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For those of you who have been following my journey with DreamTrips International… I’ve got even more amazing news and updates from my members.

I am here to share a couple of our members results and testimonials.

When I told you that so many of our new members are seeing success within their first couple of days of joining DreamTrips International, I wasn’t lying!

The Time Is Now!

So stop waiting & get started today.

What an incredible month of October we just had for our company…

November is going to be even more exciting with all the new announcements going into the end of the year!

  • Are tired of not seeing results & doing things that “don’t work”?
  • Are you willing to be coachable and follow steps that are already proven to work?
  • What would an extra $2000 a month do for you & your family? How about $20,000 a month?

What ever your reason is for starting your online business, I would love to help you finally get your big breakthrough.

I’ve been in the industry for 6 years, and there is nothing out there like DreamTrips International.

If you’ve read my previous blogs, I’ve been able to earn almost $2,000 in my first month… I also qualified for a $700 RESIDUAL INCOME every month from here on out!

More importantly, A LOT of our members who have signed up with me have also crushed it!

I just have to put it out there… there is no guarantee of income, and results aren’t typical, so don’t be typical!

If you are willing to work hard and follow steps that will lead you to success, then you can get the same type of results!

Once again, Travel Ambassadors can earn 5 different ways in our new compensation plan.

Meet my friend Darren!

He is one of my good friends and business partners here in Hawaii.

In his first month of joining DreamTrips International, he has already signed up 8 NEW members!

The best thing about Darren is that he actually never reached out to anyone… instead, he was able to utilize social media (attraction marketing) to simply attract people to ask about DreamTrips International.

When you become a member, you will personally receive mentorship from not just myself, but all the other leaders to show you all the different ways to attract and sign up people every week.

With 8 signups, Darren made between $200 – $1500 just from the First Order Bonus(1).

The Binary Pay(2) and Binary Check Match(3) which basically means your “Team Bonuses”, he made an extra $300 – 1000.

Then from the Matrix Pay(5), which is our “Residual Monthly Income” part of our compensation plan… in just the first month, he hit a rank of Voyager 2000 which unlocks Level 8 in our matrix… that’s an additional $500 / month already from here on out.

Awesome, right!!?

What would these types of commissions do for you?

Do you think you have what it takes to simply share the gift of travel with others?

Do you feel like you deserve to go on a vacation? An Adventure!

Do you believe you are ready to start earning what you’re worth?

I’ll tell you this, if Darren can do it, anyone can do it!

Then there’s this Superstar, Terann.

With zero experience, and the guidance from myself and our leaders, she signed up 11 NEW members by just simply posting and sharing about travel on her Instagram Stories.

She amazing and her members are amazing as well.

Terann is one of the most consistent people I have ever worked with and her results show for it!

Terann was one of the fastest members in the entire company to reach the rank of Voyager 2000 and I am so proud of the work she’s done.

You see guys, I will do everything I can to help you out.

What I’ve been currently doing for all my members is being the one to explain and present this to your prospects!

What does that mean?

That means I don’t expect you to try to explain this to someone… allow me to do all the work for you while your main objective is to simply invite people to get on a 3 way call or chat with me to check out DreamTrips International!

One thing that Terann does really well is inviting people and putting people on a 3 way chat with me.

In one day she put me in 20 different chats with people who were interested in joining DreamTrips International.

This is how we’ve grown so much and so fast!

What if your main objective was to sign up 1 person a week, 4 people per month, & you could make an extra $200 – $1600 a month just from referring people!

The reason why so many of our members are succeeding, is because you don’t need to refer so many customers to crush it!

What is easier? Trying to sell 500 $1 products, or 1 $500 product?

The beautify of having multiple options and high ticket products, is you earn MORE commissions!

Just know, that there’s so many different ways to be successful with DreamTrips International.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel… just follow what’s already working for everyone else.

What You Get When You SIGN UP TODAY…

  • 1 on 1 Mentorship with me (FREE… just sign up & become a member of DTI)
  • Access to our exclusive team Facebook group
  • Access to our official company member group
  • Weekly team training calls
  • Social media training
  • Copy & paste scripts for prospecting

If you want to see these types of numbers and start earning these types of commissions… STOP WAITING!

Become part of our DreamTrips International family today!

Here’s more of our team members who have hit ranks this month.


Each week a DTI leader steps up to share all exciting new information about DreamTrips International.

Every Thursday at 8:00pm EST, 7:00pm CST, 5:00pm PST, 2:00pm HST

Click zoom link to access call – dtizoom.com/overview

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20 thoughts to “DreamTrips International – Member Testimonials”

  1. I love Terann’s style of referring customers via her Instagram page. Although Instagram and Facebook are very popular, I am poor at using them for marketing purposes. But they seem to be one of the most effective marketing channels apart from referring people one by one. Kindly let me know if I can learn to use these social media platforms from you or any of the team on joining dream tips International

    1. Thank you! I totally agree with you. That’s why Terann is a superstar!

      When you are ready to learn more about DreamTrips International and how to leverage social media, I’ll be here to help you. Let’s travel the world brother!

  2. Hi and I always enjoy reading these updates from you each month and love the way you are helping your team to recruit people and make their own dreams come true. If my two jobs weren’t keeping me so busy I would probably join you, but I think you definitely need some extra time on your hands to give this business a decent chance. 

    1. Thank you Michel for always engaging with my posts! Thank you also for following my journey with DreamTrips International. I am super grateful to help so many people build this team! I can show you how you can do this on the side!

  3. You have a very nice website with some awesome testimonials from your members. Dream Trips International sounds like a very lucrative opportunity. I would definitely give it a shot if I wasn’t so busy right now. I will keep your website and if in the future I have some extra time I will be in touch. Thank you.

    1. Thank you Carol!

      I’m sure you will come across another one of my DreamTrips International blogs.

      When you do, you might be more convinced why you should sign up today!

      I’ll be in touch with you!

  4. Thanks for sharing these testimonials and the success that people are having with your business. This seems like a great venture for the right people to utilize and reach their goals. 

    I can see that this market is competitive, and although there are no guarantees, those with the right skill sets can do really well. I’m excited for the company and the team you have brought together. All the best in the future

    1. Hey Dale!

      I know, testimonials are crucial. Letting people know how fast people are getting success here with DreamTrips International just proves that what we are doing is working. I look forward to working with you in the future!

  5. The testimonials are great to read about when trying to get new members to join, such as the Dream Trips talked about within this blog post. Testimonials are a great way to get your point across and let potential new clients know how excited you are about being a big member of the Dream Trips program. I have bookmarked your article to come back and read it again.

    1. Thank you Jannette!

      I think you are someone who would be a great fit for DreamTrips International.

      When you are ready to sign up and travel the world, we will be here!

  6. Everyone has a dream vacation that they would like to take. There are many beautiful places all over the world that could fall into this category. With all these testimonials people’s dreams will be fulfilled very soon. There must be a huge cost in joining in order to obtain so much income quickly. What is the cost? Do you keep that hidden until after you are in the stages of closing the deal? Obviously, there are many success stories and people who are very excited about joining.

    1. I think I sent you a video regarding the cost of the memberships. If I haven’t, please let me know and I’ll send you my DreamTrips International Overview video.

  7. This is a very compelling article! The earning structure DreamTrips International house is quite astounding and I do like the idea of being about to sell trips. Travel is one the most exciting things to do nowadays. 

    The one on one mentoring seems like it’s the best perk for signing up. I wouldn’t know the place to start! I’ve never been much of a natural salesmen. The weekly team calls sound great too. What would those consist of?

    1. Hey Steven!

      If you want to learn more about DreamTrips International, let me know and I’ll help you get started! The weekly team calls are amazing and held in our private facebook groups.

      You don’t have to sell anything! Let me do that for you.

  8. Testimonial are a good way to share other people’s experiences with a product or service. It can tell others whether existing clients are happy, or would like to see improvements or changes. 

    These testimonials that you are sharing are from team members that are having success in Dream Trips International, which is always helpful to see for those wanting to know more. All the best

  9. I’ve been following your posts on DreamTrips International and I think this is nothing like any other MLM opportunities out there. I say this because not every company offers its members the luxury of traveling while making money at the same time.

    Reading the testimonials of some members of DreamTrips International made me even more hopeful that I might have found the right company to join. Being able to visit some of the most beautiful places in the world while getting paid is a dream come true.

    However, I don’t know if I can convince people to sign up. I joined other MLM companies before and I was never successful in bringing people in. I was able to sell some products but recruiting is not my forte. Even with the prominence of social media, I am still not sure if I can do this. 

    What advice would you give to someone like me who really wants to get on board DTI but is not skilled in recruiting people?

    1. The best advice I can give you is to join and learn as you go. We provide weekly trainings and offer all the different resources you need to succeed with DreamTrips International.

      I would love to mentor you and help you get the results you’ve been looking for!

  10. The testimonials on your site are very enticing. Everyone has at least one dream vacation, if not many that they would like to take. Unfortunately, right now, it seems like everyone is financially struggling and not thinking of vacations right now. I’m not much of a sales person, and don’t know if I would be able to entice others to sign up in order for me to make money doing this. Maybe I am wrong. 

    The 1 on 1 mentorship is free if you sign up and become a member, but what does it cost to become a member, and is that a one-time fee or a monthly recurring fee? 

    1. Hey Merry!

      Thank you for stopping by. Please click on the link in the post to learn more about the DreamTrips International Memberships and how to get started!

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