The Most Important Generation | 1985 – 1995

The generation born between 1985 and 1995 is the most distinct in history.

This is why:

They are in the middle of two generations: the one before the internet and technology and the one after.

Our predecessors were old school and believed in hard labor. Working smart is what the generation following us believes in.

We witnessed everything: radio, television, Mario, Waptrick, Nokia, Nintendo 64, Samsung, iPhone, PS4, tape, CD, DVD, MIXit, MIG32, Netflix, Snapchat, Emojis, and virtual reality…

Simple emails requesting money or promising love have been used to defraud previous generations. The generation after us understands that having four emails is preferable: one for serious matters, social networking, financial transactions, and experimentation with things you don’t trust.

We are the generation that understands tradition and questions it, extracting what makes sense to us from it. Before us, no one asked any questions. After us, there will be no tradition.

We are the transitional period between the industrial and internet eras. We have firsthand knowledge of both sides. We should be in charge of the entire globe! The old guys don’t comprehend what’s going on any longer, and the young people aren’t sure where it all started.

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