you can choose from a variety of trips depending on what time you are available to travel!

  23. Hello, Your webpage on Dream Trips International seems exciting. You will likely get many signups from people interested in travel. I have been in network marketing in the past and it is an uphill climb to ever achieve success. But, this does sound like a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor.

    1. Hey Chris! 

      If you’re interested, let’s partner up together! We get to start at the top of DreamTrips International! It’s a rare opportunity!

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