Earn $100 A Day With ClickFunnels!

** Originally published on March 7, 2020 : Republished on November 10, 2021!

How Would You Like To EARN $100 Every Time Someone Joins The One Funnel Away Challenge With You?

Howzit going my friend?

  • Stuck at home & not going out…
  • Wonder how you can keep your business afloat online…
  • Want to be prepared for when this is all over…
  • Or simply just need something productive to do?

If you’re still struggling to find something to promote

If you still don’t know what niche is actually profitable…

Get Your FREE Copy Of Traffic Secrets Today! <<

What if you could help your friends and followers build their business online… WHILE earning a whole bunch of money in the process?

Well, ClickFunnels is giving away $100 for EACH person you help sign up for the ONE Funnel Away Challenge.

Which means, when you get just ONE person to join the Challenge with you under your special ID link, you’ll get $100! (and completely covers the cost of your ‘One Funnel Away’ Challenge entrance fee!)

That’s basically joining the Challenge for free!

WATCH this short video to see what you could be part of!

But imagine if you helped 5 people join the Challenge…or 10… or 20…

Here’s how that works… (it’s super simple):

Step 1: Encourage people to join the One Funnel Away Challenge, using your special ID tracker link… (once you sign up)

To sign up for the OFA challenge, Go To: https://onefunnelaway.com/challenge

Step 2: Start Earning Money!

There are TWO ways you can earn money with the One Funnel Away Challenge…

#1 – Every time someone joins the ‘One Funnel Away’ Challenge using your special ID link, they’ll be charged $100… and 100% of that money automatically goes straight to YOU!

#2 – Each buyer will be tracked through your special ID link, which means that when they buy other products and trainings in the future, you’ll automatically get commissions for those sales, too!!

It’s a win for BOTH of you! And yes – it’s really that simple! I can’t wait to send $100 your way for EACH person that joins the One Funnel Away Challenge with you!

First 2 Weeks Results

3 years of working on ClickFunnels, I decided to take on The One Funnel Away Challenge knowing what I know, I wanted to see how much more I could learn because I’ve seen the potential for this to really help many business succeed online, as well of course, my own.

In just my first two 2 weeks of promoting the OFA challenge, I was able to generate 12 sales which means $1,200.00 on the front end alone, meaning, this does not include all the different up-sells, memberships, bonus, etc…

It’s simple. Everyone who does any kind of business online whether you’re promoting a type of product or service needs ClickFunnels. It’s the new age website with much higher conversion rates.

So, What is the One Funnel Away Challenge?

The One Funnel Away Challenge is a 30 day training that guides you step by step on launching your first (or next) funnel. It really changed my whole business and the way I look at marketing.

This Challenge was created by Russel Brunson. He created this 30 day course on how to launch your very first profitable online funnel to drive traffic to and potentially make a lot of sales.

If you’re already a business owner and you want to know how you can get more sales online, you can either pay someone to create a funnel for you or you can take this challenge for yourself and learn how you can become an expert funnel hacker.

A new challenge starts every single month so whenever you decide to participate, just be mindful of the launch date each month.

CLICK HERE to learn about the our upcoming challenge this month!

UPDATED Results!

These were my results the first time I joined The OFA Challenge. I generated 58 sales & $5,800.00 in commissions. There were 277 visitors to my site.

The best thing about this is, with ClickFunnels’s sticky cookie, if anyone of those 277 people ever sign up to ClickFunnels, I would get a 40% commission from each individual so $38.80 per sale, per month!

That is absolutely why ClickFunnels is not only the best software to use as an online business owner, but also the best thing to promote as an Affiliate Marketer.

I hope this blog helps you understand the power of ClickFunnels and why having a systemized sales funnel is key to making more sales and more money online.

For any further questions or feedback, do not hesitate to reach out to me at anytime.

For more info on the One Funnel Away Challenge, CLICK HERE!

Thanks for reading!

114 thoughts to “Earn $100 A Day With ClickFunnels!”

  1. I was wondering if click funnel is a new platform as i have not heard of it before. the detail is explicit. I know that finding a good article does not come by so easily so i must commend your effort in creating such a beautiful website and writing an article to help others with useful information like this.

    1. Hey Benny,

      No! ClickFunnels has been around for sometime now and all the top internet marketers and entrepreneurs use it from Grant Cardone, Tony Robbins, to Tai Lopez and more.

      Once you got your website from WA setup, learn to incorporate ClickFunnels to start getting more leadfs and customers to your site!


  2. Click Funnels is basically a software that lets you design and create sales pages, landing pages and it lets you manage your entire sales funnel. You can create seven types of funnel with the help of Click funnels :- The Option Lead Capture Funnel. The Sales Funnel.i would love to learn more about them and i think this is a very logical way to do so

    1. Hey Juliet,

      Thank you for your comment. I say, once you have optimized your website through WA, then you can start implementing ClickFunnels to get more leads and customers to your site.

      Once you’re ready, please refer back to the One Funnel Away Challenge!

      Thank you.

  3. Wow 🤩this is great! Thanks Lorenz for sharing this review. Though it’s my first time hearing about this site but I think it won’t be a bad idea to sign up for it as the commission rate is highly intriguing and also I’ve been able to understand how it works via this review. 

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Hey,

      Thank you so much for your comment and feedback.

      Yes, ClickFunnels has the best comp plan on the market. No other company pays out 100% on any product/service, and then 40% on the backend for the membership.

      Definitely let me know how you do with it. CLICK HERE for your special offer!

      Looking forward ton your success.


  4. Hello Lorenz, such ideas are extremely great and you get to earn money in two ways. The one funnel away challenge is very cool and I like it for the fact that you get to learn and make money all together. The pay is really good and i should register and get to invite my friends to also get involved in it. Can i also get or be part of the training?

    1. Aloha Benson,

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my post. Yes, along with learning how to get more traffic and sales to your current website, the best part is the compensation. No other company pays out 100% of commissions.

      Also, when you get just one person to join the One Funnel Away Challenge with you, it’s basically free for you to join! Once you receive your OFA challenge in the mail, you’ll be invited to join the community challenge Facebook group where all members will be able to participate in the trainings and everything.

      Please let me know if you have any questions.

      Check it out HERE.

  5. I’m glad that I read this post because I didn’t know that there was a kind of rpoo like this one going on right now and I can get in for totally free when I get a person to join the platform. This is a very good thing for me. I would love to give it a try too and I’m sure I’ll get people to join too and make that money. That’s a lot of money for referrals.

    1. Aloha Henderson,

      Thank you for your comment on my post. Yes, it’s basically referring people to join, and you just get one person to try it out with you, basically it’s free. No other company pays out 100% commission on any product or service. That’s the great part about ClickFunnels, and you also get to learn all about getting more traffic and sales to your current site.

      I, along with a few of my other close friends who are also doing internet marketing, have focused solely on promoting the One Funnel Away Challenge because the contents alone has so much value, especially for any online entrepreneur and marketer.

      Definitely let me know how it goes for you and don’t forget to become part of the community Facebook group once you sign up. Tons of great value and people like myself willing to help you out.

      Learn more HERE.

      Thank you!

  6. This is really great to see and i must say that i truly fancy this. Gettung people to juzt sign up and register this one clickfunnels a funnel away challenge is quite massive and a very yielding task. Thank you so much for sharing this post out here woulf be freat and thankd for bringing me this iffer. This is like a cool way to earn quite big

  7. So should I first have a great website and then sign up for clickfunnel to improve the website? that would be nice if I was on the first page of google but I’m not, is clickfunnel suppose to help me get up there too? Or how do I get traffic, is the idea to just pay for being on google or other search engines and then hope that the income cover my expenses, I guess I could give it a go to see if I can do that if it works its a really easy way to create extra incomes…

    1. Hey Bernie,

      Thanks for your comment.

      The answer is you do not need to have a great website in order to start using ClickFunnels. You’ll create high converting funnels you can host on your sites. So instead of you just sending traffic to your affiliate offers, you’re actually creating a sales process for your customers to ultimately buy something.

      This is how you get more traffic and sales to your sites / affiliate links.

      Check it out HERE!

      The traffic will come once you start implementing the best new strategies instead of old, overused ones that never work anymore. ClickFunnels is always thinking ahead when it comes to traffic.

      And if you’re looking for more traffic, check out ClickFunnels NEW Traffic Secrets Book.

      Literally everything you need to know is on here.

      Let me know if you have any more questions.


  8. Hello,

    Many thanks for sharing this info. I am curious to hear more about your personal experience and background. What have you been through that has brought you to this path now and how has this impacted your life? Why would you recommend me to take this path in life and how can I learn from you to have a similar experience.

    Best Regards,


    1. Hello Brittany,

      I’ve been doing internet marketing since October 2016 and have learned a lot of different sales and marketing skills along the way. One of the most essential skills that I probably learned though, was funnel building because the power of a perfect sales funnel for whatever product/service you are promoting is crucial for getting MORE TRAFFIC and people to actually buy.

      If there was one thing I wish I knew when I first started, was to implement ClickFunnels into my website or campaigns right from the start because getting customers emails (leads) is the most important part to any online business.

      This is what separates the average marketers from the great marketers. I hope this helps 🙂

      Thank you.

  9. Thanks Lorenz for sharing this review. Though it’s my first time hearing about this site but I think it won’t be a bad idea to sign up for it as the commission rate is highly intriguing and also I’ve been able to understand how it works via this review. I would truly love to this it a try sometime soon

    1. Hey Evans,

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, definitely let me know if you do decide. One tip, think of a friend or someone that would want to take on this challenge with you. Do that right away, you basically get the challenge for free.

      Thanks brother. Cheers to your success!

      Check it out Here for more info.

  10. I like the way they put this program out there as a challenge. Admittedly, it seems to make it more exciting and fun than a typical referral program right off the bat. The generous rewards are also a nice touch and immediately command attention! Thanks for walking us through the plan that is making thousands of dollars for you.

  11. Reading through your article reminds me of the first time I started affiliate marketing. I love Clickfunnels, Yes, I am a Clickfunnels user and I have been through OFA, I love it and it is something I recommend too, although I am not doing well with my OFA referals, I am more of a user for affiliate products😊. 

    1. Hey Gillian,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I’ve recently found interests in funnel hacking and becoming part of the TWO Comma Club. 🙂

      Wish me luck hehe.


  12. thank you very much for this. The first thing that i want to do is try to share this superb article with some friends of mine. Your website is really nice. and i have learnt something tangible from this well detailed article on how to make 100usd a day with click funnels. money is coming and i feel it.

    1. Hey,

      Thank you for your comment and positive feedback on my site.

      I hope this blog helped.

      Thank you.

  13. I heard about ClickFunnels but not the One Funnel Away CHALLENGE. To my understanding, ClickFunnels help to draw traffic to any website. This is something that I am interested in.

    Is it sufficient to join just the challenge to gain traffic to my website, or I have to buy other ClickFunnels products?

    Thank you.

    1. Hey Christine,

      The One Funnel Away Challenge will teach you how to build the perfect sales funnel (sales process) for your site or whatever product/service you’re promoting. So the only other thing you would need is to become a ClickFunnels user. All other products (digital & tangible), are optional.

      Great thing about the One Funnel Away Challenge though, is that if you have a friend or someone you know that would take on this challenge with you, it’s basically free for you. When you join, you’ll receive a 14 day free trial to try out ClickFunnels.

      If you are looking for simply traffic though, Russel’s new book > TRAFFIC SECRETS

  14. Thank you so much for sharing with us an interesting and research article. The main subject of this article is $100 A Day With ClickFunnels which One Funnel Away CHALLENGE!. It is truly commendable that you have demonstrated this topic so well in your article. I have learned a lot by reading your article and gained a lot of cognition about it. Of the points mentioned in your article, I like One Funnel Away Challenge.I succeeded in the affiliate marketing world by using ClickFunnel where I sold my products the most.I took this Challenge and promoted my product by knowing everything step-by-step with ClickFunnel through which I earn around $ 100 a day today.
    Finally, I enjoyed reading your article and I’d like to share your article in my Facebook group if you give me permission.

    1. Hello again sir,

      Thank you for another feedback on my post.

      Yes, you are more than welcome to share any of my content to any of your groups!

      Thank you.

  15. Oh fantastic. Just fantastic. I would really like to give this a big try seeing how it works out here. I am very happy to see that I can make that much with click funnel. I just hope I will be able to invite up to 10 people because that will be a whopping 1k for me. Seems an easy way to make money.

    1. Howzit going Riley.

      Yea, the One Funnel Away Challenge is awesome. You get to learn and just by simply referring others to do it too, you get $100 each time.

      Great thing is, if you invite a friend or someone you know who also does anything online to do it with you, it’s basically free for you to join.

      That’s why I’ve focused on running traffic all to it cuz no other comp gives out 100% for any product lol.

      If you JOIN HERE, definitely let me know.

      I would love to see your experience with it.


  16. I heard of clickfunnels for quite sometimes now, but the joining fee is kinda high for me right now. But it is still in my goals to join and grow my business with clickfunnels.

    For the away challenge, do you need to be a click funnel active member to profit from it, or you can just sign up as a free affiliate? 


    1. I believe if you get the One Funnel Away Challenge, you can promote it as an affiliate, but for the challenge itself you would definitely need to at least try out the 14 day free trial cuz you’ll be building your funnel with ClickFunnels…

      But one thing I wish I knew when I first started in 2016, is to start building your list right from the start. Don’t wait like me, 2 years to start implementing the right marketing strategies and ClickFunnels is definitely one of them.

  17. Hello thanks for sharing this review.after reading your article on click funnels,it reminds me of affliate marketing.one of the most important skills that I learned was funnel building because the ability of a perfect sales funnel for whatever product/service you are promoting is very important for getting people to buy it and more traffic.

  18. I have seen a read a lot about Click Funnels lately and the only thing besides the price that has stopped me from joining is the fact that I haven’t put anything in place to build a list yet. I am sure with Click Funnels you will need some sort of Autoresponder set up as I can’t see how you would otherwise send leads to your funnel unless you have paid traffic or a lot of traffic on your website to direct.

    1. Hello Michel,

      No problem at all. It’s fairly simple with ClickFunnels actually.

      ClickFunnels does offer an auto-responder service called Follow Up Funnels. This makes the integration process easy once people opt in to your landing page. Or you could also, get a cheaper service such as Get Response, which I personally use to send out my emails right now.

      I hope this helps.

      If it’s traffic that you need to your site, definitely check out Russell’s NEW Traffic Secrets book!

      Aloha and take care!

  19. I’ve heard of click funnel and I’ve heard mostly only good things about them. Thanks for the heads up on the giveaway! 

    I am going to try this challenge and see how much business they can bring.  That is very awesome of them to be giving away money for others who are stuck at home right now! 

    1. Aloha Travis,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Yea man, definitely let me know how it works for you.

      I challenge you to get your whole business running by at least the time this is all over

      Let me know if you have any more questions.


  20. This was a very interesting article about ClickFunnel. To be honest I have only heard the name before, but that’s about it. I must say that I was intrigued by this. I’m in the making money online niche myself and wonder about joining this. And when it’s built up on as a challenge as well, I can see that this will make it more interesting to people. My self included. This sounds like a good opportunity to incorporate with my own business.

    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Aloha Fred,

      If you are in the MMO niche, then this would be perfect for you.

      CLICK HERE for a direct link to get started.

      You will need a sales funnel eventually anyways so this would be a great intro!

      Let me know what you think.

  21. I think Clickfunnels is an ideal product for marketers to use however I am unsure if it’s for novices, I have started with click funnels but found I required a little more experience. This was last year but no I have had more education I am giving it another go. 

    I don’t have a problem with upsells as you need to invest to grow. 

    The referral fee sounds very generous and appealing. If you follow the instructions you can get your money back on your original outlay as well as make profits from what you learn from Clickfunnels.

    1. Hello Darren,

      If you already know and have experience with ClickFunnels, but just need a little more education, definitely check out the One Funnel Away Challenge!

      This is literally how I learned how to implement the right sales process for each of my products / services.

      Let me know what you think.

  22. One thing I like about clickfunnels is that due to how amazing the platform is it is like it can basically sell itself which means all you have to do is to get people to visit their page with your referral link ofcourse and just leave the rest to them. Getting commissions this way can pay for your subscriptions without you spending your own money. It is pretty amazing.

  23. I am very interested in ClickFunnels. I used you link and submitted my email. It looks like a great program and a great deal of educational materials and I am excited to pair this opportunity with what I am currently doing. I am still in the process of learning how to optimize my website with Wealthy Affiliate but I believe this could be a powerful companion to what I am doing. I am excited about getting started. 

    1. Aloha Lee! I am excited for you and your journey here on WA and on ClickFunnels.

      I’m sure you’ll get a ton of value and really benefit promoting your affiliate products / services.

      Please let me know what you think.


  24. Aloha! This Sounds almost to good to be true! with the  first time referral and sticky cookie. You say you earn 100 everytime someone join the one funnel away challenge. Does that mean immediately when they sign up on a free trial or when they buy something after they signed up on a free trial? How  do you get paid? Via PayPal?

  25. Thanks, this gives me a new ray of hope.

    I understand that to make that amount of money or to make those commissions, the people that I am referring should spend money more than $100 and that the amount promised is just a portion of the money they’re paying. Now, is it possible that I just promote this new program of Clickfunnels as a free affiliate and make money to later on re-invest my commissions in Clickfunnels once the money that I’m making is already enough for a payment to Clickfunnels? 

    I ask this because, I am so hard-up today in cash and thinking how can I get out of this rut.

  26. Hi, Lorenz.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the Click Funnel’s One Funnel Away Challenge. How do you suggest to go for this challenge for a website which has only 04 articles on it with zero traffic? Should I create some good number of content on my blog and then go for the Challenge or the Click Funnel itself will draw traffic without doing more on the website.
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. Hello sir, social media would be the best place to get more traffic to the OFA Challenge!

  27. Hey, Click funnel is awesome to earn money. I recently know about this awesome earning method. The one funnel away challenge is very cool and I like it for the fact that we get to learn and make money all together. I would love to give it a try too and I’m sure I’ll get people to join too and make money from clickfunnel.

  28. How long has this challenge been going? Because I’m thinking if there are still people out there whom I can tag in if this challenge has been running for a long time. By the way, I like what Russell Brunson’s teaching and I actually got his book Expert Secrets (I’m surprised he already has Traffic Secrets as well). It’s just that I can’t afford to spend a dime on pursuing this opportunity, knowing that Russell’s offers are not that cheap. Is it recommended to pursue the challenge first before promoting it?

    1. You should definitely do the challenge first so you actually know how to build a funnel.


  29. I must say your article title first got me a bit shifty in the beginning…. $100 dollars a day tied in with challenge sets off the alarm bells for me Lorenz. However, I must commend you on explaining in detail what the challenge is all about and how Russel has helped many other entrepreneurs ramp up their sales. Thanks for tying it all up nicely.

    We are Blessed.

  30. Thank you for your post and explaining the opportunity that is awaiting anyone who is ready to take advantage of it. I have heard a lot about ClickFunnels but only in a superficial way. I will have to learn more about it and apply it to my own work. Once I am aware of how it works, I would be willing to recommend it to others as well.

    Thanks again. I see I have something to learn more about now.

  31. Clickfunnels has been around for some time, and I think it’s an excellent way to make money for your business. I like the idea of creating beautiful landing pages for sales offers, significantly to help optimize your commissions. 

    I never used it myself, but I know others personally who have used it. They’ve had some success with it and satisfied with the results they’ve received from the training. So I’m aware that Clickfunnels works well for people I know of.

    Once I get more traffic to my site (and earn commissions), I certainly will look into Clickfunnels. I think it would be another way to grow my businesses and help optimize my chances of earning commissions.

    Thank you for the excellent review- I enjoy reading it and will bookmark your website.

  32. Hey Lorenz, Click funnel sound very interesting. I will go to the link and check it out. Thanks for sharing.

    Just let me know one thing? Is it legit?

  33. Hello lorenz,

    Your article is very nice to go through. About the click funnel I would want to know that whether is it for free or are there any membership fee applicable. I mean is it 100 $ for registration? And how exactly does it work? Is it just an affiliate kind of business? As per your article it looks very interesting. 

  34. wow this is great. i havent heard about click funnel and i have to say it is my first time hearing about it through your article. I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot, but for the moment i would like to focus on WA till i can run properly. Through that i know to say i can try out another way in-conjunction with what i have learned hear at WA. Thanks a Lot 

  35. Hi Lorenz, wow thanks a lot for the information & offer regarding click funnels. I am a total newbie in affiliate marketing, and have never heard of it. Now I am motivated to keep learning everyday, and eventually use click funnel to help me and my business! How did you first learn about it? 

  36. I’m always looking to expand my knowledge via sales funnels for my own internet businesses so this definitely looks like something I’d be interested in. Given that Russell Brunson is manning the ship tells me that not only are we getting some valuable information here; we’re also getting info from a trusted source like Brunson. You can really do no wrong here. I’d like to know more about how he drives traffic. As what the quickest and most effective way of doing so is and where to go from there. 

    1. Thank you Todd! If you want to know more about traffic definitely check out his new book!

  37. Hey Lorenz,

    So do I have to pay $100 up front to get started with ClickFunnels?  How does ClickFunnels know who to contact with my ads once I create them?

    Sounds intriguing.  I will have to look into it further.  I have been looking for a way to promote my website further, and this sounds like it could be a very good option.

    Thanks once again!


    1. The One funnel Away Challenge is $100, the membership for clickfunnels is $97 per month.

  38. First off I love the caption, it is very catchy! Was this an honest article? I signed up for the free eBook, and it was $9.99 for shipping! Ehhh, but you have an awesome funnel, if someone who is seeking a profit quickly models you, they will earn their first $100 day in not time. You are giving away a step by step instruction on how to earn $100 a day as an affiliate! Which is good! Does a new entrepreneur have to make an additional investment after getting started?

  39. Hi! Lorenz,

    I enjoyed reading your article and I will bookmark it so that when my site is all ready , I will try to use ClickFunnel in the future.I was so interested what it all offers and how will it give an impact to marketing my Products and Services. I guess ClickFunnel is all about getting Leads and Sales, right? Also, making money thru Sign ups by just simply making Reviews about it and share? If that so, I am looking forward to be one of you…I will come back on your site soon.Thank you for giving me one option to make money and monitize my websites. All the Best! 

  40. Hi; your information about Click Funnel’s one Funnel away Challenge is clear and precise. If the full staff is straightforward and helpful as this article is many business folks who find reasons to complain would be doing differently.

     Your earning on the challenge is encouraging. When asked If I would recommend Click Funnel to others my answer was: most definitely! The One Funnel Away Challenge fee is it different from membership fee?


  41. I have been trying to incorporate the click funnel for my website as now I am comfortable with pushing my posts out weekly now I just need the funnel to bring me traffic. Your free funnels look amazing, all four of them but my niche is not Wealthy Affiliate so I am waiting for the custom funnels from you. Thanks for sharing, I am glad that I bumped into your blog 🙂 Just downloaded Traffic Secrets, will read it and join the challenge! 

  42. Hello Lorenz

    Thanks for sharing this post and explaining click funnels, I`m not very experienced to selling online so I never really had the courage to try click funnels but I must also admit finances played a major role of me not trying click funnels.

    Having said that, would you advise anyone who`s still struggling to drive organic traffic to invest in click funnels?I have come to realize there are a lot of expenses in blogging and all are a “must-have”, but as said,newer websites with not enough sales or enough organic traffic, is it worth it?

    I`m asking because I still do not have a list so even if I incested in click funnels, I think I`ll struggle to use it.

    I appreciate your answer.

  43. The $100 A Day With ClickFunnels | One Funnel Away CHALLENGE! sounds very interesting and enticing. You have done very well with it. Excellent results. I have a question for you, how did you promote it to get the clicks and then ultimately the sales? Looking forward to hearing from you.


  44. When I first started getting back into online marketing and sales, I came upon Clickfunnels, and it was new to me. Of course, there is a lot of info on YouTube and all over the Internet regarding Clickfunnels and how good it is, or some saying the opposite. Frankly, I was interested in what I was learning, but as I made a decision and enetered into affiliate marketing through another platform which has a form of funnel training and system itself, I didn’t think Clickfunnels would be useful. Would it be doubling the efforts, or how will this program help an affiliate marketer who is alrealy linked with a platform?


  45. Hey Lorenz nice and interesting article you have there. This article is indeed an eye opener to me, I never knew the click funnel could generate a lot of funds like this. Wow so lucrative and viable, I am definitely starting the  recruitment into the funnel challenge with my friends, I am sure they gonna like the various commissions that are involved.

  46. Hello dear, thanks for sharing these information with us, I believe these article was been amazing for me, your review about clickfunnel is super amazing. I was actually doing some research when I saw your post online, after going through it, I believe I have been enlightened more, thanks for sharing these information with us, I’ll surely do some recommendations

  47. Hello there! Nice review we have here,this my first time hearing about “Click Funnels”with what I see it we really be an help.Click Funnels is basically a software that lets you design and create sales pages, landing pages and it lets you manage your entire sales funnel.thank for this awesome work.

    thanks alot I appreciate

  48. Hello there thanks for the review it was really of great value I must say. Well a friend of mine told me about about this platform and he makes at least $200 a day but I told him that’s almost impossible not until recently he showed of his cash out and since then I made up mind to join the platform

  49. Hi lorenz! This is a beautiful review you have got here. I’m amaze to know that just by encourage one person to join the One funnel away challenge I get $100. Wow! This is a great deal for me since I can use it to promote any product or services. Is it free to register with the one funnel away challenge?

    Thanks for sharing this with me.

  50. Thank you for your information and the invitation.  Your results are quite inspiring and channeling visitors to your WA site while earning on another platform makes good common sense.

    Having just signed up for an alternative funnel, it still intrigues me and I may revisit again, as I found it inspiring just the same!


  51. Thank you Lorenzo for this review. In my recent search for starting a home business I have come across click funnels and I was really uncertain of its legitimacy but your review clarified this for me.

    Definitely the compensation plan is amazing and I would be really interested to increase me skills and knowledge, as I work through the wealthy affiliate training. 

    Can you advise when would be good time to sign up? Wouldn’t it be best when I actually have traffic visiting my site?

    Thank you so much!


  52. This sounds interesting but I have a few questions:  Is the challenge $100 or is the training $100?  If the training is included with the challenge then what happens after the 30 days?  Is that all the support there is?  And if I get 40% of my sign-ups sign-ups (say that 10 times fast!) then do I pay my upline 40% of my recruits?  I’m very interested but I just don’t understand the process!

  53. This topic is one of my past experienced.  I had joined for few months, but could not afford the $97.00, beside that when I had joined, I was told I would have a mentor to work with me to get me off the ground running making money.  That did not happen. 

    I am not batching the program, I was not equipt to do what it took to get moving, I did set up landing page or hopin page, spend money with udimi on advertising, with no return on my investment, so I had to cancelled. I did not know nothing about the software, however through another site I had view how to make money online they were using ClickfFunnel and since I had it I decided to try create sales pages, landing page to advertise Clickfunnel, and I fail doing so. 

    I remember when I requested help I get a link to figure out what I need help with on my own.  No live chat or any thing like that to help me on the way.  For me it was a waist of my time.  Now! I came across a great program that teaches me from start to finesh, and it does not cost me an arm or a leg. I work  my own pace gaining knowledge on how the online business work, the community is very helpful when I have question, I have a mentor to call on with no extra charge.  This is awesome! 

    Not knocking ClickFunnel, I am sure it works for many involve, but from my experience it did not work.  Looking on the level of making a $100.00 daily by getting others to join is like the MLM to me. These days people don’t want to get involve with online business if you introduce it to them, I find they do so on their own from researching for themself.  My mistake was when I see the  flashing sign states it’s easy as 1. 2. 3. make a $100.00 daily and I will show you how, I had believe them.

    I made a promis to myself In my present online business now, I will never send out an add with such statement in order to get customes to join. I am being trained now in the best ethical way to gain success in online business.

  54. Great information! Its a system and iam learning if you do it right and learn, you can become a wealthy person. Its giving you a steps to take to become successful in clickfunnel, which i have a little experience in but after seeing The Hawaii Mentor, i am definitely interested in using it myself for traffic! How much is clickfunnels monthly 

  55. Thanks for this. You make a compelling case. But I’m not sure that I fully understand what Click Funnels actually is. Is it a product that runs on its own website and somehow channels traffic to your site or through its site to your site. Is it also a method of working. Is there any software that you run, or does it plugin to your website? Is it all video courses? Is there any mentoring or coaching? Is there anyone who will monitor how you are progressing and give you tips and feedback? Many questions I know. But while it is somewhat clear of the benefits of this program and the commission structure the materials approach and support details aren’t clear to me. Thanks and best regards, Andy

    1. ClickFunnels is an online sales funnel builder used to help you sell your products online. Similar to a website, but different more intentional for buying.


  56. Being new to the blogging/website game (as a result of Coronavirus), i haven’t really heard of click funnel before, so I found your article very intriguing. 

    I will be ensuring I set the basics up on my site etc first, and then will certainly be bookmarking your site to return to to really understand this more.

    Thanks for sharing such great material, in a time when it is really needed at the moment.

  57. Well I haven’t use clickfunnels yet but hopefully with time I will in operate that yo my site , this review has explicitly enlightens me about the use and the importance of clickfunnels in generating good sales and driving huge traffic to your site I will surely stick to your site for more review on click funnel…Thanks for sharing this review to help others with such useful information.

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