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So what is [RESTORE]?

[Restore] Healing & Recovery is designed to help you get back in the game quicker than ever.

Life happens quickly….

[Restore] provides you with daily immunity and protection so you don’t have to slow down for a second.

Formulated with powerful proteolytic enzymes, [Restore]

✅ Protects against illness

✅ Aids in quick workout recovery

✅ Promotes faster healing after an injury

✅ Supports healthy and faster healing

✅ Promotes a healthy immune system

✅ Improves protein digestion

✅ Taken with food, supports the breakdown of meals

✅ Taken away from food, provides full body healing support

✅Antioxidant support

Why do I need proteolytic enzymes?

Proteolytic enzymes are essential for many vital processes in your body, including digestion and immune function. They break down proteins into amino acids, making them easier for your body to absorb and take full advantage of.

Without the powerful armor these enzymes provide, your body is weaker, healing slower, getting sick more often, and slowing you down.

How do proteolytic enzymes work?

Proteolytic enzymes work when taken orally between meals. Timing is important, because proteolytic enzymes don’t like to compete with food.

When taken away from food, the enzymes don’t have to digest food, so they are more quickly absorbed in the small intestine, making their way to your blood to do their job.

Once proteolytic enzymes are in your system, they begin to break down proteins that cause scar tissue and inflammation, thus decreasing the pain, swelling, and inflammation you feel after an injury or workout.

Remember, you are not what you eat but what you DIGEST.

Tranont Product Reviews – Personal Testimonials

We have a Private Facebook Community with over 73,000 members and tons of testimonials from members who have used the products and actually got results.

Results don’t lie… and the impact that ALL of our products has made is life changing.

See and read for yourself.

In order to be part of this community, please reach out to me directly [Email:]


Rhumatoid Arthritis Testimony

Dear Restore:
You are now my go to for clearing up inflammation. I think I’m on my 5th bottle now. For me that is really saying something, cause you only get one chance to make an impression when it comes to my inflammation. I’m an RA sufferer since the age of 16 (I’m over 45).
My RA is in my hands and my feet. My treatment is Enbrel shots once a week and hope for no flare-ups or swelling in between. I’m very active which helps with the stiffness and swelling but there are times when I need something extra. Then Tara brought me 4 yellow pills to try. I took two that night as directed, and I must say I didn’t wake up with sore feet. I took the second dose the next night and felt even better.
Needless to say I ordered my first bottle. Now a days I take my Restore twice a day. Once in the morning and then at night. I can say that my fingers have no swelling at all, my feet, well I can hop right out of bed now!
I even gave my daughter 4 pills when she was having trouble with her wrist. She said whatever I gave her WORKED!
The swelling went right down. I’m not calling this a “MIRACLE DRUG” but it is a special one!

Mrs. J.


Saturday afternoon while downhill mountain biking at Lake Tahoe I hit a granite rock field and flew over the bars and smashed my mouth on a granite boulders. (I usually wear a full-face-helmet, but not this time)

I also severely sprained wrist. It was in excruciating pain and I couldn’t move it or bend it, I couldn’t open bottles or button my shirt or use it in any way.
Before I went to bed Saturday night I took 4 Restore every 2 hours and put Sûthe on my lip and wrist topically 1time 2 drops total.
By Sunday morning I had 100% movement in my wrist with mild/very little pain.
By Monday I was riding again with full recovery! and after JUST 2 DAYS my lip and inside of my gums are almost COMPLETELY HEALED.
See below for pics! Pics of before CBD and RESTORE are after I washed off blood and rinsed mouth with water
(Yeah goofy pic! I was being silly for wifey and didn’t know I’d be sending it as a before pic)
Lessons learned; When riding Double Black Diamond Downhill runs Wear a full face helmet!
And use Restore and CBD to expedite the healing process!
Thank you CBD and Restore! I’m sure the Glow had a helping hand too! ….just look at the results!


RELIEF!!!!!!!! Restore for the win!!!!!!

I injured my back right before the end of last year and had two spots that were trigger points which continuously had a nagging ache.
Massage & chiropractor helped but still nagging ache.
I started taking this amazing product 2 weeks ago and those hot spots are gone!!!
Also the dark circles under my eyes are getting better.
So thankful!!!

I don’t even know where to start. I have been suffering with chronic pain for 20+ years. Had 2 neck fusions, TMJ surgery, shoulder pain, carpal tunnel surgery, gallbladder removed, esophagus surgery, appendix removed , hiatal hernia repair, you see the pattern here?
My diagnosis is auto immune issue( no real diagnosis) disc disease, unknown arthritis, fibromyalgia, nerve pain from spinal cord damage ( one of my surgeries) and so on…
I have never had complete relief in all these years pills, surgery, acupuncture, physical therapy, injections, massage, traction, until now!! PLEASE READ THIS …UNTIL NOW!
With RESTORE I have no pain in my neck and shoulders, no pain in my back, my joints feel so much better and this is only after taking RESTORE for 5 days! I have tears of joy!
I am so glad I gave this a try!

About a month ago I gave a testimonial how Life was helping with my back pains and I was feeling so much better and changing my life.
Well, RESTORE has totally changed my life!!! From 2 major car accidents over 25 years ago I have bulging discs in neck and back and Over the years I developed arthritis in my neck, scar tissue, pinched nerves.
I have sciatica, right knee pain. I have been in severe pain everyday of my life for about 15 years and have learned to tolerate it but it has stopped me from doing a so many daily things and missing out.
I am happy to say that I have ZERO neck pain, my back is feeling 90% better, haven’t felt sciatic or knee pain in weeks. This has made me more activev and I am so excited for what my future activities will be.
Thank you to Tranont And the Loomers for coming into my life.

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6 thoughts to “Tranont Product Reviews – RESTORE Health”

  1. I’m particularly overwhelmed by the Rhumatoid Arthritis testimony! This patient claims that it has helped them clear inflammation and they are on the 5th bottle now. This is clear evidence that the product really works. I have someone who is suffering from anxiety and I hope taking one of your products will help get rid of that forever! Thanks for introducing the money-making aspect! I’d be interested to partake in it.

  2. Has it is fondly said health is wealth, and been healthy is key to ever other thing, I found this product recovery very helpful and useful for everyone, it as a lot of healthy benefits, I will love to get this product for myself and my grandma who complain of arches. How do I get to place an other?

    1. Health is Wealth, you got that right! You can go to the site directly and make your purchase.

      If you would like, I could recommend a pack for you to try.

  3. I love the testimony from Patrick Smith, the ability of Restore to have helped the healing process withing 48 hours is alarming. Vitamin C supports fast healing, with the presence of enzymes that can easily break down protein into amino acids for quick absorption by the body systems. This really points to why Restore will be helpful at building body tissues and relaxing inflammation in the body tissues. Thanks for this, it will be useful for my family 

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