Misconceptions Of Working Online!

Are currently working online?
Want to learn but don’t know where or how to start?
Have you tried to try something online before but never found success?

This year should have been the year you started honing in on different online skillsets that will help you survive the next lockdown… the next Pandemic

But I totally get it… one of the biggest reasons why there’s a lot of misconceptions about working on the internet is because most people who get started or try to learn, never really understand what marketing actually is

That it’s not just about spamming links all over the place or a thing you invest in & POOF, money comes out… AND that’s what most people make it seem like… so that’s why there’s a perception that everything online is a scam… & no it’s not.

It’s about your skillsets that will allow you to provide a service or market a product that can help someone…

Because BUSINESS is simply, finding people with a problem, then you create or find a solution to that persons problem…

And I’m telling you this because when I first started, I didn’t even know what an Entrepreneur was…

I did not know anything about business, & so I was just pretty much going through the motions, doing what others were doing too…

However, I was able take advantage of what many marketers weren’t doing at the time… BEING REAL, getting in front of a video, & learning actual marketing skills such as Facebook ads, Email Marketing, Building Sales Funnel for their products, etc…

That’s why I feel most people don’t succeed… because most mentors teach you to go & send your links to everyone, & that’s not a business!

Business is all about testing, trial & error, & figuring things out because if you don’t, your business will fail.
You’re in charge.
Not anyone else.

If you are looking for ways to Make Money Online during this Pandemic, please reach out. I have different ways that I am diversifying income right now & I can lead you on the right path

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Thank you for reading!

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