How Do You Get People To Actually Use ClickFunnels?

ClickFunnels has an amazing Affiliate Program.

They will pay you 40% commissions every single time you recommend somebody to use the software.

But how you talk to each one of these audiences will really determine your messaging, your marketing materials, and how you actually speak to them. This right here is the key!

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The Key to Becoming a ClickFunnels Super Affiliate!

Are you targeting cold, warm, or hot?

And how do you market to them?

You could also use this strategy when it comes to promoting anything really.

It’s just a matter of understanding exactly who you are talking to and understanding their specific needs or problems so you can better serve each group of people.

How do you speak to cold audiences?

If you serve real estate agents or personal trainers and you want to get them to use ClickFunnels, think about the end result.

The end result is to get them to use ClickFunnels, but they don’t know what ClickFunnels is, so you cannot go straight into promoting ClickFunnels.

Cold audiences are not aware of the product, nor the solution.

To market to them, you need to provide solutions, educate on sales process, introduce ClickFunnels.

Question: How to get more leads in the Real Estate market?

This is where you take somebody that doesn’t know what a sales funnel is, and you show them how to get more leads (ex: you get more leads by going through a sales process and one way to build a sales process is through ClickFunnels).

COLD Audience

  • Don’t know who you are
  • Don’t know what ClickFunnels is
  • Don’t know what sales funnels are

How do you speak to warm audiences?

They know what a sales funnel is.

Warm audiences are solution aware, but not product aware.

To market to them, you need to talk about the problem and educate them on ClickFunnels as a solution.

Question: How to build sales funnels in the Real Estate market?

They know what the solution is, but they may not necessarily be product aware. They might be using a different software.

WARM Audience

  • Know what a sales funnel is, but not click funnels

How do you speak to hot audiences?

They know what ClickFunnels is.

Hot audiences are solution aware and product aware, but are deciding between products.

To market to them you need to be keyword focused.

Question: ClickFunnels VS Website (WordPress, Shopify, etc…)

HOT Audience

  • Know what click funnels is
  • Know other softwares like click funnels (competitors)
  • Know what a sales funnel is
  • But indecisive

When you understand that this is the base of what successful affiliate marketing is, that is when you can choose which strategy serves you best.

Following this guideline will show you how to talk to and target your prospects to join ClickFunnels.

So the big question is thinking about who do you want to serve?

Do you serve personal trainers, real estate agents, other marketers, business consultants, etc… who do you serve and what end result are you trying to generate.

Now how are you going to create that bridge to show them their problem and how ClickFunnels can be a their solution.

It’s important to understand who it is that you’re talking to and then basically create a ton of content that specifically targets these group of people.

6 thoughts to “How Do You Get People To Actually Use ClickFunnels?”

  1. Clickfunnels is a great platform that any affiliate would die to be on because their plan is okay for everyone. Personally, I see clickfunnels as the best where you can get the right knowledge to increase everything we have. This review is really massive here and thank you for sharing

    1. Hey Rodarrick,

      Thank you for your great feedback.

      I love being able to promote something along with Wealthy Affiliate because it’s a software most and any online business can flourish with.

      Cheers to your success brother.


  2. This post has helped me in two different ways. The first is that our approach should vary according to the audience we have in front. And the second it how to actually talk to cold, warm and hot audiences. I must admit that up to this point I have been putting them all in one sack! I’ll stop doing that! Thank you!

    1. Hey Ann,

      This strategy has been one of my biggest breakthroughs in my marketing because I too was trying so hard to combine my audiences all on one ideal avatar, but that’s impossible because it’s important to be as dialed in as possible.

      Each category needs a different message depending on each person’s level of interest with the product or service your promoting.

      I’m glad this helped.

      Thank you so much!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing with us an informative and interesting article.The main content of this article is how to get people who actually use ClickFunnel for affiliate marketing. A ClickFunnels affiliate is someone who gets paid to bring new customers into the website.They use tracking cookies to know where the buyer came from.

    I mean from my experience I tried to convince the customer of the useful aspects of the product, which is possible with a single click funnel, without first trying to sell the product when using ClickFunnel. Whenever a customer knows about a problem and looks for a cure, I can click on it to highlight the details of my product. And this is how I dream about affiliate marketing today using ClickFunnel.

     I Loved reading your article and this is a knowledgeable article I am sharing in my Facebook group so everyone can know about ClickFunnel and get a brief idea of how to get a customer through it.

    1. Hey,

      You are more than welcome to share this with your group. Anything to help.

      I appreciate your thoughtful response to my blog. Putting in the work for people to find value in it means a lot to me and you have been so kind.

      Thank you again!

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