I Cannot Believe Kobe Bryant Is Gone! | Like Many, Kobe Was My HERO

The most precious thing in life, is LIFE.

Man! This just doesn’t make sense. How can this be? How can this happen?

Kobe is Superman. Kobe was just getting started.

As much as he had already accomplished, it was just a start to a brand new life after basketball that was fueled by his passion to inspire others to continue striving for more.

I Can’t Believe It!

As I sit quietly, crying, reading all of the news on Kobe Bryant’s tragic death, I just feel numb… so many emotions and of course, just so much gratitude towards him.

Kobe Bryant was my biggest role model and childhood hero growing up (alongside The Rock). The way he was able to entertain the crowd with his moves and his swagger. He was unlike any other; cut from a different cloth. Same animal, different beast!

I loved everything about Kobe, especially when it came to his mentality and just his greatness as a person and basketball player. No one worked as hard as he did and that’s one of the biggest traits I’ve been able to follow because of him.

[Needed to take a break…]

I just found out that his daughter Gianna was also killed in the crash. This is so devastating. I just cannot even imagine Kobe desperately in those last moments with his daughter helplessly knowing that you cannot do anything to save her… just blows my mind.

I’ve been crying for the past 2 hours.

There are 8 games in the NBA today and each one will pay tribute to Kobe! Everyone’s hearts are ripped open. It doesn’t matter if you hated Kobe, you still respected his work ethic and the way he was able to entertain the fans every single night.

Kobe knew how to entertain and put a show on for the fans. He was misunderstood a lot because he was just different and many people couldn’t relate, but Kobe worked on his craft and his determination to be great in basketball and in life as a father… I think that’s what people respected the most.

He was the guy I looked up to and the one who made me fall in love with the game.

I still remember watching the 2000 NBA Finals vividly as a kid, watching as the time ticked off the clock and the final buzzer sounded… Kobe jumps into Shaq’s arms and they embrace for their first NBA Championship… I remember that shit!

I am really just typing whatever is coming to my mind…

This is crazy! I’m still in disbelief.

My mom just texted me, I just spoke to my dad, I’m getting messages like crazy from people who knew how much I loved Kobe. I fricken loved that guy man!

I never even got to see him play!

But one thing I can do to pay tribute to him is to continue working as hard as him!

The reason why I’m motivated to wake up at 3:35am every morning is because I know that he would too! He talks a lot about doing things most people aren’t willing to do, and that’s how he got ahead of his competition, but more so how he was becoming better for himself.

I know that all my hard work is going to pay off. All the struggles and all the hardships in life, I just have to persevere through adversity and all of this will be worth it!

Bruh, I’ve literally watched and remembered every single Kobe highlight out there. Whenever I was bored, whenever I was sad, whenever I just needed to get inspiration, I would be watching Kobe Bryant videos. I grew up with this guy! I watched him grow up too! I wanted to be just like him.

[Another break…]

All he wanted was to inspire people to become the best that they can be. That’s Mamba Mentality! At the end of the day, it all comes down to the amount of focus you have to achieve your goals in life.

Kobe has been a part of my life so long, that’s my bro! And although many people disliked him, I admired his relentlessness in his discipline to become great at everything that he does.

He not just impacted the game of basketball, but inspired people from all around the entire Globe to strive for greatness.

His legacy will live on forever.

Thank You Kobe!

Been crying all day. Thank you for inspiring & entertaining us throughout the years… Your work ethic, dedication, passion, & relentlessness to become the best at everything you do will continue to inspire generations to come. #mambamentality lives on. thank you #Kobe  #enjoylife [As posted on IG]

The Next Day – January 27, 2020

I cannot believe I woke up and Kobe is no longer here. I wish it was just a bad dream. One thing that many people have been talking about was how no matter what you’re going through, his message is simply, “JUST KEEP GOING”.

He was always about the moment. No matter what happened before, look forward to becoming better, but always live in the moment.

Kobe was a God. How can he die? That’s how we’re all feeling and that’s why it hurts so much more. Someone we love and worship is gone… but rest assured his legacy will live on forever.

This still doesn’t feel real.

A year from now, it still won’t feel real!

He’s supposed to be immortal.

He cannot die.

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