What is Definity FI Academy? (Review)

Definity FI Academy

Who: Definity FI educates and empowers others on how to navigate inside the decentralized finance space.

Advantages: Our network of programmers, entrepreneurs, and influential market leaders / makers that will integrate their platforms within our community.

Our Team: Definity FI brings the most up to date and latest innovations in the blockchain and decentralized industry. Combined with their over 40 years of knowledge, understanding, and experience in the digital space, this will create the most trusted and lucrative offerings.

Why Now?

Corporate Adoption: Microsoft, PayPal, Walmart, Whole Foods, Home Depot, and Starbucks are adopting Cryptocurrencies into their business.

Impact on Banking: Decentralized Finance (DeFi), is Blockchain-based financial services such as borrowing and lending has grown from December 2019 of $700 million to over $200 Billion as of October 2021.

Cryptocurrency Market: In the last 5 years the market cap has grown over 1,350%. In 2016, the market cap was $159 Billion to now over $2.5 Trillion.

What is Definity FI?

The cryptocurrency space is inundated with new ideas and concepts that can be overwhelming and confusing for the average person to understand and trust.

Definity FI community offers special benefits and early access to tailor-made education. This will prepare you for the powerful services and opportunities that will be integrated in the ecosystem.

The Ecosystem – Community, Purchase Reward Tokens, Products & Services, Access the Education

Lead Educator

Wayne Marcel, also known as The Crypto Coach, Blockchain Wayne, has been an educator, career development coach, and building high performing teams for over 20 years. Wayne’s passion for educating and empowering lead him to the digital space in 2017. Since discovering the power of cryptocurrency, Blockchain, and Decentralized Finance, Wayne spent years learning and mastering the space to help budding crypto enthuse navigate the space confidently.


Application Activities: Learn and apply to build confidence. An outlet for you to practice and develop your skills.

On Demand: From the basics to the advanced, we provide on-demand education so you can come back and see again as needed. Repetition is the key to learning.

Live Training: Receive immediate feedback from experts and experts to promote your growth. Talk to your classmates and brainstorm. See live how our experts participate and interact with DeFi and Crypto projects.

What it includes?

  • Best Apps / Tools
  • What is Cryptocurrency
  • NFT / Marketplace Buy & Sell Strategies
  • NFT Games
  • Safety / Security
  • Portfolio Strategy
  • Tokenomics
  • Trading Tips & Algo Management
  • The Metaverse
  • Emotional & Psychology
  • DEFI Lending Yield Farming & Staking
  • Meme Coins
  • Tokenized Assets
  • And More…

This product will educate you the fundamentals, open your own broker account, start learning how to trade immediately, using DeFi FX tools and strategies.

Exclusive and proprietary indicator tool that takes the guessing game our as it seeks and executes buy/sell opportunities.

This tool provides powerful learning ability to understand how the market operates.

Software is constantly monitored and studied by professional traders so that it is always updated with the trends and changes that occur in the market.

Become A Customer

  • Be part of the community:
  • Purchase your Education Package for as little as $30 and start your journey immediately!
  • Each Education Package includes Reward Tokens that you can use towards products and services.
  • Share and introduce others to Definity FI community and ear reward tokens.

Blockchain Technology (FUSION)

  • Binance Smart chain – Receive instant BNB payments
  • All payments are handled through Smart Contracts
  • Transparent, verified, and can be publicly reviewed.
  • 1st Smart Contract to program a Hybrid Matrix.
  • 1st Smart Contract where you can earn without purchasing the product.

Definity FI Courses

Each package unlocks powerful educational series to empower you in your journey!

All packages provides you with Definity FI reward tokens to activate our education curriculum, and future products.

Phase One – Packages 1 – 2 – 3, Education

Phase Two – Packages 4 – 5 -6, Intermediate Education

Phase Three – Packages 7 – 8 – 9, Advance Education

Phase Four – Packages 10 – 11 – 12, Professional Education

Compensation Plan

If you love Definity FI and you want to get paid to refer members to the academy, they offer one of the most competitive & comprehensive comp plans in the crypto space. There is a huge opportunity for anyone who gets in the 1st quarter of the year. Check out the rewards / bonuses below:

There is so much more to the comp plan, but this is just a brief overview of what to expect. Remember, we have just launched, so the possibilities are endless!

How to get started?

  1. Download SafePal Wallet, Install, & Setup

  2. Pick your packages & purchase BNB plus Gas Fees

  3. CLICK HERE to sign up!

  4. Paste SafePal Browser and Purchase Package

  5. Share your link found in your dashboard

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