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Share your story… it could someone’s survival guide! Lead the way.

Be the light.  You may have experienced this too, READ MORE!


Reflecting back on life in quarantine.

With all the negative stuff you see on social media, & with nothing really to do, going through the same cycle everyday, you know…

Something I don’t usually pay attention to, but just completely took over… I literally l started consuming all of that negativity on everyone’s news feeds & then of course I started to think negatively…

Because remember guys… WHAT YOU FOCUS IN GROWS!

And so all this FEAR just starts growing in my brain, I guess my body & my thoughts took hold of that fear & I was consumed by so much  anxiety & feelings I really could comprehend.

This was a type of Anxiety & Fear I have never felt before… it started to grow & grow & build up so much that I was so afraid of even stepping outside my house… or talk to someone outside!


You see, only those who have experienced what you experience truly understand what you’re going through.

Only those who have experienced this type of chronic anxiety know what it feels like to be fearful for your life for NO REASON!

And I didn’t understand that before with those who have, & I was not conscious or aware of how they were truly feeling at the time…

But now I understand & I want to share my story to help those who are going through the same thing cuz man, it is Mental Battle that is hard to get yourself out of.


Once again, let me know if you can relate! I would love to hear your experiences… here for you.


2 thoughts to “Share Your Story!”

  1. I think the global pandemic has effected all of us in a bad. We all have to adapt to this new normal that we lose the ability to spend time with our loved ones or participate in the concert or the huge gathering like we used to. 

    This pandemic has not been easy for me, I live in NYC and I had to work online everyday during the lock down. People may think that working from home is easy but for me the ability to just get out of the house and commute are something that I miss. I also ended up working more hours since I do not have to commute.

    Hopefully things will get better soon and we can slowly resume back to our normal life. I guess if you need to talk to someone, do it. This will help with the anxiety when you share your experience with someone. 

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