Six Traits That All World-Class Leaders Have!

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Here are the 6 TRAITS all world-class leaders have that allow them to command loyalty and attract success everywhere they go.


There’s just so much to talk about being a leader… a really great one.

Someone who really embodies the definition of the words: legacy, success, impact, influence, power, and most of all… humility.


You see, every great leader was a dreamer!


If you can’t See riches in your imagination you will never see them in your bank Balance!

That’s why I keep dreaming every single day… when I wake up, after a meeting, when I’m dozing off when I eat… and before I sleep.

But for me, what really makes a leader great, is his ability to sell their dreams to win people’s hearts.


There are probably millions of blogs around already, and I’m not here to write this to compete with any of them…

I’m here to share with you what we look for in a great leader that I know will succeed… even in the face of trials.


Here’s the real deal: there are two types of leaders in my mind:




For me personally, a fake leader is someone who wants to be a leader for the wrong reasons.

They have the wrong mindset which I can immediately see in the way they treat their team members, their employees, and other people.


And I have to say, it is kind of sad.

Because all they see is the recognition, the fame, the impact, the pride, the honor, and all that great stuff…

But what they don’t see, is that real leaders are there hustling when nobody else is looking…


More than that, real leaders learn how to lead their own lives before they even think of leading the lives of other people.

As someone who has inspired leaders to become leaders…

I’ve seen through experience what it takes to become a leader that will make a legacy, a mark, and a memory of the things that they were able to build for the betterment of a better tomorrow.


After seeing how much recognition, pride, contribution, honor, and impact great leaders around the world


Are you looking to become a leader for the right reasons?

You’d never think that one of the most veteran FOREX and STOCK traders ll the other members excites you.


Attributes of leaders

1. Courage 

In my eyes, courage and leadership are inseparable.

Why? – Because being a leader means you need to LEAD, meaning you’re the guy (or gal) who thinks of big bold moves… and actually doing it.


If you didn’t realize by now, that takes courage.

Don’t know what courage is? It’s actually quite simple, it’s basically just the ability of a leader to NOT CRUMBLE under adversity…

To still make intelligent decisions, even when things don’t go according to plan, and when things start going the other way around.


Here’s the truth:

We live in a world where people love to keep blaming everyone else but themselves… which is why they’re not cut out to be leaders.

You know what I really love seeing in a leader? – The moment he sees and recognizes that he’s in the wrong, and that takes courage.


If you look back since the history of mankind, you’ll start to see that the more risk people are able to comfortably tolerate in their lives, the more success they get to experience.

It takes courage to start a business…

It takes courage to put your content out there…

it takes courage to compete, and

it takes courage to trust people again.


So here’s the bottomline: Do you want to be a leader?

If your answer is yes, take a deep look into yourself and see if you have the courage worthy of a leader than can make anything happen.


2. Self-control

Here’s something obvious I want to point out, there is no human being on this planet that isn’t encountering temptations every single day.

And that’s especially true here in the modern world.


In my eyes, there’s two types of people on the planet when it comes to handling temptations:

Those who give in to their distractions and temptations

And those who are able to have singular focus on what they need to do to keep doing what they need to do…


It’s pretty obvious that negative things happen to people who end up falling prey to their temptations again and again.

But then again, being a leader is quite simple, but nobody in the world said it was easy…

When a leader is able to continually focus his attention and actions towards achieving a goal, great things happen.


3. Keen sense of justice

Here’s another obvious fact…

As a leader on this planet, you’re not leading robots… you’re leading real human beings that have feelings.

Your friends

Your family

Your workmates

Your followers



And the perfect way to make everyone’s head boil with an absurd amount of tension within the team… is to treat people unequally.

By making them feel like they’re NOT getting what they deserve.

The perfect recipe for disaster is to have favoritism in your team. That’s why it is very important…


That a leader constantly looks at himself/herself to see if opportunities are given to those who deserve it… and no favoritism is taking place.


One of the biggest reasons why in my opinion why a leader isn’t fair, just, equal, and transparent… is because of personal reasons.

At the core intentions of the leader himself/herself.

The moment a team leader drops personal desires and focuses on seeing everyone win…


Fairness becomes a byproduct of the winning mindset of a real leader.


4. Definiteness of decision 

Do you know the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, and billionaire serial entrepreneur – Mark Cuban?

If you do, would you agree that he’s a great example of what a real leader should be?


In my opinion, my answer to that would be a BIG YES.

You see, when Mark opens his mouth… he creates certainty because he NEVER waits for the perfect answer to make a decision.

That is what it means to have definiteness of decision.


If there’s one thing I know that is holding us back from making decisions, always looking for a safer path… it’s PERFECTIONISM.

But you see, great leaders understand that indecisiveness will cost money, time, and even lives…

The clock is ticking, and your competition won’t wait for you.


Did you really think that Mark Cuban became a billionaire because he kept waiting for the right answers? – Of course not.

When I see a leader that leads with courage, making decisions even without the presence of a perfect answer… I know that leaders will go places.



5. Definitiveness of plans

100% of the time, all of the great leaders that I know have a clear goal, they have a clear starting point, and most of all…




Imagine you’re the captain of a ship, you’re tasked to take it across the Atlantic like the titanic…

And you have no plan for:

What if an iceberg hits you

You run out of food, gas, power

A passenger is in danger

And everything else that might happen…


What do you think will happen? – I can’t even describe it.




Why? – because it eliminates the guesswork.

The funny thing about having a plan, is that you don’t have to be the sharpest mind on the planet…

All you really have to do is to just follow the plan. If you can’t outsmart your competition, you outplan them.


When I have my expert trader coaches on IM Mastery are showing the new traders how to trade.

They don’t just give our newbie traders some instructions to start clicking as many buttons as they can in hopes for the best.

They give a TRADING “PLAN” that they can follow. And because of that, our newbie traders now feel 10x safer, and are 10x more profitable.


6. Habit of doing more than paid for…

I see business like it’s playing a sport…

I see every single one out there as competition, and one of the ONLY PROVEN ways to beat competition… IS TO OUTWORK THEM.


You see, there is a big difference between employees who just follow what they’re told to do, and beg for their paycheck to come in…

And entrepreneurs who can build and scale dream-teams that keep making more money, more impact, and more results.

Why? – Because if a client paid them to do 10hrs worth of work, they do 15, or even 20hrs worth of work.

Not just to impress their clients, but to keep beating themselves every single time.


These are the people who you see go from zero to millionaire in under a year.

These are people who deliver results for clients and get connected to people quickly than people who just keep doing what they’re paid for.


Here’s something to help you understand:

Imagine you’re trying to light a bonfire at night…

Do you expect the fire to go bigger first before you put in more wood? Or do you think it’s the other way around?

Yes, it’s the other way around…


You put in more wood, and then the fire being bigger will naturally come as a byproduct of you putting in more work than needed.

The fire goes bigger, and the more people see the fire from miles away.

Being a great leader is no different… It’s about doing more work than what was asked for.

But for most people, they just want to become the leader to sit on a throne and order people around as they like…

In my eyes, that is now what a leader should be thinking, because he should be coming from a place of serving and contribution.


To sum it all up, those are the 6 biggest traits that I think create a leader that attracts and creates success wherever they go…

It’s as if they’re a walking magnet of positivity, performance, results, and success in all areas of life.

Sure, there are more traits that you can find in all great leaders…

But in my opinion, the 6 traits that I mentioned above are what hit home for me.

And here’s something you might not know of…


Being a leader doesn’t happen by accident…

It happens when you’re around leaders as well.

One of the things that I share with my team members in team LFG are the 6-step that I take to always hit my goals as a leader.

Warning, contrary to what almost everyone is doing wrapping what they do with flowery words and pixie dust…

I’m going to share the exact steps that I go really deep into with my legendary team members in team LFG… without the fluff.


So here’s my 6 “not-so-sexy” steps to achieve any goal that you want as you grow to become a better leader:

1. Fix the exact amount you desire! Definitive amount

2. Exactly what you intend to give in return

3. Establish a date

4. Create a plan

5. Write a clear concise statement.

6. Read your written statement aloud twice a day


A leader is a person who leads people, pretty much straightforward.

But a great leader is a leader who inspires people to become leaders in their own lives as well.

And that’s exactly what happens to people who were once insecure at a point in the life…


Only to make a massive comeback building multi-million dollar businesses.

It’s not because they randomly stumble upon a pill that made them 10x smarter, they were just hanging out with the right people.

And that’s what I’ve been doing for so long, that I started to build my own tribe of leaders as well.


People who don’t just lead like everyone…

But people who can lead teams that can make a boatload of money using today’s incredible technology.


If this is something that you know you’ve always wanted to get into…

But you’ve just been so confused with the overwhelming conflicting information out there…

Then I invite you to join me and all the other ambitious action takers and leaders-in-the making on Team LFG.


We’re a team, a family, and most importantly, a movement composed of dedicated traders who have one goal:

TO INSPIRE THE INNER LEADERS hiding inside of everyone around the world.

If the thought of being part of an extremely driven and passionate team where you get to hang out with me and all the other members excites you.

That’s all I got for you, see you on my next blog!

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