How ClickFunnels Can Get You More Traffic!

ClickFunnels can actually help you get traffic or visitors to your website. 🙂
I’m sure you’ve seen the movie Field of Dreams where Kevin Costner’s character was told that “if you build it, they will come.”
Sometimes people think that just because they set up a funnel, it means people are gonna come…
Unfortunately, that’s not always true. You have to do something to get people to come into your funnels.

Traffic is key!

Now, we highly recommend driving ads from Google, Facebook, and from other traffic sources…
But, one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic, and the highest quality leads that you can possibly get, is through having your own affiliate or referral program.
Typically, having your own affiliate program is expensive. There’s a lot of software and a lot of tech things you have to do…
But the cool thing about ClickFunnels is we have a tool built in called “Backpack.” This program allows you to throw an affiliate program on the back of any one of your funnels.

Wait, my own Affiliate Program???

Yes, all you do is add two simple pages to a funnel and you instantly have an affiliate program where you can have other people drive traffic into your funnels and you pay them commissions for the sales they make.


Not only will ClickFunnels run your sales funnels and follow up funnels… it will also run your affiliate program!

That way you can have all of your stats, all your numbers, on one convenient dashboard instead of having to glue together five or six programs just to make your funnels actually work.

At ClickFunnels, that’s how we think it should be.
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7 Steps To Creating Your Own Affiliate Program

Step #1

Instantly add an affiliate program to any funnel!
Quickly add in an affiliate center to any funnel and you instantly have an affiliate program ready to pay people to refer others into your funnel!

Step #2

Setup Your Commission Plans.
Setup commission plans to decide what % you want to pay out to your referral partners.

Step #3

Create special affiliate types for your joint venture partners.
You can setup special commission plans for your friends and joint venture partners.

Step #4

Create an affiliate center with tools to help your affiliates promote you!
Affiliates want simple ways they can promote your funnels.
Inside of your affiliate center you can add tools that will make it easy for them to promote you!

Step #5

See who your top referrers are and run affiliate contests!
Run contests and give bonuses to your top affiliate and referral partners.

Step #6

See all of your stats in one convenient dashboard!
Get a quick birds eye view of what affiliates are promoting and who is making you money!

Step #7

Get your own ClickFunnels account today and play with everything for the next 30 days, and put us the test.

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