Always Seeking Validation And Trying To Impress Others!

Howzit going guys!


My entire life I was always afraid to have the real world really understand who was the Lorenz that I really am.

And because of that, I would spend a lot of time creating this almost false persona of just trying to impress everyone.

But the more I started to put on this mask of how I wanted to be viewed by everyone around me, the more I started to get out of tune with who I actually was…

And the more insecure & unhappy I that I felt.


This is such a poisonous thing right…

To be something you’re not.

To try & show this image of who you are to just make people think you’re cool…

And it was really for the seeking of validation from other people.


I don’t really know why I do this & it’s a trait I don’t really like about myself.

And I’ve never really told anyone this, but even as I’m talking about it now, I still have those thoughts like what would people think about me now, how will they judge me…

Every little thing, I was conscious about.

I feel anxiety & insecure about everything.


It’s like everything I say or do, is enhanced so much because I overthink things all the time… I overanalyze everything in my brain.

It’s like an insecurity that breeds from comparison.

Im constantly comparing myself to other people, even when I try not to.

And when I see people who I perceive to be ahead of me in life, or people who I know for a fact don’t work hard as me, but are doing the things I actually want to be doing.


I sorta feel overwhelmed because I don’t know the steps that they took to get to that level of success…

And it’s that moment when I start to look at all the things that they have that I don’t… that I lose sight of all the things that I have & should be grateful for.


How many of you feel this way?

Feel free to reach out if you need anyone to talk with!

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