DreamTrips International – 1 Month Review (Testimonial)


Lorenz here and I am super stoked to let you guys know about my first month with the all new DreamTrips International.

If you haven’t heard by now, DreamTrips International just launched in August; the hottest launch of the summer and newest travel company in the home business space!


This is my official full overview of the DreamTrips International’s Membership & Travel Ambassador program! Watch till the end to get all the inside scoops!

  • What if you could travel the world and make $50 – $400 commissions promoting travel?
  • What if there was a possibility for you to earn $5000 – $30,000 residual income every month?
  • What if this is the thing you’ve been waiting for your whole life and you get to be part of the launch of the company!?

We are looking for people like you who want to create time freedom, money freedom, and location freedom to create the life you deserve and live life to the fullest!

Sound good? You might want to check this out.

As an Affiliate Marketer, this is everyone’s dream to promote!

You get to share with people the experience of travel and going on adventures… something that is fun and people will actually look forward to.

Plus, we are BRAND NEW!

What better time to get started with a company than at the very beginning?

Scroll down to see my own personal 1 Month Review of promoting DreamTrips International!

DreamTrips International – What is a DreamTrip?

When you go on a DreamTrip, IT’S MORE THAN JUST A VACATION!

It’s more than just a vacation… it’s more of a retreat or unique curated experience that you get access to at the most affordable prices allowing people to finally travel to exotic locations they always dreamed of like, Dubai!

You will get access a bunch of product benefits and features such your own private travel portal with your already discounted flights, hotels, car rentals, and more.

Our travel loyalty program rewards you with points you can use towards future trips, excursions, etc…

You also get daily deals on some of the top brands such as Starbucks, discounts on Sporting Events (NBA & NFL games), discounts at Theme Parks (DisneyLand, Universal Studios), discounted shows in Las Vegas (Cirque Du Soleil), discounted Concert and Movie Tickets, and more!

One of my favorite perks is having access to the Airport Private Lounges. I’ve always wondered what the airport lounge experience would be like and it’s amazing! There may be times when you arrive to the airport early, or you have long layovers and you’re like what do we do for the next couple of hours.

The Airport Lounges give you access to a bar, complimentary refreshments, free WiFi, AC, massage rooms, sleep areas, and some of them even have pools!

You will also get access to cruise reservations, RVs, and your own worldwide concierge to help you for anything travel related or for your own personal needs.

We are on our way to becoming the world’s number 1 travel club and you can be one of our early pioneers.

If this is something that aligns with you, and you want to become an Affiliate / Travel Ambassador for DreamTrips International:

>> CLICK HERE to book a connect call with me for more info!

 It’s Been Amazing So Far…

I am so grateful to get paid to help people go on experiences and live their best lives.

This week I have heard so many amazing testimonials from our community saying that this is the best thing they have ever done… those who are new are flourishing and those who’ve been in the industry for years, but never found success before, are now finding so much success in a short amount of time!

I am personally going to build a $50,000 residual income every month in this business and I am going to help so many people do the same!

Are you one of those people? Reach out if you are!

As a leader in this company, I’ve been able to build a team of OVER 30 members in just  ONE MONTH promoting DreamTrips International.

So many success stories already from many of our members.


The reason why a lot of people are excited to join our travel community is because travel is booming and bigger than ever!

I am sure you know a handful or a lot of people who would possibly want to travel right now… and possibly get paid to do so. I am sure you know some people who may be interested in another source of income…

Our company’s compensation is probably the most lucrative compensation plan I have ever seen in the whole industry with 5 different ways Travel Ambassadors can earn.

Money is different when you are talking about physical products compared to travel.

Most affiliate marketers only make a small % when promoting physical products such as supplements, skin care, hair products, CBD, etc… Sell a $50 supplement, you may only get %10 which is $10 commissions.

Unless you have a big following or you are a pro at marketing, you will not make a significant income right off the bat!

BUT here with DreamTrips International, you can take off running and start earning as little as $50 all the way up to $400 commissions on the front end every time you refer new members!

That is insane! You see, the thing is, people are willing to spend more on travel meaning you have the ability to earn MORE commissions.

1 Month Review (Personal Testimonial)

In just a month of promoting DreamTrips International I have already made multiple weekly commissions off of the first order bonus & binary (team) bonuses and I also received the first month’s monthly residual income through the matrix!

These are some screenshots of the notifications I receive whenever someone signs up with my link and when we get paid.

What if you could receive money notifications every time your commissions hit your account?

Not just that, but I have helped many of my team members sign up people and make their first commissions as well… some even made over $1000 this month already!

What is great about our compensation plan is that it you do not need so many referrals to make a significant, life-changing income.

I also reached the rank of Voyager 10K which qualifies me to earn on Level 10 of the company’s Matrix!

Refer to the chart below!

Our company’s matrix gives members the opportunity to earn from $4 – $20 commissions off of subscription renewals every month… this is our monthly residual income!

We are only at the beginning… imagine how many members will be joining the company over the next couple of months, a year, 2 years…

Imagine if you had 1000’s of members in your matrix simply because you are here at the Top of the 0.1% of the company, before even 90% of our members come in.

What would $5000 a month, $10,000 a month, $30,000 a month do for you & your family?

This backend matrix is going to bless so many people.

You don’t have to understand to right now… just know that this is like investing into Tesla or Amazon during its early stages. This is going to spread like wildfire and I want you to be a part of our team so you can benefit from it too!

CLICK HERE or the photo above to read my full review and testimonial on DreamTrips International!

What I Love Most About Being A DreamTrips Member…

  • We are here at the top 0.1% of the company… before everyone else
  • We’re not selling any physical products (NO inventory)
  • A proven product that everyone loves and is excited to share (Travel)
  • The best and most lucrative compensation plan in the industry!
  • We have all the tools and resources you need… to succeed

6 thoughts to “DreamTrips International – 1 Month Review (Testimonial)”

  1. Awesome to read of your success with DreamTrips Lorenz and especially after such a short time.
    So I take it you have only been doing DreamTrips for one month and reached Level 10 on the Matrix Payout schedule.
    How did you recruit so many people?
    Was it mainly social media? and which ones?
    Also is it available to Australian members?
    Thanks  in advance

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate it!

      I was part of the company’s Pre Launch and had the exclusive access to invite my closest friends and family before the actual launch.

      I have been building teams in this space for almost 6 years now and so I know a thing or two on recruiting and duplicating.

      Social media is my number 1 source of traffic, specifically Instagram and posting on IG stories / reels!

      To answer your question, YES! This is available to Australians… it’s international!

      Mahalo for your comment and questions!

  2. Dream Trips International looks great, Lorenz, Travel the world at reduced cost and make money while you travel. Traveling is one of my hubbies and one of those I spent my holidays doing. With DreamTrips International, I will spend less time planning and scheduling flights and hotels. Top of it is the earning potential

    1. Thank you sir! DreamTrips will help change so many people’s lives… not just the travel part, but the income potential. So many people will be able to create generational wealth through our compensation plan. Many leaders are already coming over from other companies to join DreamTrips International!

  3. Wow, this is what I call a dream job doing something that you really love doing, who would not like to travel the world while you are being paid a good income to do just that? There are not many jobs these days that offer this type of benefits. A job of this sort is so amazing.

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