DreamTrips International – How Do I Sign Up? (Discover Pack)

Howzit going my friends.

Lorenz here and I created this blog post for those of you:

  • who have connected with me personally about DreamTrips International on Social Media, at Networking Events, WA…
  • you’ve probably already seen a few posts either on Instagram, Facebook, here on my Blog…
  • AND you are ready to get started & become a Member / Travel Ambassador

This is my quick guide on how to get started since I’ve been getting asked a lot now on how to get started!

Just follow the steps & let me know once you’re in so I can add and welcome you to our exclusive group.

>> If you want more info or have any further questions, FILL OUT THIS QUICK SURVEY.

There are 2 different ways you can join as a member of DTI.

Option 1:

When you are ready to SIGN UP, you can enroll in any of the 4 different membership levels below!

Standard Membership:

  • DreamTrips curated experiences
  • Airline, hotel & car rental private-booking engine
  • Best Rate Guarantee (Hotels)
  • Activities and event tickets
  • Cruises
  • Travel Loyalty Program

Plus Membership:

  • Standard membership offerings and…
  • RV Rentals
  • Concierge
  • Vacation rentals (short term stay)

Priority Membership:

  • Plus membership offerings and…
  • Exclusive event tickets
  • Airport lounge access
  • 7-Day Early Access to DreamTrips
  • Personal Loyalty Concierge (2x/year)

Elite Membership:

  • Priority memberships offerings and…
  • Private jet offerings
  • Yacht rental offerings
  • 10 day early access to DreamTrips
  • Personal loyalty concierge (unlimited)
  • Exclusive Elite DreamTrips
  • Luxury resort & vill offerings
  • Includes an Elite level DreamTrip

The great thing is that your membership covers your entire household (2 adults & your kids) and gives you access to all the different perks and benefits DreamTrips has to offer.

Steps To Becoming A Member!

Here’s the link to sign up – http://dreamtripsintl.com/dreamtripsofficial

01. Click on Link
02. Click on Memberships
03. Click on Standard (Join Now)
04. Enter Email Address
05. Sign Up (Account Info)
06. Create your own Referral Code
07. Payment info
08. Process payment

CLICK HERE to see how much the Membership costs to join!

To become a TRAVEL AMBASSADOR… simply add the (IBO) or Independent Business Owner pack upon check out – Refer to the photo below to see what’s included!

The IBO unlocks your commissions, your DreamTrips referral links & website, etc…

Option 2:

The most recommend way to get started with DreamTrips International is to come in with an ENROLLMENT PACK!

This is a Limited Time Offer for new members who want the best bang for your buck… and heres what’s included:


  • Priority Membership
  • 1st Month IBO Subscription
  • Includes a Discover DreamTrips Experience

That’s right guys!

The reason why most people are getting the Discover Pack is because it already includes a Discover DreamTrip Experience that you basically pre pay for and you can look forward to!

So if you know know that you’ll be going on a vacation anyways within a year, this is such a great deal for what you pay for to join DreamTrips International!

Discover DreamTrips

Check this out… these are some examples of the different Discover DreamTrips you can go on!

Steps To Enrolling With A Discover Pack!

Here’s the link to sign up – http://dreamtripsintl.com/dreamtripsofficial

01. Click on Link
02. Click on Opportunity
03. Click on Standard (Join Now)
04. Enter Email Address
05. Sign Up (Account Info)
06. Create your own Referral Code
07. Payment info
08. Process payment

CLICK HERE to see how much the Discover Pack costs to join!

Now let me tell you why that’s important?

We want to encourage our new members to go on a DreamTrip as soon as you can so you can experience it for yourself, how amazing our product is… how amazing our company is even though we’re so new.

We want you to be a product of the product…. because once you go on your first DreamTrip, you will never travel the same way ever again!

The Discover DreamTrip Experience my wife and I chose when I enrolled in the Discover Pack was this one in the Dominican Republic… and our favorite part about it was how all the food & drinks were literally paid for because the resort we stayed at was an ALL INCLUSIVE RESORT!

If this is something that you want to do, DO NOT HESITATE to reach out to me to help you get started!

We don’t just get to go on amazing vacations… but we get to literally get paid to share this amazing gift of travel with others.

I love DreamTrips International because we sell products… WE CREATE MEMORIES!

BONUS: Rapid Funnel App

When you become an IBO, or Travel Ambassador, you will get exclusive access to use our very own Rapid Funnel App which will allow you to run your entire business FROM YOUR PHONE!

This is why so many people are absolutely loving and crushing it right now.

Don’t wait! This offer won’t last long so join now and become the newest member of DreamTrips International.


Each week a DTI leader steps up to share all exciting new information about DreamTrips International.

Every Thursday at 8:00pm EST, 7:00pm CST, 5:00pm PST, 2:00pm HST

Click zoom link to access call – dtizoom.com/overview

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10 thoughts to “DreamTrips International – How Do I Sign Up? (Discover Pack)”

  1. Dream Trips International sound like an awesome membership to have. I’m not much of a vacationer other than camping, but I would definitely give this a try. This seems like the kind of travel business that would be very interesting and rewarding to get into. I’ll have to talk to my husband about Dream Trips International and see what he says. Thanks for the infomation.

    1. Sounds great Carol.

      When you are ready to join DreamTrips International, please let me know and I’ll help you get onboarded!

      You and your husband should go traveling!

  2. One of those ways to identify a verified platform is the ease to join their platform and the openness of the system. I see this in the way you expatiated on how to join dream trips international. On top of it is easy to access the discover pack. Great opportunity, I will use your link to gain access since it comes with the discover dream trip experience

  3. Dream Trips International does seem to have been different membership levels and benefits for those that travel a lot. So if I understand it correctly, when you buy an enrollment pack, you get a Dream Trip included. But can one choose the destination yourself, or is the trip selected for you? 

    How long is the Dream Trip for that is included? Is it just a weekend break, or an actual holiday? 

    By the way, I did click on the link to see how much membership costs, and it took me to the general website, not membership costs. So it would be helpful to have a direct link to costs, or to include it in your post. 

    1. That’s right Line!

      The enrollment pack includes a Discover DreamTrip Experience! You can choose from the library of Discover DreamTrips on your travel portal and you have a year to use it!

      Click on the other link, it works!

  4. Dream Trips International sounds like a really good opportunity for many people to get into the business. Plus getting to travel is always a bonus. It looks like you had a good trip to the Dominican Republic. If I didn’t have so much going on in my life right now I would be interested in this for sure. Good luck to you.

    1. Hey Kevin!

      Thank you for your interest in DreamTrips International.

      Whenever you are ready to travel, let me know and I can help you out!


  5. This seems like a great opportunity for some that loves to travel. You can literally plan out your vacation and have it the way you want it to be… if my understanding is correct. You can also get income and see the world instead of just looking at the same four walls. I really like the idea, it is a great opportunity for a lot of people. 

    1. Thank you so much Reggie! I will email you directly to talk more about DreamTrips International.

      Talk soon brother!

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