How I Became The Hawaii Mentor?

Aloha my friends, & thank you for your continued love & support.

With the amount of negativity, hate, & violence on social media… I use this platform as an opportunity to spread love, wisdom, positive vibes on your newsfeed because just as much as our bodies become unhealthy when we consume junk food, our minds & the way we think become unhealthy when we consume junk media.

Many of you know that I’ve been working online for the last 3 years & just like many who get started, I didn’t have any guidance or direction. I didn’t know who to trust or what kind of information to look for so I pretty much tried everything, & I mean everything…

Although I’ve tasted a bit of success, I’ve had more failures online than anyone could possibly think of. But the reason why I continued to push through no matter what was because I came to a point in my life where I became desperate… desperate for change, desperate for a better life, desperate to find purpose…

Because what’s the point of living if we don’t have anything to look forward to, living just to get by, going through the same routine every day, depressed filled with so much stress & anxiety. The pain of staying the same became greater than my fear of failure. I also realized, no matter how many times I fail or have failed, I’m still gonna be ahead of everyone who isn’t trying…

Now if you really know me, it’s never about being ahead of everyone else… You see, I believe my purpose is to serve others & help others, but in order to serve others better, I would have to be better. I had to HEAL MYSELF first before I could heal others because I was also going through a lot of stuff in my life that was either holding me back & controlling my mind… & remember, everything starts with the way we feel & think about ourselves….

Through all my struggles & failures, I knew I could still help people, especially the people here in Hawaii because I truly understand how hard it is to live in paradise. So that’s why I continued to use this platform to continue spreading positivity & Aloha to our community… And honestly, the stories & experiences many of you have shared with me continue to inspire me to keep doing what I do every day.

So where am I going with this? Guys, I’ve promoted many things online. Although my intentions were always pure & always for the good, there were times when others questioned my integrity because there were some things that I learned from these so called “Internet Gurus”, that weren’t for my best interest as a beginner Internet Marketer.

I followed marketing strategies that weren’t really in the best intention of the customers or whomever & so I had to take a step back for a bit. I’ve made a ton of money online & I’ve also probably lost even more, but it wasn’t until I realized that it never is or never was about making money… That’s when I started to see the bigger picture in all this.

With my experiences & all the relationships I’ve made throughout this entire journey, I focused on building my business around my WHY & HOW I can best help solve people’s problems, & at the same time build a community of people who believe in the same vision to help one another grow, because no one ever became successful on their own. Trust me on that!

With all that being said, aside from doing various service based gigs, social media influencer marketing campaigns, mindset coaching, & promoting different physical products through different marketplaces online… I haven’t really found anything sustainable that truly excites me & so I was in the process of creating my very own training program & community platform where I could bring not just my students & clients, but also all my followers who continue to support me every day.

I dunno if you know, but the amount of time it would take for me to build something like this is pretty crazy. I knew it was possible, but I also knew that I wanted to focus my time on building relationships & talking stories with people…

With perfect timing & manifestation, the mentor who helped me get to where I am today, introduced me to a company & owner who completely aligned with my core values & what I was looking for & so I decided to hop in & see what the hype was all about & ever since then guys, this has been my biggest breakthrough in the past year.

I am proud to become one of the leaders invited to spread the vision & message to as many people as I can because I truly believe that this can help anyone dealing with any kind of self doubt, limiting beliefs, feeling of abandonment & loneliness, insecurity, etc… And I will be as sincere & transparent as I have always been.

If you want to be part of this transformational movement that is about to take off in 2020 where you can build & grow in every aspect of your life from your health, wealth, love, happiness, faith, family, & fun…

Reach out to me directly!

I look forward to working with you & helping you become the best version of yourself in 2020.

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