Residual Income On Steroids For Beginners Living In Hawaii!

Howzit going guys?


I didn’t believe it at first when my friends told me about this…

But today it’s one of the biggest reasons that I’m able to make money while I sleep.

It’s a NEW type of Passive Income on STEROIDS.


My students are already doing this,

and some of them are already starting to make money in weeks

And that’s them making money without really having to really know how to do what they’re getting into.


Wait, what? – Yep, I know, it sounds crazy doesn’t it?

It’s better than social media, It’s better than affiliate marketing.

And if you’re a beginner in the online space this is good news for you.


Why? Because it’s a lot easier and faster to make money doing this than e-commerce as well.

I know what you’re thinking:

“Ah, another get-rich-quick bullsh*t scheme.”

I get, I understand… It honestly does sound like BS.


In fact, I’ve been into so many of the BS out there that I’ve lost count how many times I tried to find a magic bullet.

but I soon discovered that this isn’t one of them. – IT WORKS.

Even if you don’t have the experience, prior knowledge, or business skills to even begin.



If it didn’t work for me and my students, I’d say yes… it’s another bullsh*t scheme too.

But thankfully, it works really well, and it is very real.

And, it’s ok if you think that it’s all BS.

I also can’t count how many times I’ve heard of something like this before only to discover that it was all BS.


But when I discovered how many of my friends were doing it, I felt conflicted and excited at the same time.

It made me so excited that I had to film a new TikTok video to express how epic I felt…


Here’s something that’s even crazier:

Some of them weren’t entrepreneurs, never started a business, and had no idea how to do what they were doing.

But they WERE making money.

“What a load of crap, what kind of scam is this?” I said to myself.

But when I did more research into what was really going on…

I discovered that I was becoming a part of THE BIGGEST EDUCATIONAL platform in its space right now.

And now, they are growing so much faster than any industry because of the massive influx of online traffic.


The reason why it’s so much more effective for anyone right now is you get to leverage from the effort of other people.

People who actually do know what they’re doing.

If you start doing this,

you’ll be like me and my folks inside TEAM LFG piggybacking on people who are doing the hard work so we don’t have to.


I’m kidding, we do work hard, but not as much on this type of business.

If you think self-made millionaires really are self-made millionaires doing everything by themselves, you’re dead wrong.

Millionaires become millionaires because they know how to piggyback on people who know what they’re doing.

THEY INVEST IN TALENT. That’s what you get to do in this new type of “PASSIVE INCOME on steroids”.
So let me ask you a question…

Now that it’s finally available to normal everyday people…

Isn’t it finally time that you learn how to do it as well? (excluding the paying the people part)


P.S I’m curious, I haven’t been super active on what people have been up to for the past few months since I was focusing on my own little world.

What are you currently working on right now to create PASSIVE INCOME?

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