What Is A Multipotentialite?

For the absolute longest time, I’ve had difficulty trying to figure what my true calling in life was; like what really is my purpose in life?

Because over the years, I had acquired so many different types of skillsets and interests that I was stuck trying to figure out how i was going to turn any of this into a career, or having anxiety thinking about working at a JOB for the rest of my life that doesn’t even allow me to use those skillsets.

In my bio on my Instagram page, the first line reads, “I am a Multipotentialite”… and a lot of people, probably including yourself is wondering, well what is that?

If you resonate with this, please continue reading!

Have you ever been asked the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Now, has this question ever caused you any anxiety?

I am personally someone who has never been able to answer this question.

You see, the problem was that I didn’t have many interests…

It’s that I had too many.


At a certain point in my life however, I began to notice this pattern in myself; where i would become interested in something and go all in, become obsessed and consumed by it, and I’d actually get pretty good at whatever it was.

And then I would hit this point where I’d start to get bored.

And usually i would just continue doing anyway because I had already invested so much time and energy into it, sometimes even money into this field.

But eventually this sense of boredom, this feeling of like, “yeah i got this, this isn’t challenging anymore…”

It would get to be too much so i would let it go and move on to something else.


Then when I would become interested in something else, something totally unrelated and i would dive all in to that, and become all consumed and I’d be like, “Yes! This is the one!

And then it would hit this point again where I’d start to get bored and then eventually, I would let it go.

This pattern has caused me so much anxiety though the years because:

  1. I wasn’t sure how i was going to turn any of this into a career or a job. I though i would have to just settle, pick one, and deny all of the other stuff I was interested in, and just resign myself to being bored.
  2. I was worried that there was something wrong with this, or something wrong with me for being unable to stick with anything.

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This question of, “What do i want to be when i grow up?” gets asked of us again and again as we get older in various forms — for instance high school students might get asked what they want to take up in college?

And at some point it goes from being the cute exercise it once was, to the thing that keeps us up at night!


See, while this question inspires kids to dream about what they could be, it does not inspire them to dream about ALL THAT THEY COULD BE!

In fact it does the exact opposite.

Because when someone asks you what do you want to be, you can’t reply with 30 different things.



There’s this idea that we each have one great thing we are meant to do during our time on this earth; and you need to figure out what that thing is, and that you need to devote your life to it.

But what if you’re someone who isn’t wired this way?

What if there are a lot of different subjects that you’re curious about and all these things you wanna do?

I never knew anyone who really shared about this topic, and so I felt alone, like no one understands me!

Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a purpose or that something is wrong with me.

But trust me when I say that there is nothing wrong with you!

What you are my friend, is a Multipotentialite!


What is a Multipotentialite?

A Multipotentialite is someone with many interests & creative pursuits.

I do a lot of different things

I believe you don’t have to just do one thing & deny all of your other passions

You can find ways to integrate all your interests into your life

And you don’t have to sacrifice financial stability for diversity & exploration.


One day as I was browsing YouTube, I’m not sure what I searched up exactly, but I discovered a video, it was a ‘Ted Talk’ with this female named Emilie Wapnick…

And she was talking about this idea, this concept called Multipotentialite… and as she spoke, each word that came out of her mouth was hitting me & it was like someone was describing everything that I felt & was feeling for the longest time, but I just didn’t have an explanation for it.

It was an incredible ahah moment… because for the longest time, I felt lost & confused as to why I could never stick to one thing & wondering if something was wrong with me.


You see when someone asks me, “WHAT DO YOU DO?“… It’s hard to reply because do A LOT of things.

ex: Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Content Creation, Social Media Influencer, Branding, Facebook Ads, Copywriting, Google Analytics, Video Editor, Coach, Public speaker, Sales Funnel Builder, Blogger, Forex & Crypto Trader, Mental Health Advocate, Musician, Traveler, Nutrition Specialist, etc…

As you can see, I have trouble thinking about what my actual occupation or label is how can I describe all of these skills and passions into one phrase or word!


But I realized that that’s exactly what I am. A Multipotentialite!!!

I actually do got meaning & I don’t have to do just one thing… I thought I was just weird cuz I couldn’t choose!

There are some tremendous strengths to being this way and here’s 3 of them:

  • Idea Synthesis – that is combining two or more fields and creating something new at the intersection. Innovations happen at the intersections. That’s where new ideas come from. And Multipotentialites with all our backgrounds, are able to access a lot of these points of intersection.
  • Rapid Learning – when Multipotentialites become interested in something, we go hard. We observe everything we can get our hands on. We’re also used to being beginners because we’ve been beginners so many times in the past and this means that we are LESS AFRAID OF TRYING NEW THINGS and stepping out of our comfort zones. And what is great is we bring everything we learn to every new area we pursue so we’re rarely starting right form scratch.

It is rarely a waste of time to pursue something you’re drawn to, even if you end up quitting, you might apply that knowledge in a different field entirely in a way that you couldn’t have anticipated.

  • Adaptability – the ability to morph into whatever you need to be in a given situation. I am sometimes a food vlogger, travel blogger, a fitness enthusiast, a musician and so forth… I’m valuable because I can take on various roles to a high degree depending on a customer or client’s needs.

Three skills that Multipotentialites are very adept at, and 3 skills we might lose when we are pressured to narrow our focus!

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I’ll sign off with this… Embrace your many passions and follow your curiosity because doing so will lead to a much happier and more authentic life.

2 thoughts to “What Is A Multipotentialite?”

  1. I can certainly relate to what you have said. Throughout our lives we are all looking to find ways to make ourselves happy. And quite often when we see something and pursue it we realize it is not what we want or need. I don’t think I am a Multipotentiate but I do multi task. Is that the same? I think we all have different sides to our personalities and should embrace that. Thanks for a thought provoking article.


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