What Is Discover Heal? (Review)

Howzit going guys?

If you’re following me on Instagram @thehawaiimentor, you probably noticed I’ve been posting a little more and more about this company called Heal and you’re probably wondering what is this and how can I be part of it?

** In this post I go over my full review on Heal, but since I’m actually still testing it out, going through the content, and actually trying to understand the vision behind the principles so that I can be more comfortable promoting it… I’ll release my full review in the mid-week of January to really see if this is worth joining!

Before I dig deep behind Discover Heal and break down everything you need to know, I would like to talk a little bit about why I decided to join this movement and why now!

My Online Story

I’ve been working online for the last 3 years, and just like many who get started, I didn’t have any guidance or direction. I didn’t know who to trust or what kind of information to look for so I pretty much tried everything, and when I say everything, I mean everything!

Although I’ve tasted a bit of success, I’ve had more failures online than anyone could possibly think of, but the reason why I continued to push through no matter what was because I came to a point in my life where I became desperate; desperate for change, desperate for a better life, and desperate to find purpose…

Because what’s the point of living if we don’t have anything to look forward to, living just to get by, going through the same routine every day, depressed filled with so much stress & anxiety. The pain of staying the same became greater than my fear of failure. I also realized, no matter how many times I fail or have failed, I’m still gonna be ahead of everyone who isn’t trying.

Now if you really know me, it’s never about being ahead of everyone else. You see, I believe my purpose is to serve others & help others, but in order to serve others better, I would have to be better. I had to heal myself first before I could heal others because I was also going through a lot of stuff in my life that was either holding me back & controlling my mind… and remember, everything starts with the way we feel & think about ourselves.

Through all my struggles and failures, I knew I could still help people, especially the people here in Hawaii because I truly understand how hard it is to live in paradise, so that’s why I continued to use this platform to continue spreading positivity & Aloha to our community… and honestly, the stories & experiences many of you have shared with me continue to inspire me to keep doing what I do every day.

Where Am I Going With This?

Guys, I’ve promoted many things online. Although my intentions were always pure and always for the good, there were times when others questioned my integrity. I even questioned my own integrity because there were some things that I learned from these so called “Internet Gurus”, that weren’t for my best interest as a beginner Internet Marketer.

I followed marketing strategies that weren’t really in the best intention of the customers or whomever & so I had to take a step back for a bit. I’ve made a ton of money online and I’ve also probably lost even more, but it wasn’t until I realized that it never is or never was about making money. That’s when I started to see the bigger picture in all this.

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With my experiences and all the relationships I’ve made throughout this entire journey, I focused on building my business around my why & how I can best help solve people’s problems, and at the same time build a community of people who believe in the same vision to help one another grow because no one ever became successful on their own. Trust me on that!

With all that being said, aside from doing various service based gigs, social media influencer marketing campaigns, mindset coaching, and promoting different physical products through different marketplaces online, I haven’t really found anything sustainable that truly excites me and so I began creating my very own training program and community platform where I could bring not just my students and clients, but also all my followers who continue to support me every day.

I don’t if you know, but the amount of time it would take for me to build something like this is pretty crazy. I knew it was possible, but I also knew that I wanted to focus my time on building relationships & listening to people’s stories more deeply so that I could understand their situations.

Invitation From An Old Mentor, Paulo

With perfect timing & manifestation, the mentor who helped me get to where I am today, introduced me to a company and owner who completely aligned with my core values and what I was looking for & so I decided to hop in and see what the hype was all about, and ever since then guys, this has been my biggest breakthrough in the past year.

I am proud to become one of the leaders invited to spread the vision and message to as many people as I can because I truly believe that this can help anyone dealing with any kind of self doubt, limiting beliefs, feeling of abandonment & loneliness, insecurity, etc… And I will be as sincere & transparent as I have always been.

Here’s My Discover Heal Review

Discover Heal, a Digital Online Community focused on helping another build a better quality of life through Health, Wealth, Love, Happiness, Faith, Family, and Fun… a transformational movement that will inspire you to take action & make a change in 2020.

Heal is a company that was founded in 2014 by owner, Stephen Munson. Although I haven’t met him in person yet, the reason why I joined was because of HIS STORY! Confirm Your Email HERE to visit the back office and learn more.

He talked about his experiences of being Broke on the North Shore to being by his friend’s bedside as he was dying, and just all his struggles to get from that to where he is now. It’s incredible. He is truly a great story teller and it’s amazing how he documented his entire journey. Trust me, many of us can relate especially for us here struggling in Paradise, Hawaii.

Heal also offers different products from physical products to digital training products (courses) and transformational events.  Although they’ve been around for about 6 years now, they have just recently launched their new Affiliate “Straight-line” Program (you can sign up to become an affiliate for Heal, and earn a commission every time you refer someone to buy that product).

Heal physical products range from health supplements, clothing apparel, books, and more. But I’m guessing you’re really here because you want to know how you can make money with Heal, right? Well, below are all the Digital Products you can get access to.

When you first sign up for Heal, you will have access to 4 different products (Digital Courses).

NEW! Heal 7 Ways To WIN

01. Heal VIP Suitcase Coach

Monthly Membership – It’s $49.00 a month to become a Discover Heal VIP. This is a monthly membership that gives you access to Heal’s VIP content which are a series of trainings on the following subjects.

  • VIP Success Series
  • Business Building Training
  • Personal Development w/Jim Rohn
  • Mindset Training
  • Motivational Training

You will also have access to Discover Heal VIPS Private Facebook group where each member are welcomed by the entire community. This is by far, the most special online community I’ve been a part of, one that actually cares about one another, and one that actually helps each other grow.

02. Big Profile Profits

Facebook Marketing Training – $99.00 One Time. This product is a course that will teach you all about generating new leads and building your brand on Facebook.

If you previously tried to promote offers online and never made it, I’m guessing you’re probably one of those who would take their links and spam everyones newsfeeds on Facebook. Well, this course teaches you the do’s and don’ts and why most people fail marketing on Facebook.

Big Profile Profits Training Includes:

Video Step 1: “Making the Million Dollar Brand with $1” How to properly brand your profile so people view you as an authority, leader and powerful influencer. Creating a magnetic draw to help you attract like-minded people eager to join your business.

Video Step 2: “FB Content Blueprint” Blueprint to Posting Profitable Content. Four specific types of posts to make to get massive engagement and sales and the one thing to NEVER do on your profile that will destroy your image and chances at success.

Video Step 3: “Attracting Buyers” How to Find People Eager & Ready to Buy. You’ll discover who specifically to add as friends & who not to add as friends and where to find them to get the highest amount of leads and sales for your business.

Video Step 4: “Messenger Method” You’ll have access to a non-sales/non-spammy conversational copy & paste script that works for ANY niche to have the highest likelihood of generating a lead & sale in just 3 short messages.

Video Step 5: “Residual Daily Routine” Game Plan for Massive Facebook Success. You’ll be able to ‘peak over my shoulder’ and get an inside look on exactly what I do in just 1-2 hours per day on Facebook to average 100+ likes per post and 3+ sales per day.

Video Step 6: “Profitable Live Streams” You now have a stage set with eager buyers ready to take action. Live streams are a sure-fire way to grow your business. We will also cover the main mistakes to avoid no matter what.

Video Step 7: “Cash Flow Follow-Up” In a busy world, we might forget to follow-up or perhaps we feel rejected in the beginning and don’t get the courage to send another message. There is a way to follow up that is non-invasive and gives extended value to your offer.

03. I AM 21 Day Challenge

Personal Transformation Challenge – $397.00 One Time. This is a series of videos that you will watch every day that will help you transform into the person you were meant to be. Find a sense of self awareness and inner peace on your journey to healing.

The 21 Day “I AM” Challenge will be the most impactful challenge you’ve ever done in your life.  “I AM” is the powerful phrase that shapes your life forever. Whatever you put after I AM, you are or will become.

I AM poor is a good way to create poverty, doubt, and fear in your life. I AM happy increases your mood and your positive thinking.

Stephen teaches us what can happen when we learn how to use the phrase I AM the right way.

I am Abundance, I am Wealthy, I am Strong.

04. Heal Business Class

I am currently going through Heal Business Class. I’m loving everything so far. The leaders are great, the community is so inspirational. Everyone’s stories are overwhelmingly heartfelt and we are on route to our next destination (TBD).

My full review on Heal Business Class coming soon!

05. Heal First Class

Stephen is still in the process of creating “First Class” and I’m guessing it’s going to be a big even at the end of the year. One thing I do know is it’s going to be epic.

Stay tuned for Heal First Class.

How To Make Money With Heal? – Affiliate Program

When my mentor Paulo first told me about heal, I didn’t initially about the compensation structure because I already knew that it was going to be lucrative no matter what. But when I did, he forwarded me the comp plan and it caught definitely caught my attention.

** Update – Coach VIP members now receive 40% commission as opposed to 33% shown above.

Best thing about it is, it’s a “Straight-line” Affiliate Program. NO Tiers. NO building legs. NO multi levels or Pyramid Schemes. That’s why I decided to GO ALL IN.

What it means to go all in with heal is to really invest yourself and consume yourself to becoming the best version of yourself through this program.

There really is nothing to lose. You buy the products, which you probably need, and not just you but everyone would better themselves. With the amount of junk media we consume all day, we need to balance it out with good media and good healthy content. This is it!

Just like we have a 24 hour fitness for our bodies, think of this as a gym for our minds. That is the whole concept of Heal. We need to be surrounded by people who believe in the same things we do and consume ourselves with things that are going to make us feel better about ourselves.

I look forward to working with you & helping you become the best version of yourself in 2020.

12 thoughts to “What Is Discover Heal? (Review)”

  1. Hello Lorenz,
    This is my first time hearing of Heals, although I just started affiliate marketing not too long. From your review, the package seems to be very comprehensive. A monthly membership, a comprehensive Facebook training that involves cash flow, getting buyers, and the 21-day challenge look great.
    Kindly let me know, must I make payment for the membership before I can join the affiliate program?

    1. Aloha Sir,

      Thank you for your comment. Heal is definitely one of the new and upcoming affiliate programs to look out for in 2020.

      To answer your question, you can actually get access to Heal’s back-office (dashboard), if you confirm your email, but in order for you to promote, you’ll have to become a VIP member. It’s definitely worth it if you align with the vision of the company and it’s story.

      Please kindly let me know if you have any other questions.

      Thank you again!

  2. Wow! Thank you for this good review. And based on what I read, this seems like a very good product to try!
    I see that there are many benefits that can be obtained from 21 day challenges, something that I have never heard before. If, for 21 days, I can change myself, my mindset, my life. So, I can say this program is a legit program.
    To be honest, I often feel myself hopeless and have no ability. Therefore, I have never achieved anything in life.
    Maybe, this is one step that I must take in this life.
    It doesn’t hurt to try right?

    1. Aloha Kylie,

      Thank you so much for your comment / feedback. I am currently on week 2 of the 21 day challenge (Started on the 1st of the year) and I must say that this is by far the best mental and mindset training as far as helping me, believe in ME. I learned that whatever you put in front of “I AM” you either are or you become if you continue to work on yourself everyday.

      My favorite part about this program though is the community. I’ve been part of many online communities, but this one by far is the most supportive because every single person is on a mission to HEAL in every aspect of their lives from health, wealth, love, happiness, faith, family, and fun.

      If you’re looking to try it out, please give me your best email and I can provide you with a special link to at least see the back-office (dashboard). Once you read the story of our founder, Stephen, you’ll be inspired how he grew this from scratch.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      Talk soon,


  3. This is the first time I heard about Heal. At first, when reading from the top, it’s feels like a soul healing community. But based on your review, Heal is a company that provides mainly internet marketing trainings, as well as motivational+mindset training, is this correct?

    I hope to read about your update soon, tell us more if you can compare Heal with Wealthy Affiliate, if that’s possible? 

    1. Aloha,

      Thank you for commenting on my post. Heal actually provides all of that. It’s main focus is to build a community of people who are on the same mission to transform every aspect of their lives; health, wealth, love, happiness, faith, family, and fun. The training and the courses are awesome, but the best part if the community.

      People often share their stories of struggles and failures in life, and also inspire one another to keep going and keep building their dream lifestyle.

      One of the biggest differences between Heal and Wealthy Affiliate is their comp plan. As Wealthy Affiliate offers pretty much the monthly membership program, Heal has a low ticket, medium ticket, and also high ticket products ranging from $49.97 to $2,500.00. So you can earn quite a lot more through the different tiered products.

      Also, since Heal’s Affiliate program is still new, the first live mastery event will be happening this year in May 2020 and will be having them a lot more frequent than Wealthy Affiliate.

      I promote both Wealthy Affiliate and Heal because they are both great and I believe in the vision for each of the company’s brand and message.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions.

      Thank you.

  4. I read your post and watched the video in the links. I kinda like the idea that is being presented, but I don’t entirely understand what it is all about. The links you posted throughout your post also lead to different, but similar website. Is the Heal website the same as the ‘Time Stamp’ website? Content can’t be seen unless I submit my email for both of them. Do both of them lead to the same content?

    Looking forward to your completed review with your experience in that Heal Business Class program!

    1. Hey Idris,

      Thank you for your feedback. Yes, all links lead to the same website. Great thing about internet marketing is that you are able to be creative with each landing pages. I’m glad you noticed that. If you confirm your timestamp, you are able to access the back-office (dashboard) without having to pay for the membership.

      You can browse and I recommend looking at the “Heal’s Story” Tab where the owner of the company, Stephen, talks about his entire journey to creating Heal in 2014!

      From there, if you believe in the vision just like I did, you can become a Heal VIP and try it out for a month. The amount of value you’ll receive and the amount of community support from people who are also looking to transform their life in 2020, is incredible.

      I am currently on week 02 of the 21 Day Challenge and I’m loving it so far. Full review coming soon once I go through the Business Class section.

      Thank you and let me know if you have anymore questions!

  5. I have never heard of Heal before, but it seems like an interesting concept. The resources they provide also seem quite extensive and cover a whole range of topics. What really intrigues me, from an online business perspective, is the sheer percentage you could gain in several different areas as far as commissions are concerned. I haven’t seen numbers that high anywhere else. It looks like an awesome opportunity I would need to investigate further. Thanks for the suggestion!

    1. Hey Steve,

      Thank you for your comment brother.

      Yes, Heal is pretty great. I’m still on week 2 of the 21 Day Challenge, but the amount of value I’ve gotten already is pretty incredible. The 40% on front end commissions is pretty awesome. $49.97 per month you’ll get about $20.00 per sale upfront.

      Definitely let me know if you have anymore questions and stay tuned for my full review after I finish the Business Class portion of the course.

      Thanks man.

  6. Hey, Your review on Heal is very useful for me to become an affiliate in the best affiliate program in 2020. Your guide gives me confidence to achieve my goal in my life. I am very happy and excited to join this wonderful affiliate program. I enjoyed while reading your review on heal. You are doing an awesome work to people like me to become successful in affiliate marketing.

    1. Hello Parveen,

      Thank you for commenting on this post. I appreciate your kind words and I wish you all the best on your journey to your most epic life possible.

      If you ever need any advice or help on anything related to Affiliate Marketing, please let me know how I can be of value to you and your business.

      Thank you and I look forward to your success!

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