Tips For Building A Successful Online Business in Hawaii!

6 Steps to Building your Online Business

1 List down all skills & accomplishments or things I’m good at

– What skills can I easily & quickly monetize

– What can I teach someone

2 Who is my ideal client / dream customer

– What do they need help with?

– What are their pain points?

– What results can I give them?

– How can I help them?

3 Competitor Research / Funnel Hacking

– Model after people who are already successful in my niche & already have the results I’m looking for

4 Create content & document your journey

– Position self as expert & authority in your space

– Build a brand by sharing valuable & relatable content

5 Create a lead magnet / Build list

– 1 lead magnet to lead into high ticket offer

– Free Ebook, free training / course

6 Offer 1st round of people a discount or free offer

– Get testimonials & results for free

– Show people you can get results


9 Steps to Finding your Niche

1. Do you have any hobbies you’re really good at that you can teach someone else to do?

– Dog training

– Photography

– Music

– Yoga

– Art

2. Do you have expertise in your job that you can share with someone who’s interested?

– Writing

– Design

– Technology

– Counseling/Coaching

– Finance

3. Do you have a background or story that would be interesting to other people?

– Weight loss

– Finding love

– Building a business

– Parenting

4. Is there a bestselling book/tv show out there on a topic that you could expand on with your own expertise or experience?


5. Do you currently sell a physical product that could be amplified by info products like ebooks, courses, masterclasses?


6. Pick a software or existing product to affiliate for…

– ClickFunnels

7. What core market does your idea fit into?

– Health

– Wealth

– Relationship

– Happiness

8. What submarket niche does your idea fit into?


9. What offers are currently working in the market right now? Make a list of 10 people in the submarket you want to go into.


3 Steps To Finding Your “Dream Customer!”

#1 Who is my ideal client?

Create or find a product or service that will actually help them…

⇨ Who do you want to serve?

⇨ What do they look like?

⇨ How do they act?

⇨ What are they doing?

Get super crystal clear on who this is for you!

#2 Where are they hiding?

⇨ Where are they spending their time on the internet?

⇨ Which Social Media platforms?

You see, it’s NOT about creating traffic, it’s about finding the existing traffic streams that are already happening.

#3 Who has already congregated my dream customers?

⇨ Blogs, Email Lists, Facebook Groups, Community Forums

⇨ What Influencers do they follow?

⇨ Where are all the places that they are already congregating?

Remember, you don’t need to create traffic.

Just find it, get in front of it, & start throwing your hooks.


6 Steps to Presenting your Story

  1. Background (age, education, grew up etc)
  2. What were you doing before this business.
  3. Ad a climax moment or rock bottom moment. Or breakthrough moment.
  4. What is your why? Why did I join this biz.
  5. Your Accomplishments
  6. Where you’re going, mission and vision

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