How To Start A Blog And Make Money In Hawaii?

The finest thing I could have done in my life was to learn how to build a blog and generate money from it. Blogging is what altered my life and allowed me to routinely generate an extra $30k+ per month without the stress of other company strategies.

Is It Worth It To Start A Blog?

A blog is nothing more than a simple website. It takes 5 minutes to set up, only a few bucks per month to maintain, you receive a free domain with Wealthy Affiliate, and it’s something that will stay forever.

And the best part is that it provides consistent, steady income, even in uncertain times like these.

Here are some examples of people whose blogs/websites continue to provide financial stability even in times of chaos, such as the current COVID-19 situation:

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best web hosting companies in 2021, and you can build a blog for FREE!

1. Begin writing your blog

First and foremost, my buddies. Your website must be hosted by us. When it comes to discussing hosting, it’s basically like renting out a space on the internet for your blog to call home.

Wealthy Affiliate is my web hosting provider for, and they’ve been fantastic. My idiot of a brain couldn’t understand the most basic of things on numerous occasions, and they patiently guided me through the entire process, no matter how long it took me to understand, therefore I wholeheartedly recommend them.

2. Concentrate on gaining 1000 true fans.

The next phase in this procedure is to concentrate on gaining 1000 genuine fans. This is based on Kevin Kelly’s 1000 True Fan Theory, which argues that all you need is 1000 true fans to stop working.

Let’s use Michael Jordan as an example. Whenever he releases a new shoe, millions of people are so excited that they camp outside the store overnight and wait for it to open in the morning — all for a freak’n sneaker. They are so enamored with Michael that they are willing to wait all that time only to pay a few hundred dollars on a product that bears his name.

This is what you’ll need:

A true fan is someone who is so enamored with your work that they are willing to pay top dollar for everything you do.
You don’t need millions of fans like Michael to be successful; all you need are 1000 people who genuinely care about what you do.
Let’s take the case of a starving musician who only wants to play music. He or she only needs to locate 1000 people who are enthralled by their song. So much so that anytime this singer releases a new album, T-shirts, or a concert, a thousand people are eager to donate them $100.

Do you believe you’d be able to survive off of $100,000 a year?

And, if you’re wondering if you need to be a musical prodigy or a 6’6″ basketball great to make this work, the answer is no.

All you need to know is a smidgeon more than the next person, and BAM, you’re an expert in their eyes.

Here’s something to think about:

I had a dream of becoming an NBA player when I was 12 years old… or at the very least, making my middle school basketball team. I reasoned that if I could learn to jump higher or even dunk the basketball, all of my teammates would be peanut butter envious. I spent hours researching how a short, slender Asian boy might defy gravity on the internet.

Finally, I came across a man named Jacob Hiller. Just a regular person who enjoyed jumping and making videos about it. I binge-watched all of his videos while trying to figure out how to leap higher every day.

Then something unexpected happened.

Everyone who followed Jacob became addicted, roaring admirers who couldn’t get enough of him.

He reached out to his admirers one day and asked if they would buy a book on his secrets of jumping higher if he wrote one. Everyone agreed. The book was called the Jump Manual, and it cost about $67. I took my mother’s credit card and bought it without asking because I was a loyal fan.

Jacob’s $67 “Jump Manual” has now sold over 100,000 copies.

3. Produce content that provides a solution to a problem

So, just like Jacob, you should figure out what you’re passionate about and begin writing about it.

It will take a lot of time and effort, and it will feel like no one except your mother is reading your blog articles at times. Don’t give up. Give it a year before calling it a day, because 95% of individuals who start something end up quitting when things get a little tough. However, to live in a way that others cannot, you must do what others will not.

Years before anyone discovered his work, Jacob Hiller was shooting videos and writing blog posts. But the blog pieces and movies he created years ago are still bringing in over $1000 every day without him having to work. It’s all because he discovered his true supporters, a thousand of them.

So, consider this: is a year of hard effort with no results worth a lifetime of freedom?


Imagine what you can do with your passions if he can do it with only teaching people how to jump.

4. Encourage people to join your email list.

So you’re probably wondering how you’re going to communicate directly with all of these people. Building an email list is the most efficient method. When it comes to understanding how to establish a blog and make money, the email list is crucial.

For, I do it just like this:

I figure out what people want and make it into a bite-sized piece of knowledge that they can readily digest.
In exchange, I ask for people’s email addresses.
Then I give them amusing, valuable, and occasionally way too personal things about myself (which you already know if you’re on my list), all while recommending products that I believe will help them.

5. Provide a Product to Address the Issue

Your primary goal is to amass a following of 1000 loyal admirers. At initially, it’s more important to focus on growing your audience than it is to make money. Keep in mind that this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Don’t worry, even if you haven’t created your own product yet, you can still make money by promoting products in your field. Affiliate marketing is the term for this. Prior to selling your own products, focus on this for the first year while you establish your audience.

That was a doozey of a blog entry, to say the least. I hope you found this complete guide to “How to Start a Blog and Make Money” useful!

Making a blog and making money from it is both difficult and exciting. And now that you know everything there is to know about monetizing a blog, be ready for an exciting adventure.

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