How To Become A Successful Network Marketer In Hawaii?

Get rid of your Limiting Beliefs!

Limiting Beliefs

Your new business will embarrass your friends & family.

You will go through periods of poor results that may make you question your choices.

Prospects will act as if they are doing you a favor by listening to you.

You will work your butt off trying to get people you sign up to take their business seriously.

You will reinvest your early profs back into your business to help you gather momentum.

You downlines will get tired & move on to other businesses, forcing you to almost start afresh.

They ask you, “If I register, will you put people for me?”

You consider quitting, but for the shame. Your friends & family had warned you that this wasn’t work.

You continue running events & little by little, the audience starts getting bigger.


Your downlines start getting serious & doing things on their own even without your inputs.

One day, you check your back office & you see registrations you do not know anything about.

Registrations from your downlines become more frequent & the pay from your company starts getting regular.

It now begins to appear that you are not an idiot after all. You walk with a light spring to your steps & you hold you head high again.

You get recognized with a rank & your Facebook Friends start taking you seriously.

You get an overseas trip award & you flood your timeline with pictures.

You start getting unsolicited comments from your friends.

You get a car award & your post gathers 500 comments. Some who told you it won’t work are calling you a go-getter & admiring your perseverance.

Your neighbors come to you & register, thinking its all a glamour & shine!

You introduce yourself as a Network Marketer wherever you go.

You log into your back office & get tired of expanding the downline tree.

You receive an alert one day & your phone shakes. These zeros plenty ooooo!

Network Marketing will place a demand on your consistency, but it’s so worth it!

It may take you a little time to build a network marketing business, but once it is built, it runs on auto pilot.

But boom, when you hit big, you hit big!

  • First of all you need to understand that it is YOUR business. Not your upline’s business. Everyone is an upline in a networking biz.
  • Your upline is also building his/her business. He/she is there for support and guidance.
  • When you don’t advertise your business, no one will know about your business and it won’t move forward.
  • Post your business on a daily basis; never quit. A closed shop doesn’t make sales.
  • Getting a NO is not the end of the world. Dont let it discourage you.
  • Make noise about your help business….it pays. Generally marketers earn a lot when they make noise about their business(sensible noise😄).
  • Present your business well…invite prospects to presentations/Seminar if you can.
  • Be willing to learn and show commitment. You are your downliners’ leader and it continues downward like that.
  • If you quit easily, you can never be trusted.
  • Remember this game is about networking…without people it will never work.



The biggest thing with network marketing & the way to succeed is to step out of your comfort zone & think about how you’re going to separate yourself from everyone else promoting the same thing…

  • It’s time to step out of fear & step into your greatness…
  • One of the greatest searches during this whole pandemic was “ how to work from home”
  • I truly have something that could bless someones life.
  • If you are dependent on peoples approval you will never be a 7 figure earner because you always want to please everyone.
  • It’s not about comparing, it’s about creating. Let’s all eat!

Laws of Building by The Hawaii Mentor

1. A recruit is not a recruit until they have someone signed up. You must help them reach P150. You must start using the word ‘business’ more if you want to build the business. This business has made me the best vision of myself. 

2. A recruit leg is not a leg until it is four levels deep. Help them taproot. Help 3 get 3. That is P600. You need 3 legs which is 4 levels deep. You need a team at P1000. If you want to be paid for the rest of your life? Build a team 8 levels deep. That’s helping 8 people build a business. This will then pay you for a lifetime. You now have depth and security.

3. Learn more and grow. Watch the successful and see how they do it. Do not just rely on taking notes. You need to set your mind on fire and take action. You need to have the belief. Burning desire is key. Desire+Faith+ Actions = Success. Believe you can do this. Self talk is everything. People need to be on morning huddles. Make sure you watch Bob Proctor without fail. This is the only way to truly know you can grow. 

4. Get over the fear of talking to people or get over the fear of being broke. ‘I wasn’t going to talk to you but I don’t want you to miss this opportunity because of my fear of talking to people’.

5. Post the calls, show people you are becoming a better version of yourself. That consistent action will show people how you are respected. People will reach out to you when you are consistent. Show them your growth. You will then attract so many people

What I recommend for your residual income?

1. Write down the goal: to be successful and make money and how can we help others make money 

2. Set the date of your goal: CHAIRMAN 10 by June 2021

3. Dealing with the enemies to business: forget about the people once signed up, checking up on people, dealing with apathy as they lose sight of their goals, (four mental enemies) 

4. Leaders help others hit their goals and you will then hit yours. 

5. Exposing the plan to two people a day minimum: this is easy say hello first! 

6. One person signing up a week is good growth. If you don’t hit that, you need some extra help

7. PS3 system: peak interest, show the plan, 3 way call.

8. How to peak interest: Knowing what you know now and invest, would you have done it? YES – I found something bigger. You have 10 minutes and I will call you back. Do you keep your money options open? 

9. Validate the info – edification the info and sign up process – trust is built in the 3 way convo – they must know who’s on the call so far.

10. Book a meeting to book a meeting – bridging the gap with your leader – edify the leader 

11. The four Es- Enthusiastic, Expert in your niche, Excited and Exposed and Expectation of what you have they will receive it 

12. Host a small home event

Make sure we all check out the recorded session

Want to become a Chairman?

Chairman is a million dollar biz. Are you walking and talking like it? Dressing the part? Showing up to calls in sweats? How are u running a multi million dollar biz. What are you sacrificing for the long term gain? Are you acting as if you’re running the biz. Are you acting like a $600 biz. I AM OPERATING FROM THE CHAIRMAN VERSION OF MYSELF. think and act and ask yourself questions like a chairman. So the universe must give it to you. 

BUILDING.  The launch is 90% of everything of your biz. 

RESULTS IS NOT MONEY. 90 day commitment Bc it will take 90 days. They just signed up they’re not going to make money. 

Not gunna get a six pack using steroids or shakes in one month if you’re over weight. If you’re BROKE you won’t make money right away. You have to set the right expectations! Punctuality. Energy. Showing up to calls. Moving quickly. MUST DO 90 DAY COMMITMENT. Don’t act thirsty. 

Taprooting in the launch. You need to go through people. Don’t recruit TO, recruit THROUGH.  If you sign them up, you need to launch them. When they first come in they’re excited and more likely to do the things that you do or ask.


So you get the list. Top 10 list. taproot it. Call through the list WITH THEM. Don’t tell them to do it. WITH THEM. Make sure you schedule time with them to call with them. That way you know it’ll get done, and you can help them. Help them grow. 

DONT ASK DO YOU WANT TO TRADE OR DO YOU WANT YO BUILD. They will ALWAYS say trading. It’s a fatal question to ask. They’ll never say building Bc it’s less comfortable. Need to make the 1% decision. When they come in we want to assume that they are doing both. Don’t say you have traders on your team. We are entrepreneurs that trade. Trading is one of the ways to make money. Just like building. 

Once you’re launching them, don’t scare them off either. Be natural about it. Set p150 in 72 hours expected. Set this. Every. Single. Time. Get a launch slide and everyone uses it so it’s professional and all the same. MUST HAVE A SLIDESHOW. Make sure they use them! Bc their way is not better no matter what they say. So set the expectation of people using that tool. 

SCHEDULE A home event or call for them to launch. Do 1 on 1. Schedule time with them and teach them perfect invite and ps3 and then do 1 on 1 calls.


This is how you’ll get massive momentum. Hotels help and blow momentum up. But momentum starts inside the living room. Don’t underestimate home events. Get this established. Don’t be afraid to start small or go big! 

DONT BE AFRAID TO FAIL. You most likely will. Fail quickly and fix. Get ready. 

Think like a franchise. All McDonald’s are the same. It’s an EXACT SYSTEM. If you buy one right now, they will be trainers that will fly in and help you get your biz off the ground for a month or so and teach you how to run your biz. It’s not difference with this! 

If you’re doing Tuesday thurs home events. You should do the SAME throughout your organization. Regardless of location. 

Find 2 set days for home events and make it happen. AND NEVER EVER EVER EVER STOP. EVER. EVER. If you hold your ground you tell universe it will get momentum. Then it will grow and turn to hotel events. 

This biz will take everything from you with no mercy. How you do anything is how you do everything. TURN YOUR CAMERA ON ON YOUR CALLS. Lead the way. Never jump on a call with the camera off. 

Establish a place to grind for minimum 5 days. 7 days 24hr a day. Including holidays. Thanksgiving is only in America. Team grinds when u go to sleep in another part of the world. 

Grind sessions are the culture. Productivity is key. DMO for the team. 

His whole team doesn’t build online. They build offline.

Get a culture of plugging in. 

Ch50 still has grind sessions. Be the leader to make it happen. Don’t make excuses. 

Once your team starts plugging in, it becomes additive. Where there is love and positivity. This will also help your retention!!!! Give them something to plug into!!!! When stuff goes wrong, they don’t plug out, they plug in!!! 

Building leaders is one of the true ways to sustain. Culture. Product usage. Some people will stay just for the culture. Are you yourself a leader? You have to learn to lead before you can lead. You’re never going to learn enough on that. Always evolving. All discipline is, is the ability to give yourself a command, and you listen. Are you able to lead yourself?? If you can’t do that, you can’t lead other people. 

You have to start somewhere. You start to see results. You start to develop a system. Cleaning the room and finding the best way. Discipline to clean the room. You’re self employed now. Now you do it faster (momentum) now you can teach someone how to clean the room and get it done faster (duplication)  

Are you building leaders that are going to duplicate? Don’t mind if they pass you up!!!! It’s such a blessing if they do!!!!! Don’t block your blessings.

Phase 1 

If you’re afraid to talk to people, it’s ok. It’s normal. 

Go for no. Yes is not the result. The result is when you learn from getting the no. 

Prospects are UNLIMITED. You will always have someone to talk to. Do not marry your prospects. If you’re in a losing trade, cut your loss short. Never got the big people to build. I’m at ch50 Bc of the people that were brought in. Instill belief in other people and building their vision. 

I DON’T NEED ANYONE! They need me. Chairman’s make more than rappers. Ch 250 is 4 MILL a year but really 6-8 MILL a year. So why the hell wouldn’t they join?! don’t edify the person signing up and then not edify the mentor as much. 

PS3 has to be mastered until p1k. MASTER phase 1 and keep them in phase 1.  They’re going to quit if they’re not getting results. So get them as much success as possible so they can do all the mindset and personal development until after p1000. Get phase 1 grind going to get to chairman and then get the chairman to do the mindset. Leverage the company to teach the products. 

Stop teaching trading. You’re an entrepreneur. You’re paying people to teach people for you. You wouldn’t pay someone to clean your house and then go clean it with them. You’re not a trader. The monthly pays the educators so they can educate! Don’t think like an employee and do all the work.

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