7 Reasons Why You Should Join The All NEW DreamTrips International!


I have some exciting new information to share with you all.

If you’re still on the fence about joining DreamTrips International, you should absolutely read till the end.

Discover why so many people are joining our community and how a lot of them are already seeing success within their first couple of weeks.

Maybe you are new to Affiliate Marketing and you’re looking for a mentor to help you make your first $100 commission…

Or you have been doing this for a while now, but haven’t seen any results yet.

Whatever it is, if you are seriously ready to level up in your life and in your business:

>> FILL THIS OUT & I will contact you directly on how to get started! 

We are only about 2 & a half months into the launch of DreamTrips International, and I can proudly say that joining when I did was the best decision I have ever made!

Getting an exclusive invite to be an early member and top leader has been such a blessing.

I am so happy to not only see success for myself, but to also have helped so many of members start seeing results already too.

Last week, I recorded our company’s most recent overview video.

WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW to see how you can become a Travel Ambassador and start earning a residual income…

We are so early and so new that if you were interested in becoming a member… THE TIME IS NOW!

Don’t miss out on this life changing opportunity… we got so many exciting new updates and announcements every week!

Would you rather be part of something when the boat is already sailing away… or when the boat is still docked!?

Guess what… you get a chance to be an early member of DreamTrips International before we even take off!

 DECEMBER 2022 UPDATE: We are officially going into PHASE 2 of our company’s launch!

Recently, our company’s CEO & the founding leaders including myself was invited to an exclusive ELITE DreamTrip here in my home. I was super grateful to have finally met these people I’ve been doing business with online over the last few months.

These Are My 7 Reasons Why You Should Join The All NEW DreamTrips International!

1. You get to be a Pioneer in a brand new company.

If you are new to my blog, DreamTrips International officially launched on August 1st, 2022!

You know… it’s very rare for anyone to ever get a chance to be at the Top 0.001% of the company before everyone else, but you get that incredible opportunity here with DreamTrips International.

Think of it like having a beachfront position in the company.

Don’t miss out because when this blows up, in a few months, you’re gonna be kicking yourself wishing you got in when you did.

2. You don’t have to go out and sell or promote any physical products.

Why is that important?

Because selling products in 2022, not many people align with it or connect with it.

Here with DreamTrips International, you don’t need to buy and hold any inventory.

You don’t have to deal with shipping delays, shitty quality products, products that don’t work, etc…

Instead, we help people create memories and go on magical experiences.

3. We have a proven product, a proven concept that everyone already loves and is excited to share.

Although DreamTrips International is a brand new company, our product which is called a “DREAMTRIP” has actually been around for almost 20 years.

That means we have a proven track record and  years and years of amazing testimonials.

We’ve already sent 1.3 million travelers to over 30,000 DreamTrips in over 70 countries.

Now that the pandemic is over, people are more excited than ever to go back on a DreamTrip.

I went on a DreamTrip to the Dominican Republic and it was truly incredible!

>> FILL THIS OUT & I will contact you directly on how to get started! 

The entire experience was magical.

  • We got picked up at the airport and dropped off to our resort.
  • The resort was all inclusive and when we arrived, we go to skip the front desk line… there was a VIP check in station for DreamTrips members and we were greeted with a welcome reception drink, gifts, our group badges, etc…
  • Our room was beautiful and we were stoked to be there for a whole week.
  • One of my favorite parts was simply meeting people from all around the world who was also DreamTrippers like myself.
  • We went on a tour of the local area and zip-lined through one of the longest zip-lines in the region.
  • Others went four wheeling on a muddy track which led them to go swimming in the Cenotes.
  • Since the resort was all inclusive, all of our food and drinks were paid for!

These are just some of the highlights from our trip… it was one of the best experiences of our lives!

4. We have the best and most lucrative compensation plan in the industry!

Money is different when we are talking about physical products compared to travel.

For example… if you are trying to market a $50 supplement, you may only get %5-10 of something that is already a low ticket offer.

That means you need more customers in order to make good money.

The great about travel is that people see the value of spending more on travel and going on vacations…

Why is that good for us?

Higher ticket offers means higher commissions!

Here’s some PROOF of one of my commission payouts!

I learned about high ticket about 5 years ago and when I did, it changed the way I look at companies and products.

Think of it like this… Would you rather sell 400 $1 products, or 1 $400 product? Which is easier?

The great thing about DreamTrips International is we have multiple high ticket offers depending on each person’s financial situation.

5. We have all the tools and resources you need to succeed.

I’ll tell you guys this, I’ve been in the industry for 6 years, and there were many times when I signed up for something, and the moment I signed up, I was left to go and figure out how to do it on my own.

One of the biggest reasons why I love DreamTrips is the type of leadership and support we have.

We truly have people who care about each individuals success, including myself.

We have all the right systems in play for the newest person to come in and crush it.

Plus, you will exclusive access to all of our private facebook groups where we share all tools, resources, and weekly trainings.

This is why so many people are already seeing so much success within their first week of joining!

We have weekly team trainings from industry professionals and team leaders going over exactly how to build and grow in this business.

6. You get access to a whole library of exotic destinations around the world at the most affordable prices.

One of the reasons why most people don’t even think of traveling to places like Dubai, Switzerland, or Italy is because they already assume it’s expensive.

But what if you could travel to these destinations at a fraction of the price than what you would pay if you were to book this on your own.

I also love how these DreamTrips are more than just a vacation.

They are more of a retreat than a vacation.

You really get to experience a different type of traveling.

7. You will personally be mentored by me!

In just 2 months, I have not just crushed it for myself, but I’ve already helped a number of people make their first $50 commissions, $100 commissions…

A handful of my members have also received their first monthly residual check, and one of my friends couldn’t even believe how much he earned.

I think he made $500 just off of the matrix alone.

I am on pace to building a $20,000 a month business by the end of the year… and I am going to help so many people make their first $1000 monthly residual, $5000 monthly residual, even $10,000 monthly residual just by sharing travel with others.

>> I usually charge a thousand dollars for my mentorship program, but just as long as you are a member of DreamTrips International, you’ll get my mentorship for FREE! <<

BONUS – You get exclusive access to ALL OF THIS!!!

As a member and travel ambassador for DreamTrips International, you get access to so many different perks and benefits.

This will totally change the way you ever traveled again.

  • DreamTrips curated experiences
  • Travel loyalty rewards program
  • World leading concierge services
  • Access to 1000+ global airport lounges
  • Complimentary airport and hotel transfers
  • Airline, hotel, and care rental private booking portal
  • Welcome reception and farewell dinner
  • Cruise reservation system
  • RV and travel trailer rentals
  • Short term vacation rentals
  • Theme parks, concerts, and sporting events
  • Do it yourself travel packages
  • Personal loyalty concierge (2x/year)
  • Private villa offerings at exotic locations

Are you ready to start living the life you deserve?

Are you ready start investing your time and energy into a community and system that is actually going to help you make money?

Are you ready to finally start seeing the results you’ve been working so hard for?

I am looking to personally mentor 5-10 people who signs up this month… so if you are interested in not just traveling the world and going on vacations… but also making the most money you have ever made in your life:

>> FILL THIS OUT & I will contact you directly on how to get started! 


Each week a DTI leader steps up to share all exciting new information about DreamTrips International.

Every Thursday at 8:00pm EST, 7:00pm CST, 5:00pm PST, 2:00pm HST

Click zoom link to access call – dtizoom.com/overview

Check out my other DreamTrips International blogs below:









74 thoughts to “7 Reasons Why You Should Join The All NEW DreamTrips International!”

  1. I never knew such an opportunity where I could join a team and build a business existed. Thank you for bringing this up. Apart from the benefit of traveling with the team, having a product that has lasted for more than 20 years is excellent. And promoting this product without thinking of logistics like transporting and warehousing products is excellent.

    1. DreamTrips International is the number 1 travel club in the world. Just ask siri! Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on our brand new travel company!

  2. I did not know that there were that many clubs out here that were involved with travel, I have heard of a few where you can actually make monies and travel at a discount or cheap as you travel the world. I believe being involved in a club that offers this type of opportunities so amazing.

    1. I agree with you Norman! That’s why DreamTrips International is going to be one of the biggest travel companies in the world. As a VIP lifestyle travel club, our members are absolutely loving being able to promote travel and earn commissions!

  3. Dream trips seems like an exciting opportunity to make money online, especially with no physical products to ship. Thank you for writing about this.  Travel is definitely a booming industry after the pandemic when everyone was locked down. It also seems like a great opportunity to book exciting travel destinations for our family.  Thank you!

    1. Hey Antonia!

      Yes! DreamTrips International is on fire and we are adding so many enhancements to our membership program!

      When you are ready to go traveling, please let me know and I can help you plan the most incredible vacation experience.

  4. With the world opening up again, global travel is more of a reality again. Promoting a travel club could be a good way of earning money online. You mention that Dream Trips International has a lucrative compensation plan, but what does it consist of? 

    From your post it is not quite clear if Dream Trips International is a multilevel marketing (MLM) company? I am worried though that you say “when this blows up”, as to me that means something is going to collapse. Or do you means that it is going to be big? I’d appreciate if you can please clarify. 

    1. Thank you for stopping by Line! DreamTrips International is indeed a MLM company, and we’re proud to say that we are the most anticipated home based business launch of the year! When I say blow up, that’s exactly what I mean. It’s going to be bigger than any of us can even imagine!

  5. Wow, it sure looks like you had a lot of fun traveling with Dream Trips International! And why shouldn’t you when you not only got to explore the Dominican Republic but earn money too while having the time of your life?

    When somebody offers you to be a part of a company that has not proven itself in the market yet, it’s natural to be a skeptic. But Dream Trip International has been in operation for 20 years already, which means it’s got to be legit. 

    These 7 reasons you cited for joining Dream Trips International are more than enough for anyone to consider. I have been doing affiliate marketing for more than 2 years now but I never got to the point where I can say I am successful. 

    Thank you for sharing about this company, Lorenz.

    1. Thank you Alice! It seems like DreamTrips International is right up your alley! I would love to help you grow this business and help you get your first results. Let’s definitely connect!

  6. Dream Trips International is a great concept that will no doubt grow. It is very exciting to think that this is also a ground floor opportunity and that the travel industry is recovering from the downturn caused by the pandemic. You are right to suggest that more money can be made from high ticket items and that travel packages allow the opportunity to make greater profits. Thank you so much for this post.

    1. Thank you for checking out my post! I appreciate you sharing your feedback. DreamTrips International is ready for you when you are! Let’s travel the world together!

  7. For me, the best reason to sign up for Dreamtrips International is as you said the mentorship and training. I have joined some MLMs only to be left to figure out things on my own. Let’s face it, there are only so many friends and family that you can pitch the business to. 

    These days, the company needs to teach it’s members how to use social media and other traffic methods to build a sustainable business. You mentioned that Dreamtrips offers member training. If they are focused on teaching people these methods, then I would say Dreamtrips is a fantastic business opportunity.

    1. Hello Roopesh! Thank you sir. I appreciate you sharing that you’ve been in the industry before. Yes, we provide a lot of trainings, especially on social media. Come check us out, I promise you won’t regret it! DreamTrips International is amazing.

  8. I think one of the best rasons to love this is that you don’t have to go out and sell stuff.  I get kind of embarrassed when people are looking at me and listening to me try to sell them something.  I am not good at it at all haha.  I also think that being able to sell just one ticket and make a substantial amount of money is great, and not have to worry about seeling small things in large amounts.

    1. Jessie, you are absolutely right brother! It’s so nice connecting with you. I’m so excited for you to start. We are going to make so much money together with DreamTrips International.

  9. Dream Trips International I heard about it before but wasn’t sure about joining the program. Your review has helped me make a decision about joining Dream Trips International. I love to travel and then blog about my travel destinations to help other travelers save money and visit new places that they have only dreamed about going to. 

    1. Thank you Jannette! I’m sure you will love being a member of DreamTrips International. I look forward to partnering up with you on this and helping you scale your business!

  10. I am following your journey each month and glad to see you have found your niche with Dreamtrips. This looks like a great opportunity for people who love to travel and I am sure that is why the company is doing so well at the moment. Where are you planning to take your next trip?

    1. Thank you so much for following my journey here with DreamTrips International. It’s amazing to see our growth every single month. I am ready to get you started whenever you are ready! We look forward to going to Dubai or Santorini!

      If there was one destination you would like to visit, where would it be?

  11. When you become an affiliate do you have to travel for this program? I am a stay at home parent and my fiance works so it would be hard to find time to be able to. How much can you make off of 1 sale? And where are the most popular places people have bought trips to?

    1. Thank you for all the great questions Spencer.

      With DreamTrips International you can earn 5 different ways. The first order bonuses range from $50 – $400.

      The Dominican Trip is everyone’s favorite so far!

  12. Thank you for sharing you Dream Trip platform.

    You put a lot of heart and soul into this presentation. The ability to travel the world, network with other travelers and make money is the best of both worlds and is an amazing offer. I was a member of a travel club many years ago and it was amazing experience. If I decide to join, what accommodations do you have for close family members? By the way, the training, resources and bonuses are great incentives to join. One more thing, are the cruises included in all plans or just standard memberships?


    1. Hey Rachele! Thank you so much for checking out my post on DreamTrips International. I noticed you also filled out your info. I will contact you later on today and we can connect from there. I will answer all of this for you on a text or a call. Looking forward to working with you.

  13. So i have looked at it and it seems to be that you really have a passion for traveling and helping others fulfill their dreams in travel

    One thing i had to say is me when viewing this may just be me it seemed very overwhelming to look at but that could be that i was looking at it in the dark

    Do you have any recommendations for people that want to start really small on traveling?

    1. Hey Charles! Thanks for stopping by. I do have a passion for inspiring others to go out and travel and live their best lives. DreamTrips International is giving me that opportunity. I would recommend saving your money… or going to places in the United States before venturing abroad!

  14. Dream trips appears to be a thrilling an open door to bring in cash on the web, particularly with no actual items to deliver. Much obliged to you for expounding on this. Travel is most certainly a thriving industry after the pandemic when everybody was secured. It likewise appears to be an incredible chance to book invigorating travel objections for our loved ones. Much obliged to you!

    Great post:)

    1. Thank you Katherine! Does DreamTrips International sound like something you want to be a part of? Do you travel?

  15. Hey Lorenz, thank you for sharing “7 Reasons Why You Should Join The All NEW DreamTrips International!”. I love your blog, and it is great to see someone as passionate as you about this. 2 months already, and time is flying. I appreciate how you share the progress about Dream Trips International. Great post; I love it. Thank you, and have a great day. Regards. Vlad

    1. Thank you so much Vlad! I appreciate you following my journey with DreamTrips International. So many people are getting success as well and that’s why we are growing so fast. Thanks.

  16. This article was very interesting and gave me a lot of information to consider. Thank you for sharing this and being willing to personally communicate with people. Anyone who views this will definitely be interested in all you share here. You caught my interest from the start and keep it throughout. everything was easy to read and follow and the pics made me wanna go traveling right away. will be looking forward to seeing more posts from you. Thanks again Linda

    1. Thank you Linda! I have 4 other posts about DreamTrips International. Definitely check it out if you want all these travel benefits!

  17. Great article!  Sounds like an interesting new company.  A ton of information on your page for those interested in this type of thing.  Seems like a possible way to make some money and travel, but I am one of those skeptical readers so I will watch and see what happens. 

    Good luck to you and have fun traveling.


    1. Hey Lisa! Don’t sit on the sidelines too long. When you’re ready to learn more about DreamTrips International, please let me know. Let’s travel the world together!

  18. Wow! Dream Trips seems like a valuable tool! I love looking online for deals on vacation spots, and this seems like a tool I will utilize often. I love how you included a YouTube video for more info. This article is extremely helpful, especially to those of us who love to travel.

    1. Hey Marissa! Do you like to travel? If you do, then DreamTrips International is for you. Stay tuned for more posts!

  19. Thanks for sharing a very interesting article on dream team International. I had no idea there was a chance to work with a group of people to launch a company. I appreciate you mentioning this. Having a product that has endured for more than 20 years is fantastic, aside from the benefit of traveling with the team. Furthermore, it is great to promote this product without considering logistics like shipping and storage of goods.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting on another one of my posts about DreamTrips International. So many great things happening and the travel industry is booming!

  20. Money and enjoyment!If am having fun and later add value to my pocket then why no.This indeed incredible thank you for search a content,i did wish to engage in search a trip.The many beautiful features and cites for recreation i just like.Being a business oriented person his is it for me.  

    1. Are you ready to join the all the DreamTrips International? So many different perks and benefits just for being a member here with us. Let’s travel the world and make a difference.

  21. I was intrigued by this site! I was curious what the intent of it was. Was I expected to buy a trip? Was I expected to join to sell the trips? I watched the video, which was long, but it did peak my curiosity! You site reads well & is inviting! It’s almost hard to believe that one could sell a trip to these locations at such a low cost and still make money!
    I have NO experience with trips or businesses like this (unless I don’t realize it) I have always booked my trips on my own and ONE time through a travel agent. Having something like this, would allow me to travel more.
    I would not feel comfortable joining or selling this type of business. I am skeptical, it’s a downfall, at times. I will definitely try to follow your social media to see how you and the business grows.
    Exciting and lucrative if it all plays out right!

    1. Aloha KellyAnn! Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a great comment. I appreciate you for watching my video on DreamTrips International. This would definitely allow you to travel more. Please follow me on either Instagram or Facebook to learn more about what we go going on! I’m sure if you join our travel club, you won’t regret it!

  22. Dream Trips International is a new way of travelling the world and making money! And the 7 ways you presents opens a lot of quality travelling aspects to think about! I like this blog.
    The notion of how to join a travel team, develop a business and make money at the same time is interesting. I like the idea, but I don’t know if its suitable for me. Personally, I travelled a lot, and I know how much the prices is soaring now. Therefore, I appreciate your blog because it’s given me different kind of information and an opportunity to make money and travel with cheap prices.  
    Good luck and have fun traveling.

    1. Hey Neda! Thank you for stopping by! When you are ready to go traveling again, please do reach out to me and I can help you out! Let’s work together! DreamTrips International members get the best perks!

  23. Hey man, you make this opportunity sound incredibly hype! I want to join DreamTrips International so bad now lol. Honestly I probably will after my next few week of overtime are over and I have time for this. 

    I’ve tried affiliate marketing before but I had no idea travel affiliate programs could produce such high ticket items! I did this affiliate program the wrong way before! Thank you so much for your informative article. 

    I’ll be back to join =)

    1. Hey Steven!

      Howzit going man?

      Dude, thank you so much.

      When you are ready to join DreamTrips International, just let me know.

      I would definitely love to partner up with you and travel together.

      Talk soon!

  24. Great article. If I did not already have a lot going on, I would have been interested in checking out that opportunity. It was well presented and you used your visuals well. The only thing that comes to mind to improve your pitch would be to mention the percentages people can make from selling the trips. You talked about the low percentages people make from selling physical products, but you didn’t mention how yours are higher.

    On a side note, you may want to download a program called Grammarly. Your article was well proofread, but there were a few errors that Grammarly would have helped you catch.

    “We Are Comics”

  25. Wow! I didn’t realise there was an opportunity like this available. It sounds like a great way to help people have their dream holiday and make some money as well!! Sign me up!

    I have been looking for a way to make some pocket money whilst helping others and this seems perfect. It could also help me book my dream trip.

    What are the commission %? 
    Does it differ depending on the holiday booked?


    1. This is an absolute amazing way to help people go on exciting adventures and make money at the same time. I can’t wait for you to book your first DreamTrip! I’m glad we were able to connect through email. We’ll talk more!

  26. Hi Lorenz, thought I’d pop back and take another read through your review as it’s been weighing on my mind. Unfortunately, I’ve decided against signing up though the dreams of travel thrill me. Perhaps I’m not brave enough, or perhaps it’s that I’m too tied down now. It’s my bad, I know, and I envy your experience. Wouldn’t it be great to pick up some luggage baggage rather than carrying around the personal baggage that keeps us trapped in the status quo?

    Anyway, I came back for two points (I can’t find my previous comment to reply to, so posting a new one). The first one was to thank you for introducing me to DreamTrips International and I’m sorry I didn’t take up the opportunity. The second is whether you have any financial opportunities where my feet will, regrettably, stay on the ground?  

    Keep up the good work and living your best life!


    1. Hey Russell!

      Thank you so much for your honesty! I truly appreciate that.

      Are you sure you don’t wanna give it a try?

      I promise you DreamTrips International is so worth it!

      Let’s travel brother!

  27. If this is a good fit for someone’s lifestyle, I would agree, the time is now!  Early adopters have the most to gain from a new venture. What an opportunity for the 5 to 10 folks who will be personally mentored by you.  Yes, travel sounds much easier to market than products that people don’t want or need! I’m not a fan of sounding salesy. Travel sells itself!

    1. You got that right, Beth!

      Travel absolutely sells itself and that’s why so many people are joining DreamTrips International.

      Are you ready to check it out?

      We have a call today at 8pm EST!

  28. Hey Lorenz!

    It’s so exciting to read about your success.

    I’m having very similar success in another program, and I love it. It’s completely freeing and for the first time in my life I feel like I have a hope coming soon to be able to jump out of the 9-5 grind and create my own long term successful business.

    More luck to you!

    1. Thank you so much Mark!

      Good luck to you as well.

      I’m glad I was invited to be a pre launch member of DreamTrips International.

      Cheers to all your success man.

      Maybe I’ll see you traveling around the world!

  29. I did not know that DreamTrips International existed and that I could make money being a travel ambassador. I love traveling, and this is a unique opportunity. So many people want to travel (including me). I know that the travel industry will have a boost! I am in for this! Thank you!

  30. Okay, even I did not know that you can sell trips plus be on them at the same time. I have no experience with none of this at all. I love the idea of traveling though. I have always been sort of nomadic in my ideas but it never manifested into a reality. 

    You are right too when you mentioned about many of us believe we cannot go to these countries because of how expensive it is. 

    My dreams are to visit many parts of Africa. Egypt, Libya, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Sudan, Mali, Nigeria, Niger, Namibia, Zaire, South Africa, Morocco, and Mozambique are just a few that is on my bucket list. Then I would like to travel to France, parts of Spain, Italy maybe the UK as well. 

    I have many dreams and goals to travel the world. I should have studied architecture or archeology when I was in college. A lot of these dreams would have been accomplished by now.

    The only questions I have are these, is it possible to go to all of the countries I have mentioned here? 

    What made you want to become a travel agent?

    Your article is wonderfully built; I did not have any trouble navigating it and it is very simple to understand.

    I don’t even have much of an opinion because this is all fairly new to me. Even though this is something I wanted to do when I was younger. But I do thank you for making things so much simpler as far as traveling goes.

    I think I will sign up for this too! Seems like I would enjoy this very much.

    1. Thank you for your awesome comment. Yes, we are DreamTrips International so we have trips all around the world. Shakida I would love to work with you! I’ll connect directly through email.

  31. Hey!

    I had a mind-set that it must cost a fortune to travel. I always thought travel was best for corporate execs and companies.  

    The  Dream Trips Travel Agency has shown me that that’s not the case. It sounds interesting and Worth trying. 

    However, when are the DT points availed after payment? Please clarify more on the compensation plan as well, otherwise I am attracted already. 

    Thank you so much.

    1. If you would like to learn more about DreamTrips International and our compensation plan, I create another blog highlighting the entire comp plan. 

  32. Wowo this looks amazing! You travel (which is one of my passion so I perfectly understand you) and you earn money! This seems like an incredible opportunity.

    And i alwsays prefer promoting experiences rahter than products. You learn so much from experiences and the memories you get out of them are priceless

    I didn’t know such clubs existed! Thank you for sharing, I’ll definitely consider it

    1. Thank you Diane!

      If you’re interested in joining DreamTrips International, please reach out to me directly. I’ll go ahead and show you more details I didn’t share on this blog!

  33. I love too travel
     It’s a great way to meet new people and see new places.
     It’s a great way to learn about other cultures.
    You can meet new friends 

    I  love to travel and meet new people, then DreamTrips is definitely the place for you! With a community of like-minded travelers, you’ll always have someone to explore the world with.

    1. Are you ready to travel the world with our DreamTrips International community?

      Let’s travel the world together!

  34. This is an business opportunity like none as I saw so far from the travelling niche. In the past I heard here and there about becoming a travel ambassador without to much fuzz about it. But I have to admit DreamTrips International got my attention. But I am still on the fence and here the reason why:

    As I am writing theses line, the price of gas is still high, the inflation increasing the price of everyday items and let not forget about  the housing market…

    I am sure there is an audience/market for vip travelling but where I am in Canada many around me have on they minds the coming Holidays and not many are planning on going on a trip. Maybe things can change for the better but me honestly and with all due respect I will think twice before embarking in the travel niche but that just me.

    1. Thank you Eric! If DreamTrips International caught your attention, let’s definitely connect and work together. The time is now to get started. Next year we will all travel the world!

  35. Thanks for bringing such an opportunity to us with all of this information. It seems that there are many more options for travel businesses now that travelling safe is back on the plans of many people. The site does feel quite ‘sales like’ and could use for example, a greater focus on the business and development of the user who may wish to join your company. 

    Thanks again for bringing such an opportunity to light for me and best wishes to you moving forward with your company

    1. Thank you so much Dale!

      I appreciate your honest feedback on DreamTrips International.

      Cheers to all your success brother!

  36. People love to travel so this seems a very lucrative niche for anyone who wants to make money. Your description of your trip is fantastic and will interest a lot of people.

    I thought Dreamstrip had been around for a while. The opportunity to be on the ground floor of any opportunity is fantastic. I am happy to hear how well you are doing and wish you as much success as you can handle.

    It is very kind of you to offer your mentorship to people who want to take part in your business opportunity. You are very encouraging and seem very helpful to people who join this opportunity under you.

    I am presently in an incentive based marketing business that gives away complimentary vacations and Hotel vouchers so I think the two platforms may not be compatible. I will check this and get back to you.

    1. Thank you Virginia! I appreciate you stopping by to learn more about DreamTrips International.

      What business is it?

      If it isn’t a conflict of interest, I would recommend checking DreamTrips out!

  37. Hi,

    thanks for presenting this interesting opportunity, I love traveling, and I believe that this is a great product to promote. It probably never gets boring, hah? I guess it’s very good to be on top of the line earning so much money, and having a highly paid product like this. Is this only in english language, or does your company have some branches in other languages too?

    Thanks for answering,


    1. Hey Fabi!

      If you love traveling, you will absolutely love DreamTrips International. I’m going to reach out to you directly on how you can get started. I’m super excited for you! Our company is International, so we are looking to expand.

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