How To Buy OMNI Coins?

What is OMNI

The first people-driven social network running on the blockchain network.

How to Buy OMNI Coins

You can purchase Omni Coin tokens on the open market at any cryptocurrency exchange where Omni Coin is listed.

And we are officially listed on PancakeSwap.

To purchase OMNI coins on PancakeSwap, follow this simple process:

1) Install MetaMask?

2) How to setup BSC on Metamask?

3) How to add other tokens to MetaMask?
( you will need to add the OMN Contract Address, provided below, to the Binance Smart Chain network, that you set up in the previous step )

4) How to use PancakeSwap with Metamask

PancakeSwap Link :

OMN Contract Address: 0xabc6790673a60b8a7f588450f59d2d256b1aef7f
Symbol: OMN
Decimal: 18

Great! Now you are all set, you can also follow our price chart on Dextools.

Don’t forget to check our Twitter channel for our latest news.

Introducing the 7 OMNI Pillars

OMNI is Freedom!

– From big tech companies who monetize you without giving you anything back
– Of speech, from being afraid, you will lose your account for expressing yourself

OMNI is Power!

– In getting rewarded for your time and efforts inside your Social Media
– To speak up your mind without getting de-platformed
– In being the valid owner of all the content you upload

OMNI is Control!

– Of your data so you can restrict it if you want
– In being able to monetize on your terms
– Of your content since now you are the actual owner

OMNI is an Opportunity!

– As an Influencer and Brand to connect via our Matching-Engine
– As a User to get rewarded for your time and effort inside the app

OMNI is Security!

– Of your data that is permanently protected
– Of your calls that are encrypted with the best technologies
– Of being in a fair space, where you’re genuinely valued and rewarded

OMNI is Privacy!

– Of your social data that is being encrypted with the best technologies
– To chat with your friends with complete end to end encryption
– From big tech companies that sell your data without giving you anything in return

OMNI is Ownership!

– Of your content, you are the actual owner now
– Of your data, so you can get appropriately rewarded
– Of your privacy, you decide how much to share

The first people-driven social network running on the blockchain network.


Stay tuned, coming soon…

Remember, you can start earning OMNI coins right now by just sharing this link with all your friends!



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