The “Secret Sauce” To Making More Affiliate Sales In 2020!

If you are an Affiliate Marketer or just someone looking to get more people to buy what you’re promoting online, keep reading because this is the number one tool/resource you’re going to need to crush it online and make more commissions in 2020.

I’ll also tell you the biggest reason most Affiliate Marketers fail and don’t ever make a penny online.

This is actually not a secret because every decent online marketer who is actually making money right now is implementing some sort of sales funnel, but for those who aren’t utilizing ClickFunnels, trust me when I say that this is the Game Changer for your biz!

The “Secret Sauce”

I’ve been a customer/user of ClickFunnels for the last 3 years and primarily use it to make a lot of money as an Affiliate Marketer for other companies.

More recently though, I’ve been focused on teaching other people just like you how to create their first sales funnel from scratch even with zero experience because I truly believe it’s the most essential tool for any online business owner regardless of your niche or industry.

It’s so simple to use… but please don’t confuse simple with easy. Simple just means it’s pretty straightforward. Easy means that you don’t have to work.

Understand that you do need to put in work in order for this to happen, but set up the perfect sales funnel and watch your business sky rocket to the moon.

“My biggest breakthrough”

In 2017, with a single Facebook AD video and perfect sales funnel, I generated over $14K in revenue over a one month span.

In 3 months, I made over $93K in sales, earning me a top spot as one of the youngest Top Income Earners for a previous Affiliate Company I used to be a part of.

That was my biggest breakthrough online. That was the moment when I realized the importance of having a sales funnel in place if you really wanted to scale your business to the next level.

This allowed me to systemize my business so that I could have more time to myself and more customers and sales to my business. All I needed to focus on was sending traffic and letting the funnel do it’s magic. It’s like having the best sales person that’s not actually a person.

So, what is ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels is an online software that helps online entrepreneurs sell their products through an online sales funnel. If you’ve been online for a while now, I’m sure that you’ve probably heard of ClickFunnels.

It makes it simple and seamless for the customer to navigate through the buying and sales process.

There are so many ways you can utilize all of the tools and resources ClickFunnels offers.

Become an Affiliate for ClickFunnels

As an Affiliate Marketer myself, ClickFunnels probably has the most lucrative Affiliate Program on the internet.

They pay 40% monthly recurring commissions.

If someone becomes a customer of the start up plan, that’s the cheapest plan the ClickFunnels offers… that’s $97 / month. You get 40% of that which is $38.80

So you get $38.80 not just one time, but every single month that that person remains a customer, so you can see how easily a start up plan referral turns into $1000s overtime.

Now if someone signs up for the $297/month plan, you get $118.80 / month and over the course of the year, this is already well over $1000 per month from a SINGLE customer!

Another reason why I love high ticket sales is because you don’t need to get many sales to make a lot of income.

What I wish I knew when I was a newbie…

Once you start to learn more about online marketing and the process of buying and selling online, you’ll begin to understand why most Affiliate Marketers fail right off the bat, and it’s primarily because they don’t have a proper sales funnel.

Don’t make the same mistake I made when I first got started online. As an Affiliate Marketer, once you find a product or service that you want to promote, start cooking up some ideas on your messaging and really think about how you can create an irresistible offer your customer or target client can’t refuse.

Because why do people buy things?

They believe they are receiving more in return than what they’re paying, right?

Or else no one would buy anything.

Why do you need a sales funnel?

Truth is, no one is going to buy a $97 or even a $297 / month software simply from just clicking your link… and if for some miracle you do end up getting a sale trust me, you just got lucky.

And if that person does become a sale, chances are they’re not going to stay a customer for long because you just did not create the right sales funnel.

Don’t think that people are just going to buy the software or any product you’re promoting from a link… whether if you put it in your bio, in the description, or on a website and you really don’t have any process of helping that person understand the value of the software or product, you’re not going to get any sales.

Spamming your link = NO sales

Plain and simple. NO ONE is just going to click on your link and invest $100s of dollars out of nowhere.

Now it comes down to building a better mousetrap. Let’s look at the sales funnel like a mousetrap. It’s important because getting traffic to your links is just one part of the puzzle.

If you get 1000 people to click your affiliate link, but you get zero sales… which actually happens more often than you think… the problem is you might as well get zero clicks or zero traffic because if you’re not getting any sales, what’s the point?

Because at the end of the day it comes down to sales and conversions. It doesn’t matter if you get thousands and thousands of clicks or views, if you’re not getting sales, you’re not making money!

I would rather get just 100 clicks with 10 sales, than 1000 clicks and one sale.

How does it work?

Essentially how a Sales Funnel works is, instead of sending traffic to the company’s product page, you would send them to a landing page.

ClickFunnels actually specializes in creating and building landing pages, sales pages, etc…

The landing page is simply used to collect emails.

Usually to get someone’s email you must give them something in return. This is usually called a lead magnet. Now, a lead magnet can be a free guide, an ebook, a free course you created…

Why do you want that email?

The email is used to have a direct line of communication and to further build the relationship between you and that potential customer.

You see, most people don’t buy the first time around. On average, it takes about 7 interactions or instances before someone actually buys a product.

That means you have to get in front of that person 7 times, and how do you do that?

The best most efficient way is to create an email auto responder or follow up sequence.

Now why email marketing so important?

As mentioned it’s just to build a stronger relationship (rapport) and have direct line of communication.

But the best thing about email marketing is that you can fully AUTOMATE everything.

You can create a series of emails whether if its 10 emails, an email every single day for a calendar year, etc…

You can actually automate that and have an email sent to every new person who subscribes or opts into your email list through your landing page.

This will allow you to have more time to focus on marketing and building your business… because imagine if you had 1000 people opting in every day.

It would be impossible to email each one back and forth. I hope this makes sense.

The last thing to getting a sale is INCENTIVE (Bonuses)

If you can get someone to believe that what they’re getting in return is more than the money that they’re paying, then it’s a simple sale.

Because if you create an offer so irresistible


  • Im going to give you one on one email support
  • 30 minute consultation call ($500 value)
  • FREE Guide on how to get your first 5 ClickFunnels sales

Now if I give you all those things and it’s worth anywhere between $1000 and $2000 and I’m giving it to you for free, in exchange for your sign up to the software, then that is called incentive; throwing in bonuses, getting someone to want to join or want to buy it.


The best part about ClickFunnels is that there are so many opportunities to earn. I’ve been selling products and promoting affiliate offers through ClickFunnels for the last 3 years and still use it to this day.

I’ve learned about different strategies to help me build my brand and help others get started online or even just make it easier for any business owner to get more customers to actually buy something from them.

The 3 ways to make money with ClickFunnels is you can sell your own products or services, build funnels for other clients, or promote ClickFunnels as an affiliate.

I hope this blog helped you understand is the most essential tool or “secret sauce” for your business.

If you still have any questions regarding sales funnels, scaling and marketing your business, or anything pertaining to internet marketing, do not hesitate to reach out.

The best part about being a funnel hacker is seeing a business owner who had completely no idea of how the online world works, but by me just explaining the process of an online sales funnel, immediately it clicked.

Interested in creating your first funnel?

Sign up for the One Funnel Away Challenge! Learn More.

12 thoughts to “The “Secret Sauce” To Making More Affiliate Sales In 2020!”

  1. Wow!this looks quite really interesting to see here. I must say that you have really achieved a lot using the clickfunnels and your success rate is enough of a reason for anyone to believe in the use of clickfunnels. Thank you for a very detailed posy here and I’m sure to pit what I learnt in here into full practise. Thanks

  2. It’s good to get clear from the very start that this process is simple but not easy. It will require hard work and effort. And it’s natural that it’s that way.

    A point that has left me thinking and that may be the clue of my failure with funnels up to this point are incentives. Yes, we must learn how to master this topic! Thanks for mentioning it!

    1. May I ask why you say you have failed with funnels?

      Have you used ClickFunnels before?

      I too, was once lost and confused on how it all worked… and it wasn’t until I took on The One Funnel Away Challenge that I finally understood how to create a successful funnel.

      Feel free to check it out.


  3. Thank you so much for sharing us an amazing article. I Loved reading your article and this is an informative article I am sharing on my social media page so everyone can know about ClickFunnel and get a brief idea of how to get a customer through it. The main content of this article is ClickFunnel’s Secret to Affiliate Sales in 2020. Clickfunnels is the most talked-about software in internet marketing. ClickFunnels is a service that simplifies the creation of sales funnels, or tools that enable entrepreneurs to scale their businesses by attracting targeted leads and turning them into customers.

    Even if you are already using affiliates in your business, I bet you aren’t using click funnel to its full potential. Understand the value of an affiliate and spend time and money accordingly.

    1. I know what you mean.

      I’ve been using ClickFunnels for a while now, but mainly for the purpose of promoting other affiliate offers.

      I’ve just recently started dabbling in all the other aspects of ClickFunnels and I realized I’ve just been using 30% of the software.

      There’s so much more to it.

      Thank you!

  4. Hello. I want to thank you for sharing with us such an interesting article about ClickFunnels. You have put here some very helpful steps that can be useful for anyone who wants to create an online business through this. I think the answer to this question is here on your site. I will definitely try this and share it with my friends who have problems and difficulties in creating a successful business in ClickFunnel.So Thanks again and I can’t wait to read more posts like this. I must say thatThe Complete Guide to ClickFunnel is very helpful and informative. Good Luck!

    1. Het Sabrina,

      Thank you so much for your feedback and thank you so much for sharing with your friends.

      If they did want to get started with ClickFunnels, check out their “One Funnel Away” Challenge that happens every month and is pretty much an introduction to the ClickFunnels platform.

      For more on ClickFunnels, visit my other recent CF posts HERE:

      Thank you!

  5. Now I know that Sales Funnel works is, instead of sending traffic to the company’s product page, we would send them to a landing page. Click Funnels actually specializes in creating and building landing pages. Now I am building a stronger relationship and have direct line of communication. Thanks for your step by step help. I hope every will learn something new here.

    1. Thank you for you comment Lalita.

      If you ever need any assistance, do not hesitate to reach out.

      I look forward to your success.


  6. Hey There,

    What a fantastic blog on ClickFunnels, I must say, I have in the past clicked on many such email sign up pages and it is rather refreshing to understand the process from start to finish. 

    The layout of your blog did a nice job of breaking up what was a decent chunk of information to read through down into more managable pieces and the diagram you included certainly help simplify it.

    Some of the wording in the explanation did make me question whether or not I could in fact take this on myself as a source of income as it made me feel like it could potentially be a little unethical, but that could just as easily be how I’ve interpreted what’s been said.

    All in all, I thought it was very well put together and at very least, it’s peaked my interest.

    Kind Regards,

    1. Thank you Adam for your honest feedback and response.

      I do not feel ClickFunnels as unethical at all, because all the major business and successful entrepreneurs use use it from Tony Robbins, Gary Vee, Grant Cardone, etc…

      If you want to learn more about utilizing ClickFunnels into your business, I suggest checking out The One Funnel Away Challenge which pretty much introduces you to the entire platform.

      Let me know how it goes.

      Thank you!

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