It’s Okay If They Don’t See Your Vision!

This was a test from God.

Stay away from these people… The people who listen to speak, not to understand.


Bro, if you read this… I’m sorry, but I guess we just don’t align… we see life through different perspectives & it’s okay…

I’m on a different vibration than you, & I cannot let that talk make me feel as if I had to justify myself for having anxiety or feeling a certain way & doing certain things that you have no idea about.

My vision is much brighter than what you see, & it’s okay.

I wish you all the best on your life’s journey.

I’m going my own path & leaving all that judgement & negativity behind, & not looking back! Stay blessed.


Howzit going guys,

So I just got off a phone call that rubbed me the wrong way.


Guys, I’m someone who takes notes of everything!

Call that I think are going to be valuable or are important to me, I make sure I takes notes so I don’t miss anything.


Here’s the story.

There’s this guy, an old friend I guess you could say…

And he’s always been the type of person who was always so critical & still is to this day… someone who always takes things out of context, & although he may not see it, one of the most judgmental & opinionated type of person I’ve ever met in my life & there’s a reason why I disassociated myself from him a long time ago!


I’m sure that’s not his intention, but it’s honestly been his personality & attitude since I first met him.

Anyways, we became friends on Facebook recently, & I had posted a video promo of our Empowering Leaders Recap from the Miami Retreat a couple weeks back.


He messages me & asks, “what is the purpose of this video?” & so I tell him that it’s simply a promo video for our project with Jason Stone.

And then he asks me to talk stories… thinking maybe he was interested in learning forex of whatever we were doing.


So today, he calls me.

Then he refers to the Mental Health Awareness video where I poured out my heart… And this is what he says.

First thing he tells me, “So what’s wrong with you?”

“What kind mental problems you going through?.. All I see was you crying in the video?”


“I talk to a lot of my friends & YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE CRYING…”

“What is this I hear about you being fake on social media & scamming people?”

And I’m just in Aweee!

As if there was no empathy or compassion whatsoever… if he thought he did, I felt more attacked than anything.


When I start telling him about what I’ve been going through during the Pandemic, he cuts me off & he asks me what about the pandemic that made you feel this way? As if I had to justify myself for having these issues with myself.


You know sometimes, you just feel a certain way for no reason & that’s what I mean by he didn’t get it.

Then he starts telling me how he’s good, & how I should be coping with whatever Im going through lol.

Very straightforward!


And as I’m explaining myself, I started to talk about my anxiety & how I was simply trying to let stuff out & share my message to inspire others to be vulnerable & alla that…

He starts talking about how he talks to so many of his friends & they all go to him for advice and stuff… & really, he should not be the one giving advice because he never really experienced what people are going through.

He thinks he does, but the more we talked, the more I realized he really doesn’t understand.

Ughhhh! Lol.


Here’s the thing guys, whatever you’re going through, it’s hard to talk about chronic anxiety with someone who has never experienced severe & chronic anxiety… or any problems you have!

It’s no sense trying to explain it to them because they just haven’t gone through it!


Then he tells me, “You can share all you want, but I would still go & see a Mental Health Therapist than come to you!”

I laughed because why would you even say something like that?

I just told him of course, & I never claimed I was one, I was simply opening myself up to those who are going through similar challenges, so they can find the courage to do the same.

He just didn’t get it!

And kept saying but yea, because you didn’t go to school for 8-10 years I wouldn’t trust you with my problems.

I think that one was the one where it really set me off inside.

Deep down I just wanted to tell him off, but I now come from a place of peace & calmness so I kept to myself.


Then we start talking about Purpose in life…

He shares that he wants to have a simple life & he’s okay working a 9-5, & that I shouldn’t WANT MORE because I’m going to constantly keep chasing more & never be satisfied.

In a way, he’s correct!

However, you should never settle, & he had settled a long time ago…

That blew my mind.


You know, it’s okay that he’s content, if that works for you!

But I am striving for more for me & my family.

So I tell him I want to retire my parents & give the the freedom to not worry about working anymore because I don’t want them to work till they’re 65.

I want them to be able to do whatever they want in life.


Directly, he asks me “Did you actually talk to them face to face & ask them if they want to travel? If they don’t want to work? Did you have that conversation with them?”

It’s like even if I didn’t, I’m sure they would want that lifestyle.

So he tells me, his parents are 61 & 59 I think it was, & that he asked if they wanted to retire & they said n0!

And that’s great if they don’t, but I know my parents also would love the opportunity to go travel & not need to struggle.


Honestly, I really didn’t ask, because I just don’t relate.

That was when I knew, okay this is gonna go way south because instead of hearing me out, he was telling me as if I should live life like his…


I really didn’t appreciate how he kept interrupting me & instead of me sharing, he was TELLING me why I should & shouldn’t feel a certain way or do things a certain way.

You know those people you just don’t vibe with?

It’s okay!


Lastly, he brought up again the promo video with Jason Stone & he was very critical about it because he understands video & I guess he didn’t like what was portrayed… but it was simply a video.

He didn’t like that it was people partying & wanted to understand the message behind the video, & I told him to hype our team up & it was a damn RECAP of that weekend.

He was taking things so out of context & it was erking me so much…


Because then he starts talking about he knows videos, & he understands sounds & he can manipulate people with videos & why videos are important & how every video has a story.

And that because the video had hip hop music, and lambos & stuff that that’s not what he’s into.


I honestly felt compelled to explain it to him haha I can’t even.

Like if you watch a cat video, is there supposed to be a story? Lol.


As much as I tried to explain myself, I realized why do I need to?

If he doesn’t get it, he doesn’t get it.

He constantly raves about how he’s not on social media, & so what makes him think that he actually knows whats going on in my world?


He doesn’t understand that I am an internet marketer & social media marketer & so I use social media as a tool, for my business.

Then he tells me a story about his uncle or something doesn’t have a social media & how he thinks & everything & that’s great, but I had to remind him again… I work online!!!

I don’t know what his intention was, to pick at me & kick me down when I was vulnerable…


It did bug me as I was speaking to him, but out of respect, I continued to listen.

Honestly, everything he was talking about was simply irrelevant because it’s nothing I haven’t heard before, from people who don’t relate.


Before we got off the phone, he tells me…

When do you want to speak again? You know what?

Text me or call me if you wanna talk…

If you don’t text or call me, then I know you don’t want to.


That right there my friends, was the last straw.

It’s just those people who are so into their heads, & they think they know what’s going on, but they are so oblivious…

Ego? Pride? I don’t know!


I knew that this was a test from God because I needed someone to judge me after I posted a video of me saying how I felt so afraid of being judged.

I learned to get over it!

I will always remember what my mom says.


Don’t care about people’s judgement, because they going judge anyways.

Whatever I’m doing, I’m doing for my family!


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