What Are Follow Up Funnels And Why Do You Need Them?

Today, I want to talk about a thing called “follow up funnels.”
A lot of people don’t know what follow up funnels are, yet recently, I looked at my own business and found that for every single dollar I made last December, we made $16.49 in the backend follow up funnels… (ya, kinda crazy!)
So what is a follow up funnel, and how do you use them for your company?
It’s a type of funnel that isn’t traditional pages like the sales funnel…
Instead, it’s the actual emails, the text messagesvoice broadcasts, and other messages you send somebody after they become a lead or customer.

ClickFunnels has it ALL!

When you start using Follow-Up Funnels inside of ClickFunnels, you’re literally able to cancel any and all other email autoresponder services

Which is really nice, ‘cause it will save you a TON of money. 🙂
Plus, it gives you the ability to start doing follow up funnels that are connected in with the sales funnels you’re building…
That means every time you send out an email, because ClickFunnels is doing your funnels AND your emails… we’re able to actually see what happens inside of the funnels from every single email you send out.
There’s no other company on planet Earth that can do that because no other company controls your funnel. Because ClickFunnels is your funnel AND your follow up funnels, we can sync up your data to give you really cool stats in real time from one convenient dashboard.

That’s the power of using ClickFunnels and Follow-Up Funnels together.
I’ve been using other follow-up softwares such as AWeber or Get Response and integrated them with ClickFunnels, but as I got more familiar with the ClickFunnels follow up funnels, it really made the entire process much more seamless because your entire marketing system is right here!
If you’re already a member of ClickFunnels, but haven’t used Follow Up Funnels yet, below is a list on how to get started.

7 Steps To Setting Up Your First Follow Up Funnels

Step #1

Create a list or a “smart list”…
Before you start building your follow-up funnels, the first step is to create a list.
You can create a simple list, or you can create smart lists where you give the list criteria, and Actionetics will find everyone who matches those criteria and put them onto those lists.

Step #2

Build a “Follow-Up Funnel”

After you’ve created your lists, then you can start building follow-up funnels for your subscribers.
Unlike other autoresponders, with Actionetic’s “Follow-Up Funnels” you can send emails, text messages, direct mail and more!

Step #3

Create your emails inside of the Actionetics email editor.
The next step is designing each of the emails in your “Follow-Up” funnels.
You can use our amazing email editor to create emails that are proven to convert!

Step #4

See the action score of your subscribers.
Find out how much each of your customers is worth to you!
We do real time lead scoring and give each customer an action score.
You can segment and target people based on how valuable they are to you.

Step #5

Send broadcasts to your subscribers.
Send broadcast emails to any of your list segments, smart lists and subscribers.
Once again you can design these emails in the Actionetics email editor.

Step #6

Check your stats
After your emails are sent, dig deep to see what happened to each email.
Who opened then, what did they buy, and how much money did you actually make from each email!

Step #7

Get your own ClickFunnels account today and play with everything for the next 30 days, and put us the test.

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