Hoard Skills, NOT Toilet Paper!

One thing we must all realize is, when this whole Covid thing is over, the whole world is going to change.

Will you be there and ready to adapt?

This is exactly why we should never just depend on a JOB!

The coronavirus pandemic is teaching us that, we can lose our jobs at anytime.

The people who learn to survive & thrive during this crisis are going to be the ones who are going to take over.

In the time of panic, there is opportunity.

And as we continue to move forth into the digital world, if you really want to be prepared for the next time something like this happens…

Ask yourself, “What kind of digital SKILLSETS are going to develop?” So you never have to rely on a job ever again.

The whole world must realize that the old way of life, you know, working till your 65 years at a job you don’t like, or even one you do but doesn’t not give you the time freedom to actually live life.

There never has been a time where this many people lost their jobs and really unsure of the future.

We can’t depend on the paycheck to paycheck anymore because it’s no longer reliable.

I am writing this blog because I want to encourage as many of you to start developing and acquiring skills that will help you if this ever happens again.

Because you see, the people who are winning right now, are those who don’t rely on a job for income… those who have learned skills that keep them busy providing their services even during this time.

How prepared were you for this?

The next time this happens, how prepared will you be?

So if you still haven’t found a way to get a digital skillset; Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, Advertising, Selling a product or service online…

This is the best time, the best opportunity to instead of hoarding your toilet paper, hoard your skills.

As a millennial entrepreneur, I started working online in October 2016.

Since then, I’ve learned & hoarded a lot of skills such as; Video editing, Website Design & SEO, Marketing & Selling stuff online, Copywriting, Facebook ADS… the list goes on.

If you’re good at something and knowledgable enough to teach it, that’s a skill/service you can get paid for as well.

Start getting good at the things most people don’t want to get good at because when there is scarcity, there is growth!

Right now, you’re at home probably lying around watching TikTok videos & Netflix.

That’s okay, but also start learning how you can start creating an income online.

So the best thing we can do to help the world, is to help ourselves and how to be indestructible the next time something like this happens!

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