The Chillin Chameleons NFT Project (Review)

Aloha guys!

I am so excited to announce the official launch of the Chillin Chameleons NFT project happening in less than 10 days.
One of the main founders, Darren Fryer, is someone I personally know from Maui and he is big time in the online space!
I recently found an interest in NFTs and learning everything I can because I’ve noticed so many people making a shit ton of money flipping NFTs… and I know how important it is to get in early!!

Meet the Founders!

Founders Bios

Kellan serves as the Chief Executive Officer and is the man with a plan. He helps with marketing outreach to get the right influencers, budget organization, brand development, and most important boosting morale. Along with his massive following on Youtube, Instagram, and Tiktok: he has helped create long term partnerships with major nonprofit organizations such as Pro2tect.

Darren Fryer is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, skim boarder and lives for the ocean. With a passion for the water and the power of liquid therapy, he’s developed an innovative nonprofit, Pro2tect, that joins the two worlds of technology and ocean conservation.

Matt & Tyler – Matt and Tyler both serve as our Project Managers. They are both experienced with blockchain technology and NFTs. They created one of the first community tools for the NFT space and have worked on other NFT projects in the past.

Nell is an artist born and raised in Chicago. He grew up in a single parent household with nothing but his sketchbook. After years of hard work and sacrifices made in his personal life, he now serves as the Chief Design Officer. Through his talented art pieces he is looking to inspire the next generation of designers.

Sam currently serves as the President/Chief Financial Officer. He has a background in finance with experience in blockchain consulting. When he is not playing basketball, he is helping to organize all marketing, finance, legal, and tech operations. Other than being a discord admin, he also helps run all social media accounts and is an influencer.

Oscar serves as the VP of Operations, he has a background in business, sales, marketing and finance. He helps with brand development, marketing, internal works and is a discord moderator for the Chillin Chameleons.

WATCH this video! >> Biggest NFT Project of the Year!!!

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Chillin Chameleons are here to bring unity and create a more sustainable environment.
We aren’t like other NFT projects, we are backing a non-profit organization called @pro2tect.
They are dedicated towards turning trash into renewable energy.
A portion of all money raised will be given towards @pro2tect in order to help raise the quality of life for all!


Chillin Chameleons is not just about unique art & community, our mission goes beyond that.

We are proud to be partnered up with @pro2tect in order to fight the global plastic problem we are facing. The increase in plastic waste and inadequate disposable solutions is a problem which is affecting our environment.

@pro2tect takes full advantage of the most innovative technologies to deal with ocean waste. @pro2tect has plans of installing the first Pyrolysis plant in Hawaii to turn plastic into biofuel.

As the world of blockchain technology grows, we have plans to develop our project with more NFT drops in the future, creating more resources for them.

With the help of numerous influencers who are supporting our cause, we have a reach of over 20 million people.

This can all be made possible with the contribution of our Chillin Chameleon community. A community that is based around unity and giving back!

Featured on Yahoo! FINANCE

Dubbed “The NFT that will change the world!”
Chillin Chameleons is the definition of change, it’s starts right here with us!

“While cleaning the oceans and beaches is crucial for the ecosystem, founder Darren Fryer of Pro2tect plans to take it a step further. With a goal of installing the first Pyrolysis plant in Hawaii, their innovative efforts will disrupt the paradigm of what a sustainable environment should look like. It is all possible because of the contributions of the Chillin Chameleons community–a community passionate about the world’s oceans.” – Yahoo! Finance

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Chillin Chameleons Roadmap

Here is the current Roadmap of the Chillin Chameleons project!
This roadmap will evolve and there are plenty of other ideas and goals that will be added by our Chillin Chameleon Community. Remember, we aren’t just another NFT. We are here with a purpose, we are here to bring unity, we are the definition of giving back!

Pre-launch (Active)

Community growth and spreading awareness is our top priority
– Work with numerous influencers to spread the word about our project and our mission with Pro2tect on social media: Twitter, Tiktok, Instagram.
– Multiple giveaways for our discord members and social media followers leading to our launch.
– Meme creating, Chameleonaire fan art creation contests.

 Phase:1 Launch (TBD)

Chillin Chameleons Minting Process:
10,000 Chillin Chameleons will be launched at a floor price of 0.08 ETH.
– Collection is expected to sell out within the first day of launch.
– More details coming soon.
Exclusive Pro2tect Merchandise for holders
– Every Chameleon buyer will receive a PDF on how to live a more eco-friendly life provided by our partner Pro2tect.
– Once 50% of chameleons are minted a select number of chameleon holders will qualify to receive a merchandise item from Pro2tect’s Eco Store.
Hawaii Ocean cleanup/vacation giveaway!
– Once all NFT’s are minted a giveaway will be hosted in which 10 lucky Chillin Chameleon holders will be picked to win a free trip to Hawaii to help Pro2tect with beach clean-ups and have a good time.


When you purchase a Chillin Chameleon, you are entered into winning 1/10 slots to come to Maui, Hawaii with our team for a 2 day trash clean up and a 4 day vacation once our project is %100 sold out!!

One of the days, Darren and @pro2tect have rented the biggest yacht in the whole state of Hawaii for one of those days!!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an NFT? If you’re a newbie in this space, please check out my blog explaining what an NFT is…

When are the Chillin Chameleons dropping? The date for the drop is to be announced soon.

Will there be a pre-sale? No, there will be no pre-sales.

How much will a Chillin Chameleon cost? The price of a Chillin Chameleon will be 0.08 ETH.

How many different attributes do Chillin Chameleons have? Chillin Chameleons will have over 180 attributes.

How will I be able to mint a Chillin chameleon? You will be able to mint a random chameleon on our website once the collection releases. (website coming soon) checkout the mint guides for more info.

What type of wallet will I need to purchase Chillin Chameleons NFT? Metamask is our recommended wallet to use to purchase your Chameleon, we will provide more details of this process as we approach our launch date.

What is the max amount of Chillin Chameleons I can mint? When the drop occurs you can mint however many you’d like. However, this may change depending on gas fees.
What type of token is a Chillin Chameleon? Chillin Chameleon is built on the Ethereum blockchain; it is not its own token. Our team is working on providing more gaming integrations to these NFTs and many more drops for the future!
What is pro2tect? Pro2tect is a Hawaiian based non profit company known as the most innovative ocean conservation company in the world.

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4 thoughts to “The Chillin Chameleons NFT Project (Review)”

  1. Oh wow, how interesting to find that there is actually a NFT that will tackle the huge environmental problem of plastic waste. I am always looking for eco friendly products and know ocean and plastic waste is being used to make shoes and clothes, but we need more than that. Pro2tect, with Chillin Chameleons, certainly sounds as if they are doing the right thing to help the planet. I would love to know where I can invest in the project. Thanks. 

    1. Aloha. Thank you for commenting. You can join the discord group where you can get access to all the announcements and giveaways. Seems like you are already familiar with NFTs. That is awesome!

  2. Though I can confess I’m very much uninformed on all things NFT, converting ocean waste to reusable energy is welcome any other time. Such innovations if even partially successful can really change ocean life and by extension life on land. I remember a little while back reading a report on the amount of waste dumped into the ocean every year. It’s in the tonnes! I’ll make a point of visiting the link you’ve posted on what NFTs are.

    1. Yes, it’s a lot! This NFT project is going to help change the world, especially here in Hawaii.

      Thank you for checking it out. Please do let me know what you think and if you have any questions!

      Cheers brother.

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