4 Premium ClickFunnels Share Funnels!

If you are you looking for the best ClickFunnels Share Funnels templates you can download and use for free…

You came to the right place!

 04.11.2020 UPDATE: Check out the brand NEW ‘TRAFFIC SECRETS‘ book and sign up for the next ‘One Funnel Away Challenge‘ or scroll down to learn more.

Every Online Marketer Needs A Funnel

No matter what niche or industry you’re in, there’s a funnel for that.

For me, I primarily use it for my Affiliate Marketing business, promoting lot’s of different products and services over the years.

Back in 2017, I actually generated over $20k in revenue with a single Facebook AD Video and simple 3-Step Lead Generation FUNNEL.

If you don’t already know what ClickFunnels is, it’s an easy to use software that most internet marketers and well known entrepreneurs use that enables you to personally create pages to market, sell, & deliver your products & services online.

ClickFunnels allows you to build high-converting sales funnels that you can actually share with others.

Building funnels for other brands and companies has been one of my most essential skills for the last 3 years because it allows me to help others make more sales online.

Ultimately, that’s the most important part to this whole thing, right?

And the best way to get more traffic and more sales is having the right funnel with the right hook, story, and offer!

What’s Great About ‘Share Funnels’?

The Share Funnels feature for ClickFunnels is very useful because it allows other people to use a sales funnel that is already proven to convert.

This is great for someone who is starting out because most beginner marketers aren’t familiar just yet at creating funnels and would like to use one that is already having success with someone else.

One of the things I wish I understood more as a beginner marketer back in October 2016 was implementing a sales funnel into everything I was promoting at the time because I was losing out on a lot of leads.

Do not make the same mistake I did and wait too long to incorporate a sales funnel with your site.

Because like all the top online entrepreneurs say…

“The money is in the list.”

That’s true, because the most important part to any business is “relationships” and email marketing is the best form of direct communication to your customers because you can automate the entire process.

But before they even get into your list, it all starts with having a well crafted landing page / email opt in page…

Because you have to first have an offer so attractive that they actually want to submit their email, right?

That’s why I started creating FREE funnels for people to use and get started with.

I know what it’s like to start from scratch.

No CF Account, No Problem!

These Share Funnel Templates come directly from my ClickFunnels library.

You will have access to ALL of them for free…

If you’re not yet a ClickFunnels user, simply CLICK ON ANY TEMPLATE below and you will be provided with a FREE trial to start testing out your new funnels.


PREMIUM #1: Membership Funnel

PREMIUM #2: Modern Funnel

PREMIUM #3: Survey Funnel

PREMIUM #4: StoreFront Funnel

I hope you enjoy your new funnels.

Please let me know how they work out for you… and if you want to learn more about sales funnels and getting more traffic, CLICK HERE!

Apply for a custom funnel service is coming soon.

48 thoughts to “4 Premium ClickFunnels Share Funnels!”

  1. Thank you for such an important lesson on funnels and its a fact that every online entrepreneur needs such a funnels.  My question is for how long if your free funnels? Whats is the subscription fees?  Is there way for opt out should one decide to opt out?  I am interested in trying out the premium membership one but not sure how to go about it as I have another funnel.  Please guide on this.

    1. Hello Rutz,

      The funnels here will always be free for anyone to use. The trial for ClickFunnels is free for 14 days, after that it’s $97 a month… but the biggest reason why most people still stick to ClickFunnels is because it’s an all in one tool so that you don’t need to get all the different other services to run your online business.

      Do you already have a funnel builder software aside from ClickFunnels? What do you currently use?

      If you want to learn more before trying out the membership, and since you already are familiar with funnels, check this out: The One Funnel Away Challenge!

      I think this can help you out!

      Let me know.


  2. Funnell is very important, If you are going to make money from your home based business, you are going to have to have a funnel and a pipeline. You will need to have a marketing funnel that fills your pipeline with prospects. With today’s uncertain economy, people are not buying products and services like they did two short years ago.

  3. I have heard only a little bit about ClickFunnels and to be honest had forgotten about it until coming across your post here. I appreciate the thorough review of ClickFunnels as it really looks like it could be a game changer as far as online sales go. With affiliate marketing it’s ideal to have any available edge as one’s discretion, and it looks like ClickFunnels provides for just that. One question, do you use ClickFunnels primarily with Facebook or are there other outlets that you find pair well also? I am really looking forward to checking out your membership links further to see what they are all about, thanks!

    1. Hey,

      Thank you for your feedback and comment. Yea, I was the same. I kinda pushed it aside at first, but realized how important it was to set up a sales process instead of just sending people to a link, you know?

      I send people from my social media; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc… to my website (blog) that I have built here on Wealthy Affiliate, then straight to my offers which of course has a funnel (sales process) for all customers to buy my products.

      If not the product, then at least you get their email so you can follow up. If you haven’t heard, the money is in the list and the relationship with your list! I hope this helps.

      If you want more info on ClickFunnels, check out The One Funnel Away Challenge!

      It helped me really understand everything.

      Thank you!

  4. Hi Russel, I’m a newbie in online marketing (a month old) and I’m having the exact sentiments you’re advising against in terms of waiting a while before attempting stuff like sales funnels, etc. 

    The truth is I have no idea what this even is. I’m a totally “green” in this area. I’ve been on your website for the past hour reading and watching almost everything I can. That was one hell of a ride on that plane with GC.

    If I’m being entirely honest, this all looks very huge to me and I don’t know if I’m quite ready to jump on board, yet I feel like this can be IT for me. 

    What sort of advice can you share with me concerning this? The only product I can currently promote is Wealthy Affiliate. Do you think it’s worth getting into Click Funnels so early on? 

    I’ll truly appreciate your response on this.


    1. Hello Codjoe,

      Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate your honesty. As mentioned in the post, the one thing I wish I implemented right away was ClickFunnels because when I first started just like you, I wasn’t getting people’s emails which is the most important thing in internet marketing.

      My biggest advice for you is the start BUILDING YOUR LIST!

      And the best way to do that is to create a funnel, which starts off with your landing page or opt in page.

      This is where you capture their email so you can easily follow up with them because you know, most people don’t usually buy the first time around.

      If you want more info on building funnels, check this out: The One Funnel Away Challenge!

      I’m sure you’ll learn a lot and how to crush Wealthy Affiliate & ClickFunnels together!


  5. Hello, I am fascinated to read your blog about clickfunnels and how this helps your affiliate marketing site.
    I have always been curious about Clickfunnels and you say that you generated $20K in revenue a few years back, really caught my attention.  The 14 day free trial and access to your share funnels seems a good offer to take up.
    I’m not sure of the ongoing costs thought.

    I’ll take a look, thank you!

    1. Hello John, thank you for your feedback!

      Yes, I was part of a high ticket affiliate marketing company and became a top 10 income earner with a optin page, thank you page, and upsell offer. The video went viral on facebook! But if it wasn’t for the funnel (sales process) I wouldn’t have made as many sales.

      If you want more info on funnels before doing the 14 day trial, please check out The One Funnel Away Challenge!

      It’ll help you understand how a true online sales process works for any product or service you’re promoting!

      Let me know if you have any other questions on funnels.

      Thank you!

      > OFA Challenge!” >>> OFA Challenge!

  6. hello and thank you for the article, I had no idea what a clickfunnel was until reading this.I am just starting out in the affiliate marketing world and have been struggling with traffic and getting my nam out there. I would of liked to know more about them and how they work, before signing up. 

    1. Hello Harry,

      Thank you for commenting! Let me ask you, do you already have a product or service you want to promote in your affiliate marketing? What are you currently promoting? Or is it just Wealthy Affiliate?

      Here’s the thing, you can have a great product, or website… but without a funnel (sales process), you won’t get many buyers. That’s what ClickFunnels is for. It allows you to get capture their email.

      You ever notice how every site you go to or visit asks for your email? My biggest advice for you is “The money is in the list” and the relationship you have with your list. And the best way to get people’s email with funnel.

      If you want, please check this out. It’s called The One Funnel Away Challenge!

  7. After quiting my Job and getting into online marketing i was not able to get the constant relationship i wanted with my clients. i think the the mail list system is what can solve this problem.

    there are different types of of premium models and these are according to our levels. thank you for sharing this.

  8. Thank you for this funnel. I’m new to affiliate marketing but yet to get enough people into my funnel to convert them.

    Me and my brother have been struggling for months just trying to make one sale.

    At first we were going to become YouTubers but decided that was going to take far too long to see any good results. How long does it take to make money using this system?

    1. Aloha Brandon,

      Howzit going? Thank you for commenting on my post.

      How long have you guys been doing this? And what are you guys currently promoting?

      Let me tell you, one of the things I wish I implemented right away when I first started affiliate marketing was a ‘Sales Funnel’ which is pretty much a sales process that guides your customers to actually buy and not just click on your affiliate link.

      I would send people straight to the affiliate offers and I didn’t know that getting people’s emails was the most important key to internet marketing because as you’ll hear from all the top internet entrepreneurs, the money is IN THE LIST!

      You guys remind me of myself. I started back in October 2016 and have been doing this full time now for about 3 years.

      One of the things that helped me out a lot was The One Funnel Away Challenge! It’s a 30 day challenge you and your brother can do to really learn this whole thing in a short amount of time without having to go through expensive courses and all that other nonsense stuff we see online.

      I’m sure it’ll help you the way it helped me. It’s also helped get some cashflow by just promoting it as an affiliate as well. ClickFunnels definitely has the best comp plan online no doubt, 40% on memberships and 100% for the actual challenge.

      Check it out here and let me know what you guys think: One Funnel Away Challenge 

  9. Affiliate marketing and eventually every internet marketing involves publishing and promoting your product or services to the general public for awareness and to make know to them the availability of the product, it’s value, sales price and also its uses.

    As a marketer you must be familiar with all form of advertising media to promote your product and this can be done using click tunnel share funnel templates, this article reviewed tells you all you have to know about click funnel and how to use it to promote your sales

  10. In your opinion is email marketing the best way to get leads and then sales?  The process seems simple enough from your well written article, I learned a couple of things from it. I’m thinking perhaps I need to think about getting one of these.

    Would I then need something to process the emails and to store them on?

    1. Hello Lisa,

      Thank you for your comment. There’s a saying that every online entrepreneur hears all the time and the saying goes, “The money is IN THE LIST!”

      You see, most people don’t buy your product the first time around… but if you get their email with a software like ClickFunnels, then you can automatically have a follow up sequence set up that is still targeted at guiding your customers on your list to ultimately buy.

      Great thing about a software like ClickFunnels, is that it’s an all in one tool that you can host your funnels and emails.

      If you would like to learn more, definitely check out The One Funnel Away Challenge!

  11. Thank you for this post, and I am definitely going to bookmark this site so that I can look at Click Funnels again when I am ready to optimize that side of my business.

    I think as you said, the most important thing is to get your email list going, so I think I must first look at getting this part off of the ground, as what is the point of having funnels if you don’t have a list to promote them to.

    1. Hello Michel,

      Thank you for your comment and feedback!

      Yes, the most important part is definitely the email list, BUT remember… you have to first get people to opt in to your list. This can actually all be done with ClickFunnels. That’s what’s great because ClickFunnels provides an all in one software with your funnels and emails.

      I definitely recommend checking out The One Funnel Away Challenge if you want to learn more about the entire process and how to incorporate both seamlessly.

      Russel Brunson the owner is probably the best trainer online so I’m sure it’ll help you like it helped me.

      Check it out HERE: One Funnel Away Challenge!

  12. What a perfect timing! Thanks for this post. I’m new to sales funneling and building landing pages so I can make use of these samples. The survey funnel will come handy for me. I have come to realise that it is not enough to relay on SEO to make it online. A balanced mix of different methods plays a major role in conversions. Thanks for this awesome post.

    1. Aloha Sipheni,

      Thank you for your comment! Yes, you really have to incorporate all aspects of internet marketing into your business if you want to succeed. If you’re still new to the online world, one of the biggest advice you will get is that the money is IN THE LIST and in the relationships with your list.

      Do you currently already use ClickFunnels?

      One of the best ways I learned back when I got started was The One Funnel Away Challenge!

      Have you heard of it?

      It truly helped me understand the whole sales process and funnel building and the importance of tying each one to whatever product or service you are promoting.

      Check it out here if you haven’t already > One Funnel Away Challenge!” >>> One Funnel Away Challenge!

      Thank you!

  13. I just recently got started in affiliate marketing and built a website, my niche is kitchen gadgets. I haven’t gotten many sales so far and organic traffic is taking a long time to grow. Wow you made 22k from just one Facebook ad? With paid ads you can see results quickly which is why I’m beginning to look into ads and funnels. I really like the StoreFront funnel which is a foodie theme, but my niche is kitchen gadgets so it kind of fits.

    1. Hello Son,

      Thank you for commenting on my post. Welcome to the online world!

      That Facebook video went viral, so half of those sales were paid and half was organic from people sharing it.

      SEO is great in the long run, but if you really want to make sales, paid ads is the way to really scale up because you can track progress and actually dial in your audience. You’ll get the hang of it!

      Now that you have your website built and you have that optimized, you should definitely start building your funnels and email list.

      One of the biggest advice you’ll get working online is, “The money is IN THE LIST” and the relationship you have with your list.

      Make sure you aren’t just sending people to your affiliate offers without capturing their emails first! I hope this helps.

      If you want to learn more before diving into funnel and email building before even knowing how they actually work, I definitely recommend The One Funnel Away Challenge!

  14. With the economy of the world dwindling down the drains slowly, it is important that we understand the importance of a good sales funnel. For anyone who is looking to work online it is very important that we understand that a good funnel that has good prospect is the only thing that can help our online business. I would like to try this out.

    1. Howzit going Riley?

      Have you already attached funnels to your websites and affiliate offers?

      Let me know if you have any other questions!

  15. I have begun this journey of being an affiliate marketer about 9 months ago. and up to this point I have had no sales. But I’m excited to try these ClickFunnels. They look super pretty and I see one of them even matches perfectly with the theme of my website.

    I’m a bit discouraged about my website. I hope ClickFunnels is the solution. Thanks!

    1. Which template were you looking into?

      There are other free ones in the CF library.

      If you tell me what type of website you have or niche, I can definitely find or create a simple one for you!


      PS: The website is your base, your home! The funnel is your car that will take your business to the next level!

      If you wanted to learn more about funnels and funnel building before actually diving into the free trial, check out The One Funnel Away Challenge.

  16. Wow! I am amazed to be able to use the free funnel you have just given. I will take your advise and explore more on this. Thank you so much for the information! It was a great help and this will benefit me a lot since I am new to this.

    1. No worries.

      There are many more free funnels in the CF library, but these are ones that I’ve personally used that were high converting.

      If you have any more questions or you want to learn more about building your first funnel, definitely check out The One Funnel Away Challenge!

      I hope this helps.


  17. I have seen the word “funnel” so many times but I never actually understood what it meant. I just thought it was a widget used for your site to look prettier or more presentable. I really need to start digging more into all of this funnel options and incorporate some to my website. Thank you for proving us with the free ones! 

    1. Hey Stephanie,

      Thank you for your comment and feedback… and yes, funnels are the key component to you actually making sales or people just clicking on your affiliate links browsing.

      Tie ClickFunnels and an email service provider such as get response to your affiliate links / websites and you now have an actual business.

      Without it, it’s just marketing without really having a way to follow up you know.

      I hope this helps.

      If you wanted to learn more about funnel building before doing the trial, definitely check out The One Funnel Away Challenge!

      It helped me!


  18. Finally I can get to really understand this clickfunnels and how it actually operates. These share funnels seems like a passway to getting the traffic into the website. I see that they also offer free member a trial period to check things out and how the operate. I will firstly do that so I can understand how he templates operates. Thank you

    1. Aloha Ella,

      Thank you for your feedback!

      Yes, this is literally the only tool any marketer would need to fully run their business and most of the top entrepreneurs use ClickFunnels for their sites.

      If you wanted to learn more before doing the trial, definitely check out The One Funnel Away Challenge!

      I hope this helps.


  19. ClickFunnels allows people to expand their businesses by Sales Funnels. It allows you the capacity to get all the different funnel kinds such as the order forms, subscription websites, website hosting, and shopping carts all in one tool. With Clickfunnels, you no longer require to guess how to combine all of the available functions on a site. With ClickFunnels, you can turn your ideas into certainty.

  20. This is a great tool to implement. I have heard of a sales funnel, but didn’t know what it was. Now I know and have book-marked your page for further review. Why work harder when you can work smarter. Isn’t that the wish of eery business person. Thank you for introducing me to this new concept…well to me it is new.

    1. Aloha Courtney,

      Thank you for your comment!

      Yes, Sales Funnels are the key component to getting people to actually buy what you’re promoting.

      If you wanted to learn more before doing a trial, please check out the One Funnel Away Challenge!

      I learned everything through here.


  21. This is an awesome article on the templates for the premium ClickFunnels.

    Getting constant contact with people is needed and getting traffic to your website does not come easily. This is a great way to manage that situation. I will have to give this a try and then probably give you feedback on my experience with them.

    Thank you.

  22. To scale one’s online business the use of funnels can play a very important role. I have not made use of clickfunnels before but I have browsed on it and seen it in action to know just how effective it is. The problem I have with it is that it is pretty expensive and although most people would obviously benefit from it it might not be the best for beginners online because they might not have the budget for it but for those that can afford it I believe that it would be of great benefit because it actually makes the process of creating funnels pretty easy especially with the templates that are already created.

  23. I enjoyed reading a blog of yours on why most newbie affiliate marketers fail online and I realised the importance of ClickFunnels. So today I am inquisitive to know the best ClickFunnels Share Funnels templates. I am ready to go with you as far as it goes with this subject.
    I appreciate you sharing the templates to try out and I will surely let you know how I find them. Cheers!

  24. Thank you so much for sharing the free templates for Funnels. Using all of these templates do work, you just have to use the right one and keep going with your campaign. How much is the subscription fee? Is it a one time thing? I love the lay out of the funnels as well, they will definitely convert. Thanks in advance. 

    1. Hey,

      Thank you for your comment! I appreciate it.

      The sub fee is free then $97 afterwards.


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