Funnels HI Mastery (Course) – Overview

Lesson #1 Watch this first

Howzit going guys,

Welcome to this course area & community.

If you don’t know me, my name is Lorenz, the creator of Funnels HI Mastery.

You’re probably here because you want to learn how to actually make your first Wealthy Affiliate sale.

I’ve been working online for 4 years & I’ve tried everything online you could think of.

From blogging & affiliate marketing, network marketing, content creation, social media manager, you name it, I’ve done it.

I’m going to teach you how you can leverage ClickFunnels to make more Wealthy Affiliate sales.

My very first platform I got started with in October 2016 was actually Wealthy Affiliate.

I’m still using & promoting it till this day…

But over the years, I’ve had my share of failures & struggles & that’s why I created this course.

I wanted to create a very short & straightforward training that will literally help you understand the main components to why you need this if you want to fast track your success.

There’s so much info online right now, & so much BS.

I’ve paid thousands of dollars for online courses & paid ads that didn’t help me at all.

So I want to provide a the easiest possible form of showing you how to promote Wealthy affiliate using click funnels & why it’s the number route to being successful.

When you finish this 5 days of training, you’ll realize why most affiliate marketers fail & never make money at all.

Because you have to be willing to adapt to the new age of marketing & so many people are still marketing like it’s the early 2000s.

I just wanna share with you all the methods & strategies I used to become a top income affiliate earner.

Yes this is a free course but treat it like you paid for it!

If you don’t know what a sales funnel is I’m going to educate you on that & walk you through a real life example.

So if you’re like me, who was trying all kinds of things online but never found the one, then keep going & focus.

Lesson #2 How does this work?

Welcome to lesson 2 guys & today I’m going to be talking about how this works & what click funnels actually is.

A lot of newbies starting out might not even know what a sales funnel is so I’m going to explain that.

Maybe you’re just starting online & you’re trying to figure out how to make your first affiliate sale or in this case Wealthy Affiliate sign up.

The great thing about ClickFunnels is, it’s an all in one software so you really don’t need any other software to start making money.

What I learned was that there running an online business takes different tools, softwares, & resources to actually keep it going…

From landing pages, to email marketing automation, plugins, etc… but ClickFunnels has everything.

But anyways, when it comes to promoting Wealthy Affiliate usually you just have an affiliate link that goes directly to the WA sign up page…

What’s wrong with this you ask?

If someone clicks to the sign up page, & actually puts in their email, then that lead goes to WA, not you.

You have to realize that have to start collecting leads (emails/phone) so that you can follow up, send automated emails, etc…

  And also, the WA sign up page is generic. You should never send a lead directly to the company’s product page.

That’s where ClickFunnels comes in.

No matter what niche you’re in or what product, or service you’re offering…

You can easily setup a landing page that connect you to the product or service you’re offering which will build trust between you & your customers, & ultimately you will have more buyers.

People buy from people they trust.

If you don’t get their email, they leave the site, & you may lose them for good.

But when you get their email, at least you can still reach out.

The magic is in the follow up, because it takes about 7 times of seeing something before people actually buy.

When people optin into your list, then you can redirect them to a bridge page which once again helps build trust.

Say something like, Hey thank you for putting in your info…

Then send them to the order page…

This process, or funnel is what every successful online business follows & I hope this makes a lot more sense.

Lesson #3 Real life example

In this lesson I wanna show you a real life example of a sales funnel & how it works, & how it’s different from a website.

So what is a website…

A website is like a brochure. All these options, they get to it all confused & exit out & never come back.

(EXAMPLE: Expert Secrets Book!)

A sales funnel gives that person ONE thing to do.

It’s like walking into a store & there’s the best sales person literally taking you directly to the thing you’re looking to buy.

 And that is to buy something or opt in to something.

(Compare with Wealthy Affiliate funnel)

Lesson #4 Who can you help?


Lesson #5 How can you do this?

Learn the exact blueprint to launching your online business

Because of ClickFunnels I’ve been able to climb the ranks of multiple network & affiliate marketing companies.

I’ve been through the trenches so that you don’t have to.

I love teaching affiliate marketing, & it changed my life.

I don’t want to go back to a job, back to work or make this work.

So, my bonus for you guys is, & the question I get most often is what is the best thing to promote.

ClickFunnels has a great program called the One Funnel Away Challenge where Russel shows you how to take one funnel to create a full time income online.

If you wanna learn more in depth & really take your business to the next level,

Funnels HI Mastery

Member Login -> Members Area -> (Full course, OFA challenge, ClickFunnels 14 day trial)

#1 Give Value (Attractive Character – Show them where they are going)

  • Who are you & why did you create this training?
  • Incentivize them to finish the free training. What is next?

#2 Educate

  • Who do you serve?
  • What problem are you solving for them?
  • What is the goal?
  • What information must they understand first?
  • Can you lay it out in steps?
  • What else is already out there helping them with this?
  • How can you make it better or How are you different?
  • Why might they not start or finish this? What can I do to get them to?
  • What might stop them from having success?

#3 Inbound Conversations

  • Ask them to message you after they haver finished the course to get something else.
  • Invite them to reach out when they watch a certain training.

#4 Testimonials

  • Ask for the free course members to share their feedback with you on a FB group post

#5 Grow your following

  • Ask them to subscribe to your YouTube, follow you on Instagram, etc…

#6 Affiliate Sales

  • Have call to actions throughout the free course asking for them to sign up for OFA & CF

#7 Sell Advanced Training

  • You can generate leads to sell your other products & services to

Questions invite revelation

  1. What did you go to school for? What do you have experience in?
  2. What do you do professionally right now? What do you like most about it?
  3. What else have you done for work in the past? What did you like most about it?
  4. What types of questions do family & friends ask you about?
  5. Do you have hobbies / interests?
  6. What are you doing when you feel most alive?
  7. What can you talk about for hours without a problem?
  8. What could you teach every single day?
  9. What life experiences have you overcome?
  10. Who can you help most by speaking your truth?

Why a FREE course?

  • Give enough value to get people to know, like, & trust you
  • To educate them enough so they want more & take action
  • Generate inbound conversation that will get people interested in working with you
  • Get testimonials from those going through your free course
  • Get more followers by having call to action buttons below your videos
  • Make affiliate sales through the tools & resources that you recommend
  • Generate leads to get people interested in your other products / services

Who is this for

  • Offline businesses trying to get more leads online
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who are just starting out
  • The OG’s who have been through it all with no long term success
  • Those of you who know a job isn’t going to cut it
  • You know this is the vehicle, you just need the path & push
  • The Action Takers who think differently than the masses & have the courage to pursue their dream

3 types of content

  • Lead content: social posts, blog, YouTube, quora/forums, podcasts, interviews
  • Nurture content: FREE online course
  • Conversion content: video sales letter, sales presentation

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